Vikings designate Brett Jones to return from injured reserve

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If the Vikings are able to advance past the Saints on Sunday, they could get an offensive lineman back on the roster in time for the next round of the playoffs.

The Vikings announced on Wednesday that they have designated center Brett Jones to return from injured reserve. Jones went on injured reserve in mid-November after hurting his knee in practice.

Jones will be able to practice with the Vikings this week, but won’t be eligible to play until next week. He appeared in two games before getting hurt this season and made three starts over 14 appearances for the Vikings last season.

Jones is the second player the Vikings have designated to return from injured reserve this season. Wide receiver Josh Doctson was the first and the Vikings can’t bring anyone else back from I.R. before the season’s over.

12 responses to “Vikings designate Brett Jones to return from injured reserve

  1. It won’t be 48-12. But its a very tough game for the Vikings. Maybe its time Zimmer left, let Kubiak take the job. Lets see what he can do.

  2. SaintsGotRobbed says:
    January 1, 2020 at 10:52 am
    Saints 48
    Vikings 12
    As much as I would like to see the Vikes lose this game they are not gonna lose by 36. IF Cousin pulls his head out of his butt, and they get Rudolph going this could be a good game. As much as people like to knock on the Vikes they do have some very good players. It all comes down to Cousins.

  3. You obviously dont pay much attention but I will be the one to inform you that Kubiak does not want to he the head coach of any team. He has stated that multiple times and has already turned down jobs prior to coming to Minnesota.

  4. I feel bad for Brett Jones, he’s eligible to return but only if the Vikings beat the Saints. I mean, What’s the point in that? Much like the Viking fans, he’s all about next year.

  5. They ought to insert Jones next week in place of #56 Bradburry. Got Jones in a trade last year from Giants as camp was ending last year…started 2 days later and did well in 3 regular season games. Has 19 starts with Giants and was CFL Rookie of year in 2013 and lineman of the year in 2014 winning Grey Cup with Calgary. This year in 4 preseason games he was the highest graded Center by Pro Football Focus in the League and earned their highest grade ever. Bradburry currently #30 of Centers and got grade from PFF of 0% last two weeks!!!

  6. 2-4 in their own division, 0-4 against GB and Da Bears and lost the last 2 regular season games! Most undeserving 10-6 playoff team in history. Pathetic!

  7. Remember 1987?

    Saints heavily favored over the Vikings who lost 3 of 4 games and backed into the playoffs. Vikings crushed the Saints 44-10.

    Next week….on to #1 seed SF.
    SF heavily favored. Vikings dominated that game 36-24.

    A long time ago, but possible identical scenario this year. Not likely but possible.

  8. Vikings are getting healthy in just the right time, it is now or never. They are going to be ripped apart by free agency next year both starting corners will go, and they won’t have the cap to replace them unless they draft and start corners..

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