Ryan Tannehill becomes the highest-rated starting quarterback of 2019

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2020 could be a very good year for Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill. That’s because 2019 turned out to be unexpectedly great for him.

Tannehill, who started 10 games in place of ineffective up-or-out former No. 2 overall pick Marcus Mariota, finished the season with the highest passer rating of all starting quarterbacks.

With 22 touchdown passes, six interceptions, an average gain per throw of 9.6 yards, and a 70.3 completion percentage, Tannehill generated a 117.5 on the NFL’s passing formula, which bases its calculation on those four categories. Incredibly, it’s the fourth-highest single-season passer rating of all time, behind only Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in 2011 (122.5), Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in 2004 (121.1), and Eagles quarterback Nick Foles in 2013 (119.2).

Next in 2019 was Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who missed five games with a thumb injury but still generated a passer rating of 116.3. That was the highest passer rating of his career.

Inevitable league MVP Lamar Jackson racked up a passer rating of 113.3, with a league-leading 36 touchdown passes and only six picks for the Ravens. Next was Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, with a career-high 107.4. Then came Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, at 106.3.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, who was limited to eight starts with a back injury, finished at 106.0. 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes, who missed two-plus games with a knee injury, quietly landed at 105.3. 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo racked up a rating of 102.0, starting all 16 games a year after a torn ACL wiped out his season in Week Three.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr ended up on the right side of 100, at 100.8. (Whether that’s enough to get him another year with the team remains to be seen.)

The top 10 concludes with Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, who had 30 touchdown passes, 11 interceptions, and a passer rating of 99.7.

The rest of the list of starters consists of Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (98.0), Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (95.4), Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (93.1), Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (92.1), Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew (91.2), Broncos quarterback Drew Lock (89.7), Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (88.5), Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett (88.0), Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (88.0), Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (87.7), Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (87.4), Rams quarterback Jared Goff (86.5), Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (85.5), Bills quarterback Josh Allen (85.3), Jets quarterback Sam Darnold (84.3), Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston (84.3), Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (83.0), Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen (80.0), Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield (78.8), Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton (78.3), Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins (76.1), and Steelers quarterback Devlin Hodges (71.4).

47 responses to “Ryan Tannehill becomes the highest-rated starting quarterback of 2019

  1. Good example that passer rating is a goog metric to measure quarterback performance. No way he is better than r. Wilson. Captain Kirk – they are even!

  2. REMEMBER: It was all Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill’s fault in Miami

    Maybe… it helps to have an offensive line
    (not low character losers like incognito, pouncey, jerry, etc.)
    and actual receiving depth and quality.

  3. Rodgers used to be at the top of the list. Now he’s not. He’s lost it. At least my Packers got a bunch of cheap wins this season. That’ll gloss over Aaron’s decline. For now. Until the Packers have to go back to California. To get totally humiliated. Again.

  4. You know what I like about Tannehill is so many media experts wrote him off and some even openly ridiculed him. I remember a few openly made fun of the coach when he replaced Mariota . I mean come on how much can some of these sports writers really know about running and coaching a football team. I mean most of them never doubt their opinion but open doubt everyone else even people who’s jobs are to do it. So for now chalk one up for the player who did good. But we all know they will be in wait for the fall and some will be there to help push him down the hill when it happens.

  5. I’m not totally buying it, but it does make one ask – how bad is Adam Gase and how much did he damage Ryan Tannehills career for 4 years? I know Tannehill was injured for 2 seasons, but thats 2 full years under Gase while healthy and 2 additional years under his coaching.

    Adam Gase is now ruining Sam Darnold. I wonder when all is said and done will Gase be one of the most damaging HCs of all time? Jeff Fisher will be ahead of him of course.

  6. QB rating is the most overrated stat there is.

    A QB could go 21 of 34 for 280 yards and have zero tds and zero ints but rush for 2rds and his rating would be in the 80s

  7. “ELITE” joe flacco is “sporting” “hardware”…

    … but…

    … who is the hell wants him.

  8. This fins fan couldnt be happier for him. You could see the raw talent when he was here but he was never able to put it all together. Philbin and Gase probably didnt help matters

    Im pulling for the titans to go the distance

  9. Where is Josh Allen? I thought he was the greatest quarterback in the history of football

  10. I think the Tannehill story is one of the best stories of this NFL season. I hope this gives courage to all the journeyman QB’s out there who believe in themselves, but don’t feel like they’ve ever been given a legit shot to play QB in the NFL, and be a winner. I’m not making any Kurt Warner comparisons, but I love the stories about QB’s who either get over-looked, or who thrive with a change of scenery. I hope Tannehill keeps it rolling. It’s a great story of perseverance. Just keep working hard. Stay out of trouble. Don’t burn bridges. Don’t give up hope. Believe in yourself.

  11. “Raiders quarterback Derek Carr ended up on the right side of 100, at 100.8. (Whether that’s enough to get him another year with the team remains to be seen.)”

    So he’s rated 9th in the NFL with a long list below him, but he might not be back next season, got it.


  12. @intrafinesse

    I don’t think Gase “ruins” guys it’s just that he isn’t a good play caller when it comes to the actual games. He puts his QB’s in obvious passing situations by running it on first and second down. He could know how to coach guys up but also not know how to use them, an example would be Gesicki being used as a blocker during his Miami tenure.

  13. I remember a few years back when Tannehill was playing solidly, and positioned the Dolphins for the playoffs, but he got hurt near the end of the season. It was a bummer, because I was looking forward to seeing him on the playoff stage, and that game ended up being a lopsided blowout loss to the Steelers without him playing. Now, he finally gets his chance to show NFL fans how he can perform in the post-season. I’ll be rooting for the guy.

  14. Stated at beginning of the season Rodgers was the third best QB in the NFC North. Proved to be true…

  15. Where is Josh Allen? I thought he was the greatest quarterback in the history of football

    he getting ready for the PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!

  16. If a player at any position plays less than at least 14 games their stats shouldn’t count toward any kind of recognition or awards. He played great in 10 games and it’s not his fault he only played 10 games but there are other QBs that played a full, or near full, season that are more deserving of rewards, accolades, and titles.

  17. I think the ESPN Total QBR ratings are a better gauge.

    2019 Top 7 ==> Jackson, Mahomes, Brees, Prescott, Stafford, Wilson, Watson

  18. Good player and a better person. Glad for his success… too bad Miami blew it with him….and others

  19. “Either he got really really good overnight, or he had terrible coaches in Miami. Looking at you Gase”

    It was also the GMs in Miami. The only time they ever put a decent Oline in front of him was the bullygate year that ruined that quickly enough.

    Funny how all these supposed “football guys” don’t seem to get the game starts with the Oline, not the QB.

    I also knew Tannehill, not Mariota, would get the Titans into the playoffs and it would be his first playoff appearance ever.

    Why? Because until the crappy Dolphins offensive lines since (uh…) 2008, the Titans have had good OLs for years. And oh yeah, the Titans never had a stupid BullyGate! And they have had better HCs than PhilBUM and Gase.

    I’ll say it again–YOU BLEW IT, DOLPHINS! But Tannehill deserves a good team that will continue to be a good team, the Titans.

  21. Alex Smith had a passer rating of 104.1 in 2012, but his coach replaced him with Kap because Kap gave Frisco the best chance of winning. Winning is everything when it comes to quarterbacking. Passer rating does not measure the ability to win football games.

  22. For the year Brees has 27 TD’s and only 4 INT’s. Since coming back from his thumb injury he has had 25 TD’s and only 2 INT’s. That’s pretty sick numbers. Would have been nice to have had that information included above.

  23. Looks like you’ve got yourselves a franchise QB, Tennessee – congratulations.

    Good time to realize it, too – just before the draft. Now they can pour all their energy into filling out the team.

    A good draft and Tannehill & Henry staying healthy will make them favorites to win the division, for sure.

  24. With all the comments being posted about Miami’s crappy offensive line, and crappy it is, it also makes no sense for the all so-called “experts” to clamor for Miami to draft Tua, who will play behind that same OL and risk re-injuring his hip.

  25. Um…Ryan? There’s a guy in a hoodie waiting to speak to you outside of the locker room.

  26. I’ve said all along that RT17 was a franchise QB that was stuck with terrible coaching in Miami and terrible play calling.
    He is about to get PAID too!!!
    Gase ruined his opportunity in Miami just like he is doing to Darnold with the Jets
    His arrogance will destroy the Jets
    Best of luck to Tannehill and I think they beat the Patriots this weekend also.

  27. Michael says:
    January 1, 2020 at 11:16 am
    I’m a life-long, die-hard Dolphins fan and I supported keeping Tannehill in Miami.
    I doubt any dolphin fan was passionate about keeping Tannehill. But then again it doesn’t take most qbs 7 or 8 seasons before they have a breakout season.

  28. Quarterbacks who care about quarterback ratings may throw the ball away on 4th down with the game on the line and their team behind, in order to avoid an interception, but giving no chance for the receiver to make a catch.

  29. Good for him. I wish everybody success, I want to see people make it. Hell of a turnaround for the kid, seems like a good dude, hopefully the career revival continues.

  30. Tannehill is no slouch. He has 4 victories over the patriots making him 4-7. Manning was 6-11 vs Brady led Patriots team. Roethelisberger is 2-8.

  31. Congrats to the Bengals and Browns on having their actual starting QBs that they actually drafted from TCU and OU ranking just barely ahead of the Steelers 4th string, practice squad UDFA from football powerhouse Samford! 💪

  32. Yeah, I didn’t think much of it when Miami moved on from him but looking back, I did see his potential to be dangerous, along with mismanagement within the Dolphins organisation.

  33. Passer rating is meaningless…too heavily weighted for yards per attempt. When a guy with more completing percentage, more ints and less tds has a 1 point higher rating, it’s easy to see it doesn’t count for much.

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