Greg Roman interviewing with Browns Thursday night


The Browns opened their head coaching interview process by meeting with Mike McCarthy on Thursday and they’ll double the number of interviews before the night is out.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team will speak to Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman on Thursday night. Roman is free to interview this week with the Ravens on a bye.

The Browns are the only team known to have requested an interview with Roman at this point in the process. They got to see the offense he built around quarterback Lamar Jackson twice during the regular season.

49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh and Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll are expected to interview in the coming days. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski and Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy may also meet with the team.

UPDATE 5:03 p.m. ET: The Browns confirmed they are interviewing Roman on Thursday.

13 responses to “Greg Roman interviewing with Browns Thursday night

  1. The Browns would be fools to hire another unproven assistant coach after the Kitchens debacle.
    And we all know the Browns aren’t…. Uh oh.

  2. There’s a huge difference between position coaches, like Kitchens, and Offensive Coordinators, like Roman.

    Kyle Shanahan is a great example of an OC becoming a good Head Coach.

    Just like every other position on a team, a coach has to be a good fit for the existing personnel, unless they are rebuilding. In the Brown’s case, it’s more difficult since they are not in rebuilding mode. They’re just a team with a lot of good players that don’t work well together.

  3. The Browns are up to their old tricks. They don’t really want Greg Roman as their head coach, they just want to stop him from being the Ravens O.C.
    They did the same thing with Phil Savage and George Kokinis and we know how far that got them.

  4. I thought Mike McCarthy was the right answer for them last year. Now I’m thinking someone who is more of a known disciplinarian. I don’t think Mike McCarthy handled Rodgers’ ego very well and I’m sure there are several egos that size in Cleveland right now.

  5. Mayfield is a pocket passer. Lamar Jackson is a running back who can throw as opposed to a wuarterback who can run.

    Mayfield needs a pocket guru

  6. Out of those names Eric Bienenmy , Greg Roman , and thirdly Josh Mcdaniels but if I were the Browns I would focus on ex head coaches Jim Caldwell , and Lovey Smith both had very good success in the division , and know how to get the best out of their players , and neither had nowhere near the talent that the Browns have to me those two coaches are the perfect match for the Browns unless they can somehow talk Tony Dungy out of retirement those two coaches are available , and would be the perfect candidates.

  7. Roman would be a fool to leave the Ravens, if Lamarr stays healthy they will be the only team to keep the Pats out of the SB for the next couple years.

  8. Jeez stay with Lamar and the Ravens a little longer Greg. You’ll be sought after 2021 and 2022 as well.

  9. The Ravens high school offense will be exposed in the playoffs. Better strike while the iron is hot.

  10. It doesn’t matter whether Roman is coaching an RPO QB right now or not. What you need is a QB who can read defenses. Lamar can. Mayfield, not so much. Flacco was the perfect example of a guy who could not read defenses and relied totally on the OC.
    Roman would be a fool to take that job since the Browns don’t have a good GM.

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