New L.A. stadium “more than 85% complete”

Getty Images

The Rams and Chargers enter their new venue later this year. And it’s getting closer and closer to completion.

In a letter to Rams fans, COO Kevin Demoff writes that the venue is “more than 85% complete, with the roof panel and seat installations underway.”

With the new stadium comes other new things for the Rams; specifically, a “new brand identity – from logos and colors to uniforms and helmets.”

The Rams have been waiting to unveil their new uniforms until the new stadium opens, opting instead to make liberal use of their yellow-horn throwbacks and wearing from time to time the St. Louis road uniforms with blue helmets and white horns.

Far more important is the composition of the team, and plenty of changes are expected as they try to compete in a tough division and a fickle market. So far, the Rams are beating the Chargers in the fight for L.A. But there’s a chance that, if both teams struggle like they did in 2019, they’ll both lose.