Colts don’t want Eric Ebron back

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Eric Ebron arrived in Indianapolis in 2018 and had an outstanding season, scoring 14 touchdowns and looking like one of the best tight ends in football. In 2019, things didn’t go as well, and in 2020, Ebron will be elsewhere.

When asked about Ebron today, Colts General Manager Chris Ballard said, “We’ll probably move on,” and then quickly moved on to the next question. Ballard’s curt tone made clear that he’s done with Ebron and doesn’t even want to talk about him anymore.

Ebron was less productive in Year Two in Indianapolis than he had been in Year One, and then he surprised the Colts by telling them in November that he couldn’t bear the pain in his ankle anymore and needed to shut it down for the season. Ebron, who becomes a free agent in March, appeared to be making a business decision.

The 26-year-old Ebron has a lot of talent, and he’ll have options in free agency. But he won’t have the option to remain in Indianapolis.

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  1. Long time Lions fan here. Ebron is maddening. He has crazy good athleticism that allows him to get great separation – especially in intermediate to deep routes in the middle. But his hands are like a slot machine though, you don’t know what you are going to get with respect to catches. He and Luck were a good combo because of the way Luck throws the ball. His pouting (again) does not look good, but I am sure he will get another shot with a team strapped for receiving options.

  2. He will end up a Patriot for Tom Brady’s last hurrah next season. Ebron is an athletic freak but he has hands of stone and the attitude of Terrell Owens.

    He’s just not worth the headache to any normal team.

  3. Talent wise he’d be great in Washington which needs to replace Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis. Culture wise — Washington already has way too much of what Ebron brings to the table there.

    He might not be all that talented anyway. He’s had one good year carried by an unsustainable (fluky) number of TD receptions.

  4. 81megatron81 says:

    He will end up a Patriot for Tom Brady’s last hurrah next season. Ebron is an athletic freak but he has hands of stone and the attitude of Terrell Owens.

    He’s just not worth the headache to any normal team.


    The Pats have picked up Colt castoffs before… (Austin Collie, Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Allen, Joseph Addai).

    So it wouldn’t surprise me if TE needy Patriots signs Ebron.

  5. I don’t have a problem with a guy shutting it down if he could not bare the pain. Everyone handles pain/injuries differently. But…… if he just shut it down because of a contract year, I don’t respect that much.

  6. Good call. He had one great year with Luck, but he’s not going to repeat that and isn’t worth the money he’ll want. Good luck with your next team, Eric.

  7. What Chris Ballard said about Eric Ebron and Jacoby Brissett is what I expected Ryan Pace to say about Adam Shaheen and Mitch Trubisky.

  8. C. M. says:
    January 2, 2020 at 11:33 am
    Its funny this guy turned down the ravens to go play for the colts.


    At that point the Colts were a way better option than the Ravens with a prospective good new HC and GM and a solid QB. Nobody thought that Lamar Jackson and the Ravens were going to be this good.

  9. Ebron was maddening to watch. Throw it right to him, and the pass will bounce straight off his hands. Then throw 10′ away and he makes a stellar grab.

    Hope Ebron got some sort of Black Friday deal where the doctors throw in a free hand surgery while he was getting his ankles fixed.

  10. baltimoresnativeson says:
    January 2, 2020 at 10:48 am
    Perfect for the Bills. Allen needs a safety blanket. Most of the good QB’s have one already.

    The Bills have already invested at TE and I don’t see them investing the $$$ for this kid. While Knox, Sweeney, Kroft, Croom (injured reserve) might not be pro bowlers, all have shown that they can be involved as good targets in the passing game, with Knox looking like he is a reliable starter and Kroft being limited by injury. As someone mentioned previously, Ebron doesn’t block well which can limit his appeal to some teams.

    Bills need a WR who is at least 6 feet tall.

  11. Arizona should look into picking up TE Eric Ebron as he likely won’t cost much coming off of a down season and might even be looking to sign a 1yr contract in order to hopefully produce in 2020 and get paid the following year. Kingsbury loves athletic pass catching TE’s and Ebron would give another Kyler Murray another very good athletic pass catching TE with speed. Arizona picked up TE 6″6-225pd Dan Arnold from the Saints at the end of the season who looks really, really good as a pure receiving threat. In just 3 games starting just 1 game Arnold put up 9 receptions for 127YDs ( 15.9YD/AVG) and 2TDs w/ a PFF grade of 82.5 in Arizona & 71.9 overall despite just getting there and not having a full grasp on the offense so he will only get better over the off season and is still just 24yrs old. Arizona also has another really good TE in former 2nd round pick 6″5-250pd TE Maxx Williams who ranked in the top 8 among TE’s via PFF w/ an overall 78.9 PFF grade and is an excellent blocker who’s a really solid receiver. Signing another athletic TE like 6″4-250pd Eric Ebron would really round out that TE room for the Cardinals and Ebron would thrive under a super accurate QB like Murray who also loves to extend and is just as athletic throwing on the run to either his left or right as he is sitting in the pocket. If Arizona rounds out the TE room and then goes out and upgrades their WR room by signing a mid-tier solid receiver & then drafting a true #1WR in a guy like 6″3 WR CeeDee Lamb who’s an absolute stud and YAC monster who already has a built in chemistry with Murray pairing him up with 6″3 WR Larry Fitzgerald who’s still a beast and 5″11 WR Christian Kirk who has the talent to be a Pro Bowl WR who should greatly improve in year 2 in this offense & the receivers AZ drafted this year such as 5″9 WR Andy Isabella w/ 4.31spd who is going to be a stud in this league along with 6″4 Hakeem Butler w/ 4.4 speed who will be back and healthy along with 6″1 Keesean Johnson should be much better too in their 2nd year in this league. Arizona was one of the best rushing teams in the league this season ranking 2nd overall via DVOA while AVG’n 5.1YPC as a rushing offense, Arizona needs to move forward with both Kenyan Drake and Chase Edmonds at RB along with the rushing threat Kyler Murray provides w/ his 4.3 speed and Arizona will again have one of the best rushing offenses in the league which will open up shots downfield running a lot of play action & RPO’s.
    If the Cardinals front office goes out and adds a few more pieces around Kyler Murray which they will he is going to blow up next season he just needs a few more pieces around him, adding both Eric Ebron and CeeDee Lamb would be a great start to the off season.

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