Jason Garrett: Fired or not fired?

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Maybe it’s just an effort at redemption after Saturday’s swing and a miss regarding Jaguars coach Doug Marrone. Regardless, ESPN has taken a tweet from ESPN’s Ed Werder and turned it into a big splash that the Cowboys are firing Jason Garrett. Even if that’s not what Werder tweeted.

Tweeted Werder on Thursday night: “Cowboys Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones have moved slowly and with ‘abundance of care and respect’ for Jason Garrett. That phase expected to conclude soon with Garrett not part of organization. Next phase to involve candidate interviews will begin quickly thereafter.”

And so ESPN has taken that tweet and twisted it into this: “Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones have decided that Jason Garrett will not be part of the organization moving forward, a source tells @WerderEdESPN.”

But that isn’t what Werder reported. While it indeed may be the final outcome, it’s not what he reported.

Either way, Garrett and the Joneses were due to meet today, and they didn’t. The situation continues to be confusing and confounding and if the ultimate goal is to respect Garrett the end result has been a protracted twisting in the wind that arguably disrespects him far more than a certain and decisive action would.

If they’re going to fire him they need to just do it and get it over with. Everyone expects it, and now ESPN is acting like it’s a done deal when it’s still not clear whether it is. So do it or don’t do it; the uncertainty helps no one.

78 responses to “Jason Garrett: Fired or not fired?

  1. He’ll be back, probably as head coach. Who trusts a report from ESPN anymore? Wishful thinking by Cowboy fans.

  2. I think it is more respectful to let him know whether or not he still has a job than it is to string him along as the available jobs fet filled.

  3. Letting the contract expire and watching helplessly as every other team with a coaching vacancy gets a two to three week head start on hiring the better candidates. Brilliant!

  4. Initially I was also referring to Garrett as getting “fired” but really, why fire him when you can just let his contract expire in 1 1/2 weeks. Let him go the right way. What’s the point of having an end date of 1/16 (I think) when you expect Jones to fire him right after the last game of the season.

  5. Most attractive job in all of sports. Coaching the most popular team in the world while working for the greatest owner in the history of sports and living in the greatest state in the union? They’ll be lined up around the corner begging for the chance to coach America’s Team.

  6. I think he will get a short term deal to return as head coach, may be a 1-2 year deal or slightly longer.

  7. It’s funny that people think by not firing Garrett or announcing he will not be renewed that that they are falling behind in their search for a replacement.

    The behind the scenes conversations are happening. If a coach they are interested in is still coaching, they have learned if the feeling is mutual or not.

  8. Last week didn’t one of the female reporters from ESPN say the jaguars were firing their coach and GM now this what if Jerry brings him back their gonna lose even more credibility lol….

  9. This is the most bizarre and drawn out drama. It is obvious that Jones is just milking the drama because he likes the media fixating on him and the Cowboys but to claim that this is sensitive to Garrett is ridiculous! Let the man go and look for another job if you want but don’t keep him twisting in the wind! That’s cruel!

  10. By holding him, Jerry has already succeeded in making sure he stays out of Washington. He might just be keeping him on to stall any talks with the Giants and keep him out of the NFC East. I mean, this guy has always been unpredictable. I disagree thought with the thought that Every coach would want that job. Once you are there, you are never going to have it all to say, and you are never going to have the power to “Buy the Groceries”, you are going to have to cook the meal with what Jerry and Steven give you. Not everybody will take it, it’s kinda a risky job really. You don’t win right away, you are probably on the street real quick from here on out. The only thing that saved Jason this long was his connection to the Cowboys.

  11. ESPN is desperate for attention because nobody pays attention to them anymore. They’ve lost millions of viewers over the last 5 years because they’ve turned sports into a political movement, and people are just sick and tired of it

  12. They’re simply not firing him. They’re just going to go about their business of finding his replacement while his contract expires. No big deal.

  13. How man times does this have to be said, Jerry Jones will not release Jason Garrett until either his contract expires on the 14th, or the NYG hire a head coach.
    There is no way he lets Garrett become a giant.

  14. “Moving On” — Didn’t Lane Kiffin get fired on a tarmac?

    The Cowboys bus is pulling out of the station and Jason Garrett is still in the bus station’s Mens room… ‘We just left him behind… we’re moving on.’

  15. Everyone with a thimble full of knowledge of the NFL knows that Jason Garrett’s time as head coach of the Cowboys has come and gone. Everyone except Jerry Jones that is. I find it to be cruel and unusual punishment to leave Garrett dangling in the wind as to whether he will be retained as head coach of the Cowboys. Jason Garrett comes across as being Jerry Jones personal court jester. No experienced head coach with any pride would tolerate being hung out to dry like Jones is treating Garrett.

  16. The hang up is Stephen Jones is trying to talk Jerry out of naming himself the new head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones is the mirror image of Bengals owner Mike Brown. No amount of failure will convince either that a change of philosophy is long overdue.

  17. Still curious how you fire someone whose contract expires in like 10 days. If you want to be respectful, he finishes his contract with no extension. Than he isnt “fired”.

  18. My guess is Jerry Jones is playing with the media. Garrett already has a contract extension in hand. You guys can’t sleep nights until it all comes out on a day when Jerry Jones feels like telling you.

  19. Uncertainty helps no one??

    The uncertainty is with the media who act like this is the most coveted coaching job in all of sports. It isn’t. When was the last time they amounted to anything? Seems the GM is the problem and not the coaching. GM has been the only constant for a long time.

    Nobody outside of Jerry and Jason have a clue what’s being said in the meetings. All reports are pure speculation. Maybe Jerry is begging Jason to come back and he won’t commit?? How do we know?

  20. Freddie Kitchens coming in on Friday to be named new HC. Jerry needs to fire himself. That’s the problem.

  21. This story is spot on. Jerry Jones’ total lack of leadership shows he does not have what it takes to lead this organization. Jerry thinks coaching the Cowboys is a dream job. It is except when the coach realizes he has to work with Jones. Then that dream is really a nightmare.

  22. Jerry Jones is the same person that dumped Tom Landry like he was yesterdays trash and Landry won 2 Superbowls while Garrett only made the playoffs a few times … only to lose pretty quickly. The one fact in the last 24 years of Cowboy mediocrity is that Jerry Jones is the hands on GM. No other team in sports let alone in the NFL would hire Jerry Jones to run their team – well, maybe the Cleveland Browns.

  23. Head coach is a major part of the problem. He was given the opportunity to call plays, horrible. He does not call anything on the defense. All Garrett does is try to motivate players by locker room quiet chatter. The cowboys need discipline

  24. kd75 says:
    January 2, 2020 at 11:11 pm
    I think it is more respectful to let him know whether or not he still has a job than it is to string him along as the available jobs fet filled.


    I am 100% confident that Jason knows where he stands. Just because they have not informed the press does not mean that the parties involved are in the dark.

  25. After years of this guy, I am glad to see him gone. Now Jerry just needs to put on his coaching shorts and whistle and we are Superbowl Bound!!!

  26. mclovin07 says:
    January 2, 2020 at 11:00 pm

    Coach Zimmer, line 1…

    I keep asking, and nobody seems to have an answer at all…
    WHERE did (with any semblance of truth) this idea/though/rumor/theory come from?

    WHY would Zimmer leave an organization he has influence and success with?
    WHEN had he (or anybody) ever suggested he would be leaving or they would want him to?
    WHY would a Parcells disciple with even LESS patience than Parcells want to go to a team where the owner would control personnel and meddle with his coaching?

    NO WAY Zimmer goes to Dallas.

  27. pftstory, I have to respectfully disagree. If a promising candidate has any decency, he will tell them I’m not talking to you guys until you make it clear that Garrett is out. The fact that he is showing up for work and conducting exit interviews like nothing is going to happen is a huge red flag. We’re supposed to believe that Jerruh, the only owner in the league who holds pressers outside the locker room every week, is suddenly shy about letting the world know what he thinks about anything? He either has no intention of changing coaches or he can’t find anyone willing to put up with him. The really good candidates don’t usually leave without a deal. I doubt the Cowboys are talking to any of them because they’d need permission from their current employer and I don’t think Jerruh could stand not letting the world know if he was talking to a top tier coach about this job. I still can’t believe Garrett puts up with this nonsense.

  28. Saw on other networks that “Garrett is no longer with the organization”. That was around midnight Thursday. It’s too bad because Jerry Jones is the problem.

  29. Day 1 – Appetizers
    Day 2 – Dinner
    Day 3 – Dessert (Garret declines dessert when he is told he has to pick up the 3 day tab to keep
    his job)

  30. Who care what the Cowboys do? As long as Jerruh Jones is still in charge, nothing will change anyway.

  31. Knowing how classless Jones is would not be surprised if he’s stringing Garret along to keep him from getting hired this year . Jones would go crazy if Garret left the Cowboys and found immediate success elsewhere .

  32. Jerry is letting the other NFCE vacancies fill so JG doesnt get a position with the Giants and show the world that Jerry is the problem, not the coach.

    That being said, I think the problem is a little from A and a little from B.

  33. You’ll laugh at this, but I could see another one of his favorite “sons”, Tony Romo, getting the head coaching job.
    We all know Jones wants bootlickers in his organization and Romo is the ultimate Cowboys cheerleader (just listen to him broadcast Cowboys games).
    Romo will just say, “yes dad” and the beat will go on in Dallas.

  34. i’m seriously embarrassed to be a cowboys fan. they are so insanely dysfunctional its impossible to have long term sustainable success. garrett should have been gone literally YEARS ago but jones has had a very…very disturbing and curious loyalty to him. who has two (or possibly 3) meetings with a coach that has not given you success on the field? its insane what arrogance and pride will do to someone…and how it affects others…

  35. It’s clear to most that Jerry does not want to fire a man who he has so much history with and time invested in when he does not have to. He is simply letting him carry out his final duties as a HC and letting his contract expire. JG already knows he’s not coming back and the Cowboys have already started conversations on finding his replacement. That replacement is not currently available, or not on the radar of other teams with HC openings. Why is this so difficult to understand?

  36. Jerry is starting to make the Skins look like a well run organization. Garrett should have been canned years ago. Horrible coach who won’t stick with their dominating running game. What could possibly be the holdup?

  37. I doubt any quality coach will want to subject himself to that type of treatment. Who will want that job????

  38. I’m sure Jason has decent coaching abilities, he’s been around the league for decades; however, his hands are tied with Jerry calling all the shots. Tough situation for any coach. I wonder if someone will take a chance on Jason and allow him to be a head coach, or will he count his cash and stick around the Cowboys front office?

  39. Zimmer has the ability to can someone immediately. Or the GM does it based on his decisions. He would never get this power in Dallas. This, he stays in Minny, if they want him.
    He came up with were a running team and that worked until it didn’t. Maybe Minny parts ways.

  40. jackedup81 says:
    January 2, 2020 at 10:59 pm
    The head coach is not the problem…just saying.


    Not the *only* problem

  41. Jerruh should just hire himself as the head coach–that’s what he wants. The thing is he’ll never do it because then the blame would fall squarely on his shoulders when they lose and he won’t have anyone else to throw under the bus. Until Jerruh is prohibited from any part in running the Cowboys they are going to be a dysfunctional mess.

  42. This is taking so long since there are talks with Dakota to become both the QB and the coach and this will also allow the Jerruh to split Dakota’s salary into the salary cap and into the slushfund for coaching. Dakota will make $1.99 to be QB and $10 million per year as a head coach with a coaching bonus per year of $20 million if he wins the Snoopy Bowl. All in all this lets the Jerruh to skit the cap rules allowing him to overpay for the other miscreants who love themselves too much.

  43. dutch388 says:
    January 3, 2020 at 12:36 am
    By holding him, Jerry has already succeeded in making sure he stays out of Washington.

    Do you really think Washington wanted that guy for head coach? I would have preferred they re-new Grueden’s contract for 5 years.

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