Report: Browns to interview Mike McCarthy on Thursday, could pair with Eliot Wolf as G.M.

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The Cleveland Browns will host former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy on Thursday for their head coaching vacancy, per Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

McCarthy is also set to interview with the New York Giants this weekend and has already met with the Carolina Panthers for their openings.

After also deciding to part ways with General Manager John Dorsey on Tuesday, the Browns could try to pair McCarthy with current Browns Assistant G.M. Eliot Wolf to lead the front office. Wolf served in the Packers’ front office for almost all of McCarthy’s tenure with the franchise. Wolf left for his current job with the Browns in 2018, which would be McCarthy’s last as head coach in Green Bay.

Other candidates reportedly being considered by the Browns include: Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman, and 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, passing game coordinator Mike Lafleur and run game coordinator Mike McDaniel.

24 responses to “Report: Browns to interview Mike McCarthy on Thursday, could pair with Eliot Wolf as G.M.

  1. Mike and Eliot, your greatest challenge will be to build a championship caliber organization for an owner who will absolutely forbid you to do so.

  2. As a Packer fan who watched him for about a dozen years if you hire him just be prepared for 3rd and 2 or less or 4th and 1 frustration. He will chuck it 30 yards downfield in those scenarios and incomplete more often than not instead of just keeping the chains moving. His arrogance can get the best of him. He’ll also go for it a lot on 4th and pass up field goals and end up with no points on the drive. He’s pretty much an all or nothing coach but not a bad one. He can win you a Super Bowl in about 3-4 years with the right qb but not with Baker. Slow developing plays can be a problem and he abandons the run game too soon if it’s not pristine early. That’s my scouting report based on 12 years of watching him coach for what its worth. 9-7 in his first year if he’s hired.

  3. The Browns job is a done deal. Josh McDaniel will accept his
    dream job when the Patriots season is over. The only outstanding
    issue is whether McDaniel can convince Caserio to join him.
    Mark my words, PFT!!

  4. Browns should move quickly to hire McCarthy as opposed to some of these other names that are being floated if he’s willing to prioritize them. They dumbly took a lukewarm approach to him last year when he was openly angling for the job and this is perhaps a chance to fix that.

  5. I can’t see either Wolf or McCarthy sticking with the Browns.

    Anyone who thinks that Kitchens was kept by John Dorsey is wrong. Kitchens was retained by ownership. Ownership with a history and propensity for sticking their nose into football operations – something better left to football people, not truck stop people.

    My sincerest hope is that Coach McCarthy lands a job with a serious football organization but he’s made enough money is his career to not dive head first into a pile of manure ending up in a crap hole to his shoulders, when he can just jump in feet first and only have the crap up to his ankles.

    I’d like to see Coach in New Jersey and yet, not in New Jersey. Last thing I’d want is to have him on the opposite sideline of Aaron Rodgers.

  6. Elliott Wolf may one day regret leaving Green Bay for Cleveland. I can understand Elliot looking to advance his career. But moving to Cleveland? Having to answer to the criminal Haslams, as opposed to working in the stable, professional Green Bay organization? Sometimes quality of life is more important.

    Meanwhile, Matt has proven he is a superior HC, leading essentially the roster MM had to a 13-3 record. Matt LaFleur – NFL Coach of the Year.

  7. Probably not a good idea to recreate the packers front office from 5 years ago but what do i know. I’m not a billionaire with real life fantasy football team.

  8. I wish him/them both luck. I really do. Like many Packer fans, I simply tired of his “play not to lose” mindset. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad coach. It means the game has passed him by.

    I wanted a youngblood with his finger on the pulse of a new, faster, different game. The Packers got it in LaFleur. If Seattle had won a game they should’ve won last week, LaFleur would be a shoe-in for COY. He made a petty, poor-sport veteran Zimmer look silly, in more ways than one.

    The disastrous relationship contentions made of LaFleur and Rodgers turned out to be nothing more than…………clickbait. Coulda told ya that.

    Oh, McCarthy would be OK too.

  9. McCarthy would be a huge upgrade from Kitchens, but that’s not saying much. McCarthy’s biggest issue is his failure to push for a dominant defense. He stuck with out of touch defensive coordinators and didn’t fight to upgrade the defensive talent.

    It will be interesting to see who he chooses as his DC. Maybe he sticks with Wilks in Cleveland.

  10. If you think Eliot Wolf or Mike McCarthy had very much to do with Packers winning seasons, I feel bad for you.

  11. Anyone who thinks that McCarthy would not be a great hire is either completely unaware of his overall contributions or is suffering from recency bias. Feel free to disagree with his in-game coaching, but he and he alone has been the greatest thing that ever happened to Aaron Rodgers. Longtime fans may remember the footwork and throwing motion issues Rodgers had coming out of college. Because of McCarthy Rodgers has the greatest footwork and football IQ (other than arguably Tom Brady) since Montana. That is all due to McCarthy and his quarterback school back before the changes in the CBA that reduced the amount of required off-season practice time. I would love to see what he could do with Baker or Daniel Jones.

  12. Depends on which McCarthy they get- the one that led his team to a Super Bowl or the one that skipped meetings and spent most of his time in his office with his personal masseusse.

  13. In his recent interview, he claims to have been deep diving into analyzing modern offenses and trends in league – an analysis that apparently he was unable to perform while coach for 12 years?! Then arrogantly claims his offense was not stale?! This guy is arrogant and delusional.

  14. whoever comes in – needs to be a sheriff. Discipline, order, shut your mouth instead of flapping every time a camera or mic is in front of you. Build rapport.

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