Chargers G.M. believes Philip Rivers “can still compete at a top-starter level”

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Philip Rivers said Sunday he knows he “can play at a high level.” Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco agrees.

“He can still compete at a top-starter level,” Telesco said Thursday, via Daniel Popper of

But Rivers is scheduled to become a free agent in March. His future with the Chargers is uncertain, and he said Sunday he is open to playing elsewhere next season.

Telesco said the Chargers will do a full evaluation of the roster to see where (if?) Rivers fits.

“In a perfect world, No. 17 is your quarterback forever,” Telesco said, via Eric D. Williams of ESPN. “Hopefully I’m not offending Dan Fouts when I say that, but he’s meant everything to this organization.”

Rivers has played 16 seasons for the Chargers, and he plans to play a 17th season somewhere in 2020.

Telesco was asked if Rivers’ contract was something the team would want to get sorted out before the league year starts March 18, so Rivers doesn’t hit free agency.

“More than likely, yeah. There’s no doubt,” Telesco said, via Popper.

Which sounds more like possibly, maybe, we’ll see.

Rivers, 38, passed for 4,615 yards with 23 touchdowns and 20 interceptions, but the Chargers finished 5-11.

31 responses to “Chargers G.M. believes Philip Rivers “can still compete at a top-starter level”

  1. The last QB in a Chargers uniform who looked as bad as Rivers did this yr was John Unitas, in the 70’s. Give it up, Phil.

  2. Rivers is the most overrated QB in the NFL. He’s always touted as one of the best, but has never won anything of meaning.

    He puts up empty stats, talks tons of trash, and never wins anything.

    He will never win a Super Bowl or MVP. Yet somehow they’ll still force him into the Hall of Fame.

  3. The Chargers need to do a full evaluation of the current GM position…Telesco has had plenty of time..Time to take the keys away

  4. Someone very wise once said it’s better to move on from a player a year too early than a year too late. Though in this case, it may already be a year too late.

  5. In other words, the Chargers season is over and the draft is coming in a few months. We don’t want to tip off everyone that we’re planning to draft a QB in the first round. C’mon people. Don’t ask GM’s to give away their draft strategy, and then be offended if they lie to you.

  6. He’s done, but I don’t know what the plan is unless you are drafting a QB or maybe going for Bridgewater or Cam? Feel like he’s pointing to the fact Rivers might be back for another year, because if Tua stays they’re not getting Burrow or Herbert.

  7. Thats what our GM, Getty, believed about Eli last year too. Luckily he spent the #6 pick on a QB anyway.

    Chargers will have a solid QB on the board when they pick, assuming nobody trades up to 3 or 4 to snag Herbert or Tua.

    Of course, if 2 teams trade up to 3 and 4 for QB’s, then the Chargers might be in trouble

  8. As a Chiefs fan, please keep him. He’s 1-11 against KC in the last 6 years. And one of the losses was Mahomes 1st start when KC was playing their 2nd stringers. I think the chargers defense got a 3rd option WR a 40 million dollar contract for that game. Miami is still probably mad about that.

  9. Telesco is just trying to get the most money/trade he can for Rivers, by talking his prowess up.

    It has been a bad year for him, and more than likely he would choose to retire than move a family of 11 to a new city.

    There isn’t a mode of transportation that would make such a commute tolerable to him or his family, and he seems to be a family man.

  10. Those kind of passing stats aren’t really all that impressive anymore.

    5 wins. Only stat that matters.

    Old statue QBs can’t play at a high level unless Bellichick is your coach.

    Otherwise, you ain’t winning any rings with an old statue at QB.

    Mobility in your QB is a MUST moving forward in the NFL.

  11. The Chargers are stuck they should have started grooming a QB three years ago. So now they’re going to bring in a retread. Brady is the rumor if you bring him in you’re going backwards.

    Coach has the right idea a mobile QB, or somewhat athletic. Lamar is a freak/special and only comes along every so often. Now every GM in the league will be reaching for one.

    Rivers is also the last link to the San Diego market. He’s beloved there. Once he’s gone you will most likely relinquish that market.

    Yep…the Chargers are stuck. A mismanaged franchise and they have no one else to blame.

  12. What about Easton Stick? He’s had a full season to learn under Rivers. Why not build around him, hopefully he’s paid attention and have developed since they drafted him last year. All the QB mobility talk, he’s shown some flashes in the preseason but needs to work on reading NFL defenses and make better decisions. Peyton was a turnover machine his first year. Beef up the OL with the 1st round pick.

  13. Mobility for a QB is overrated and will be proven as such when Brady hoists the Lombardi in a month.

  14. dejadoh says:
    January 2, 2020 at 9:28 pm
    4,600+ yards and 23 TDs and he’s washed up? Crazy talk

    Let’s not forget that he also had 20 INTs and led a pretty talent laden team to a 5-11 record. To put that in perspective, Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland factory of sadness were 6-10.

  15. I watched Rivers a few times this year and what stood out to me were the decisions and the interceptions that made him look like a rookie quarterback.

    As a Seahawks fan I am used to Russell Wilson protecting the ball and not ever throwing into tight double/triple coverage which I saw Rivers do on multiple occasions resulting in turnovers, leaving me shaking my head.

    He may still have some arm talent but those decisions haven’t gotten better over the years… he is still rather like Brett Favre trying to be a gunslinger.

  16. Did the GM watch the same QB as the rest of us? Rivers looked pretty bad in most games, throwing interceptions he never would have thrown in previous years. The time to draft his replacement/heir was one or two years ago. Now, they’re going to struggle for a few years until they get a QB who’s ready to take over as their next franchise QB.

  17. Dump Rivers and go with a retread or rookie going into a new stadium? Are you serious? The Chargers had no offensive line this year. They couldn’t run block or pass block. They have no fans. Sign Rivers for two more years, seek his replacement and start rebuilding the offensive line. They still have enough to make the play-off’s in 2020….if they stay healthy.

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