Bears ownership disappointed by season, confident in Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy

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The Bears dropped from 12-4 and division champions in 2018 to 8-8 and out of the playoffs in 2019, but that hasn’t led ownership to doubt the current leadership of the team’s football operations.

Bears chairman George McCaskey met with reporters this week and acknowledged that he and his mother Virginia McCaskey are “disappointed” by the way things went after feeling hope that “the Bears were back” after last season’s success.

That disappointment has not led to a loss of faith in General Manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy, however. McCaskey said everyone needs to ask what they can do better, but that choosing the answers on the football side remains up to those two men.

“Bears fans should be relieved that I don’t get involved in the football decisions,” McCaskey said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “That’s all Ryan and Matt. And we’re confident in them making the right decisions for the Bears going forward.”

The Bears fired several assistant coaches this week, including offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich, in their first step toward what they hope will make things better in 2020.

24 responses to “Bears ownership disappointed by season, confident in Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy

  1. One of the biggest problems with the Bears this year was a lack of mental focus/discipline and basic football intelligence. By Trubisky certainly but the WRs, OL, defense and special teams all had lapses as well. Will swapping out a few assistant coaches turn that around? They also need some better players and that falls squarely on the GM, who’s still in place.

  2. Not only can’t Nagy coach his players, evidently he has trouble coaching his assistants. Pace is busy working on keeping the McCaskey folks happy with work on Halas Hall and can’t be bothered with all that on the field stuff. On to 2020 and another 8 and 8 year.

  3. They’re disappointed by the season,but the two changes that need to be made,which are QB and HC, will remain the same. Doesn’t make sense. Trubisky going into year 4? He is what he is. Nagy is not cut out to be a HC. The fans deserve better.

  4. The hate for Nagy shows that some fans are not only dumb, but also fickle. Last season these fickle people were hailing Nagy as a genius. Now those same fans can’t wait to fire him.

    The truth is that Nagy is a good coach. He employs the same methods that have made Andy Reid so successful for so many years. Thank goodness for the Bears that their ownership is not caving to the fire a coach after two years crowd.

  5. The first sentence of the first post is hilarious. How do you know that? What hurts the bears is their inability to not shoot themselves in the foot with trick plays. They have zero identity on offense. Nagy is maybe the worst play caller in the NFL.

  6. Mitch Trubisky is not only a talented quarterback, he is also a fine human being. Mitch participates in an unbelievable amount of charitable work. He is also heavily involved in activities that uplift young people in Chicago and other areas. Meanwhile, the commenters posting vitriol regarding Mitch have never lifted a finger to help their fellow humans.

  7. The most amazing things the pass that the whole Bears gang got from the local media on tough issue. I’m afraid until the family sees empty seats and lower beers sales at Soldier Field it will be more of the same.

  8. Maybe the McCaskey’s would be better served to open their eyes and face the fact that with Pace, Nagy and Trubisky the Bears will never contend for a superbowl. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

  9. The biggest problem with the Bears organization is Ted Phillips.Since he became president of the Bears in 1987 the Bears haven’t accomplished anything.How could you choose Pace over Chris Ballard is just one example of years and years of bad decisions.Any successful buisness out there starts from the top and if the Bears dont get the top fixed it will be never ending problems and bad decisions.

  10. Nagy had a great first season as HC. No denying that. There is also no denying Da Bears were disappointing this season. Nagy has let the CoY thing get to his head, had the weird kicking competition and Trubisky hasn’t progressed as much as he might hav. BUT – They didn’t have a losing record, so I don’t quite get all slings and arrows aimed at Nagy and Trubisky. I am sure and hope they have learnt a lot from the season and will use the lessons learned for the next.
    HOWEVER – I do have some slings and arrows for Pace! The Bears desperately need help on the offensive side. We need an O line that can block, and TE’s. What has he done to address this? What does he intend to do, now we don’t have much cap space (CBA pending) and no draft picks to speak of?? Unless and until this is fixed, it’ll be another .500 or worse season.

  11. I’m disappointed too, mainly because Nagy and Pace weren’t shown the door. At the very least, Nagy needed to be relieved of the play calling duties because teams had him figured out half way through last season and he is either unable or unwilling to change. This season was certainly a step backward. The players seemed to like him and didn’t quit, even mid-year when they really struggled. What is left of the draft picks should be used on O-lineman and a tight end but I have no faith at all in Pace to make good draft choices, or free agents either. And they do need to bring in another QB, via the draft or free agent. I think QB’s are becoming like running backs, more NFL ready and therefore more easily replaced. No they’re not all going to be Mahomes or Rodgers or Wilson, but you should be able to find one that can take care of the football and operate your offense so you don’t have to find that guy. Don’t make it so complicated that it takes 2 years to really learn it. If you happen to hit on a guy then great, sign him long term but if you don’t, cut him and move on. I’m not sure I’d go for the 5th year on Trubisky, it depends on whether or not they can draft someone who might be serviceable next year. But again, I have no faith in Pace. He’ll probably get a man crush on the physical abilities of a player and reach like he always does. Catching 2 footballs while doing a backflip is certainly impressive physically but it doesn’t mean you’re going to succeed in the NFL. And for all you Mack haters out there, they are in poor shape with draft capital more because of the trading up Pace did to get players like Cohen, Shaheen, Miller, etc. than trading for Mack. At least they have an NFL caliber player to show for that trade. Pace, Nagy and Trubisky will probably all be gone after next year. George McCaskey seems to be more like his grandfather than the others, he has less tolerance for poor performance. He is the one who ended the Emery/Trestman disaster, I think he won’t put up with this for much longer, especially out of Pace

  12. My first change would be to find some scouts that can recognize talent? Took Trubisky, passed on Mahommes and Watson, do they need glasses? And thats just not seeing the talent at one position, how many other great players did they miss out on?

  13. we won’t know who fired who even when all the dust settles but firing assistants is just a bone to throw at the Bear fans who expected more in 2019 and got a lot less.

  14. What they are not disappointed in is the $3.6 Billion dollar valuation and the life style they have grow to enjoy. Each of the McCasky children live and excellent and financially secure life. That is what this organization exist for, keeping the McCaskey’s comfortable. 8-8 is perfect for that.

  15. As an opposing NFCN fan, for what its worth (yeah, not much), Nagy seems like a decent enough coach. I’m not sure about the GM though, sacrificing the future and draft capital on the Trubisky and Mack moves. The concern I would have as a Bears fan, other than the obvious Trubisky problem, is that there is a lot of cap space tied up and not as much cheap lower cost labor available though draft picks.

  16. @ cardnealsfan20, you want to trade coaches? Not all of us Bear fans were happy with this selection. A modern version of Trestman with his XFL/CFL tendencies.

  17. Agree with firejerry one more season. No playoffs and you’re done. Have some time on Trubisky’s 5th year option before a decision is made.

    Need an OL. Need ST coach that tells players (Don’t hit the kicker).

    Lastly, please ditch the WR screens and sweeps. Should be once a month not once a quarter.

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