Pete Carroll: NFL wishes pass interference had been called on late play in end zone

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has tried to carefully balance a desire to get his message out regarding a non-call of defensive pass interference late in Sunday’s critical regular-season finale against the 49ers with the league’s desire that coaches neither criticize officiating nor disclose admissions made privately to teams about officiating errors.

On Monday, Carroll explained that he’d like the league to have more camera angles immediately available for replay review, implying that he believes other angles not immediately available from NBC cameras made it more clear that 49ers linebacker Fred Warner had significantly hindered Seahawks tight end Jacob Hollister‘s effort to catch the football. (The NBC angles seemed to be more than sufficient.) Three days later, Carroll told reporters that he believes that the league would have liked to have seen the officials call DPI.

“Here’s what I would tell you,” Carroll said when asked about his communications with 345 Park Avenue regarding the non-call that swung a division title, that kept the Packers from being the No. 1 seed, and that knocked the Saints out of a bye. “They wish that they would’ve called a pass interference. They can look and see, and they would’ve called pass interference, I think. That would probably be the feeling I got because you easily could’ve called it, and nobody would’ve complained about the call other than the guy that grabbed him. That would’ve made everything a whole lot cleaner and all that. It’s difficult for those guys to put a flag down on the field [via replay review]. It’s got to be so egregious that there’s a standard to it. Had it been called on the field, they never would’ve overturned that from what I understand.”

He’s right about that; it’s much harder to overturn a ruling of pass interference than it is to overturn a ruling that there wasn’t pass interference. However, the standard has shifted and changed throughout the year, from a strict and literal search for clear and obvious evidence of significant hindrance to egregious proof of interference back to the literal standard and as the playoffs approach, who knows what the standard is?

Based on Carroll’s comments, the bar apparently is high again. And it will stay high until it isn’t. Then it will stay there until it is, again. Which is no way to operate a billion-dollar business that now sees millions of dollars legally wagered on the decisions made by officials and by those responsible for taking a second look at those decisions.

And so with 11 postseason games starting Saturday, the league would be wise to select a standard, to stick with it, and to communicate clearly and unequivocally to all teams, all media, and all fans precisely what the standard is.

80 responses to “Pete Carroll: NFL wishes pass interference had been called on late play in end zone

  1. The NFL knows they can have whatever standard they want and experiment as they feel. If people get too upset about it over the course of the season then by the end they just arbitrarily change it back to what will cause the least negative attention. We saw them do the same thing with the catch rule with the Patriots Eagles super bowl. They just changed the catch rule to be what would cause the least negative attention for the super bowl, and no one cared that they completely changed it because the calls looked better so the NFL didn’t get called out much for it’s complete flip that shouldn’t happen in the NFL week to week.

  2. This one team that shouldn’t complain about a non pass interference call since their corners pass interfere on every other play. What goes around comes around Pete.

  3. Stop whining and don’t let the refs lose your game. You had 1st and goal with beast mode which is a situation you should have learned from but you get a penalty and it backs you up. Look in the mirror for the blame.

  4. Do they also wish the one that was called against SF with Lynch had NOT been called? Miss me with this tear jerking garbage. He clearly flopped there and Collinsworth laughed it off….. well it came back and bit Seattle. I’m actually surprised it wasn’t called. The refs love bailing out Russ and the Shehawks.

  5. Hey Pete please don’t turn into Sean Payton and start annoying the fans by crying about a call that didn’t go your way for the next year. Just accept the fact you LOST the game, and it wasn’t because of one call it was the result of many missed opportunities. At the end of the day if you make enough plays, and score enough points, then it doesn’t come down to 1 single play to determine the outcome. Isn’t that right Atlanta? There’s a 28.3% chance Falcons fans don’t wanna talk about making a play or two when it counts the most

  6. The standard is to give the call or non-call in favor of the higher dollar fan base markets for that season. It’s a business. Businesses maximize profits. They are trying to create a resurgence of the highly populated California market. Which is why LA got the non-call last season, and Clara just got it on Sunday. They are also trying to make up for the revenue being lost in the state by moving the Raiders to Vegas. It was clearly PI, but whatever. On to Philly.

  7. Why did Hollister run into the defender and initiate contact? He was clearly trying to push Warner to get separation. Good no call. Why is Carroll still talking about it. Are you on to Philadelphia or not?

  8. Carroll is full of crap! Al Riveron, the NFL replay official, said that the league office did look at the play at the timeand decided that there was no PI. Hollister made the initial contact and Warner just reacted to that. If you watch the replay from behind the play, that becomes obvious. If anything, it was offensive pass interference. Carroll is a whiner who can’t accept the fact that he screwed up AGAIN at first and goal from the one. Just trying to deflect from the fact that a delay of game penalty cost his team the game.

  9. Sick of coaches who whine about every close call. The facts are 1) there was contact by both receiver and defender, which makes it hard to call interference on either party even if it can be justified if one REALLY wants it (he wanted it for Seattle more than the officials did, for obvious reasons), and 2) his team had its chance and really blew it, most especially with the delay of game, so he has only his team and himself to blame. Or did a bad call magically lead to the goalline interception in the Super Bowl too?

  10. Meanwhile, in Miami’s win in NE, on a critical drive Fitz was deemed to have recovered his own fumble when clearly he hadn’t secured and Pats walked away with the ball, and there’s later a clear hold giving Fitz time to make the pass. But for those, Pats would’ve won at least 27-17. Belichick was pissed but didn’t whine to Park Ave or the media about it – never does.

  11. “Belichick was pissed but didn’t whine to Park Ave or the media about it – never does.”

    He doesn’t have to. Pats fans whine more than enough already.

  12. You know what other call had some pretty conclusive evidence?
    N’Keal Harry not going out of bounds on a game that was pretty big in the grand scheme of things too.

    More and more it seems like the NFL is either
    A) fixing things
    B) intentionally incompetent

  13. This is the second time the Super Bowl has been screwed up by bad and incompetent officiating. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl with the Rams because they did not deserve to be there. Now the whole NFC post season has changed because of what I am sure was a terrible non-call, exactly what they said they were not going to do. The NFL is a dinosaur, refusing to do what the fans expect, get it right. They should have officials in the box and on the field to immediately correct errors. We watch football all year and then we get to the end and I am sure the Super Bowl will be won by bad officiating, not the superior play it takes for a team to get there. Check the ages of the owners, not what you would hope for in a Billions of Dollars business requiring change

  14. The league also wishes Carrol wasn’t so indecisive that he got a delay-of-game penalty when they had the ball on the 1 foot line, then all this talk could have been avoided

  15. Saints fans wish Seattles organizational incompetence hadn’t created the scenario for a delay of game with first and goal at the one.

  16. “They wish that they would’ve called a pass interference. They can look and see, and they would’ve called pass interference, I think.”

    Sounds like they just wanted to get Pete off the phone. Kind of like apologizing to your wife when you’re not sure what you did, but you think it will get her to leave you alone.

  17. I get Pete has to gives answers to questions from the press but, maybe the press should move on and focus questions on the next game.

    I’d be surprised if Seattle goes far in the playoffs. They have too many injuries at key positions at the wrong time of year.

  18. All you fake pearl-clutchers can give it a rest. He was asked the question, he tried to answer it diplomatically. He isn’t pouting or complaining. Not like all you in here

  19. The standard is clear and simple. The NFL will do whatever it wants because it is an entertainment organization and not an impartial arbiter of sporting contests.

  20. The NFL is fixed, plain and simple. There are too many easy calls ignored, hard calls made, and game momentum changed by critical calls or non-calls. If anything, allowing instant replay has made the fixing of games all the more apparent. I would love to see the FBI take more interest in the possible anti-trust issues surrounding the game. Sports betting is certainly to blame, but why can’t we just enjoy randomness of guys trying hard to win? Why do the refs have to intervene in clearly targeted ways? It’s frustrating. #notseahawksfan

  21. I dont like Pete and I cant stand the Seattle fans or their team. But, that was blatant PI and the biggest moment of the game. To read some of these comments is ridiculous and shows the intelligence of this country. Embarrassing. I dont have a dog in the fight but the offensive player initiating contact does not allow the defender to pull on the shoulder and prevent him from moving in a direction to catch a ball that is in the air. I have no idea where you guys got that but that is absolutely PI. Yes, Niner fans have shown pictures of other blown calls in the game. Yes, there were a few on both sides. This one was able to be reviewed and they didn’t stop the game to look at it. Riveron’s response is absolutely comical and i have truly never seen a man more incompetent and bad at his job. Time to move on though Pete. Comical to read some peoples fans talking about not allowing a bad call to determine the outcome of the game until it happens to their team.

  22. This coaching clown needs to shut up – he was gifted a call against the Cheese Cheaters from Green Bay a few years ago. He has suffered no loss from the non-call now; he merely is now even in the football world so he should consider himself lucky.

    The problem is that his team was not doing well when it mattered and didn’t make the plays. Had your team actually played up to its hype, you would have easily won. But you didn’t make the plays. One missing penalty did not make you lose this game. Your play calling did.

  23. Fortunately the fraud ‘whiners will be exposed as the phantom NFC West division ‘champs’ as soon as the Hawks take care of Philly and the Saints send the Vikings home losers, Everyone knows Santa Clara stadium is really Seahawks home away from home administering annual spankings on that field.

  24. seahawks moving up fast to the saints in the whining department…do away with replay and most of this crap goes away, and as an added bonus: the games get shorter…

  25. Bad time to speak up considering that his coaching staff’s bumbling of end of game pushed the ball back five yards from 6 inches out.

  26. “I think everything Pete is saying is true, and the Saints organization stands behind Pete and the Seahawks, and we think the league owes our organizations a do over. We hereby proclaim that our organizations were robbed of the opportunity to play for the Lombardi Trophy, and therefore we are awarding ourselves the Superbowl for the years in question, and have our adjusted our records to indicate said action. From here on out there will be no losers in sporting contests. Every team will be awarded a win regardless of how they play that way no one goes home a loser” – Sean Payton

  27. I realize that most people hate the Patriots,but you didn’t hear Belichick or any team members crying about the way Jerome Boger’s crew completely hosed them against the Chiefs a few weeks back.. It’s over and done,Pete. You’ve gotten your share of non calls yourself,so quit whining and get ready for the Eagles.

  28. Just get rid of replay for PI. It’s been a disaster that many of us saw coming and puts even more control over the outcomes of games in the hands of Al Riveron and NFL HQ, which is terrible.

  29. It was pass interference, but we didn’t get the call.

    Please just move on, just because they wont change their minds now, so the result wont change, and tp keep going on about it just comes across as sour grapes, not a good look.

    Take heart from the 2nd half of that game where we played a lot better, carry that into the Philly game ( overlook Philly at your peril ) and try to continue that momentum

  30. I go to the standard of 100 guys in a bar; I think that the vast majority of them (absent team preferences) would have called that PI.

    I am no fan of Cheatin Pete but I can’t help but make the direct comparison of his reaction to the PI vs. Sean Payton’s martydom act. For that alone, I hope the Saints lose this weekend so I don’t have to listen to his crybaby act.

  31. This is his way of deflecting criticism from his poor clock management.

    49ers fans know that Pete was giddy at thought of shoving Lynch down 49ers throat for a game winning score – he got caught getting too cute and it cost him.

    PS: Pete, you had EIGHT TRIES to score and the better team won. Deal with it.

  32. They probably also wish they didn’t call unnecessary roughness on the 49ers center for lead blocking. Probably, right Sneaky Pete, right, I’m sure that’s what the league is thinking right now, what they wish they didn’t call over there?

  33. Losers make excuses, winners make plays. Hollister didnt get in the endzone. PI or not, theybdidnt make the plays to win the game, so. Ow come the excuses..

  34. tb12greatest says:
    January 2, 2020 at 8:26 am

    Nevermind the fact that Wilson threw an uncatchable ball…but those are just minor details

    It is hard to catch a ball when the defender is holding your arms, but that is just a minor detail.

  35. last year,the nfl wanted a pats./la super bowl.this year they want san fran./ravens super the game calls.

  36. Seattle fans wish they didn’t take the delay of game penalty from the SF 1 yd line.

  37. Once again and NFL blunder. Lets make a rule because the refs missed a horrible call last year then not do anything different a year later. The NFL management is incompetent.

  38. Look at the play. Hollister initiates contact and then warner braces. The play was designed to get a pi call. Seahawks were flopping all night. Seahawks have been the recipient of bad refereeing for the past 8 yrs and the recipient of a very bad unsportsmanlike call against the niners that would have sealed the deal before this play could even happen.

  39. The league either needs to fire Al Riveron or make pass interference always legal, because Under his leadership the penalty cannot be called in a consistent way and gives the appearance of bias.

  40. I bet Pete’s team wish a play had been called in the first half. Age old gripe about one call deciding the game. Should have done more.

  41. Pete, you’ve been the benefit of so many missed PI calls in Seattle that in a way it’s karma. You can’t get upset when the stuff you promoted as a coach starts to get used against you.

  42. The replay system is not perfect, and I have seen many egregious pass interferences not getting called even after replay review. Petey should be busy drawing up a game plan against the Eagles, and not spend time talking about history that cannot be reversed. His 35 million dollar super duper MVP wannabe dude only completed 25 of 40 passes for 233 yards against Frisco. He needs to find a way to get a better performance out of the dude if he does not want an early vacation. Win this weekend, and Seattle gets a rematch with Frisco in all likelihood. Lose, and the dude will be 2-5 in his last 7 postseason games, and he will be laughing on his way to tbe bank.

  43. “Which is no way to operate a billion-dollar business that now sees millions of dollars legally wagered on the decisions made by officials and by those responsible for taking a second look at those decisions.”

    So, this has nothing to do with getting it right in the name of sportsmanship. It’s about making Vegas happy?

    Got it. This is a very sad era/age/day for sports as we know it…….

  44. Hey Pete, run Beastmode against NE, your right ring finger would be heavier…quit whining!!!

  45. What about a review of the bogus Personal Foul on Garner which gave you another drive in the first place? Or the 1st down called on the very same drive when Lynch was a good foot short of the marker? Be thankful the Niner Defense allowed you to get back in the game the way it did but don’t pretend that Warner’s coverage was the reason you lost this game.

  46. Everyone except SF fans agree on 2 things:
    It was BOTH Defensive Holding AND DPI…BOTH should have been called.
    Al Riveron has been a total disaster, and will be gone ASAP after the season is over

  47. Pete Carroll – It’s time to stop whining/blaming others and move on. You never accepted responsibility for the stupid pass call in your Super Bowl loss …. and now you are blaming others for your loss last week. — and implying that the NFL thought it was a bad call shows no class. …IF it was a wrong call – that’s part of the game – happens to every team.
    Some coaches whine (Pete Carroll), and some coaches rise above it and move on to the next game. Being a crybaby coach doesn’t help your team.

  48. NFL: Pete Carroll wishes his team was better prepared to run plays in the closing seconds of an important game. Carroll says it is a bummer that he and the Seahawks players caused the team to lose.

  49. I didn’t see this much outcry when the ravens did a pass interference on Crabtree in the end zone in the superbowl. Same thing happened. No call. Move on. Stop crying.

  50. I didn’t see this much outcry when the ravens did a pass interference on Crabtree in the end zone in the superbowl on last play in the final seconds.. Same thing happened. No call. Move on. Stop crying.

  51. Cry me a river, Pete. Your LB didn’t get called when he had the same thing happen to him vs Kittle earlier in the game – should that one have been reviewed, too?

    When the offender initiates contact with the defender, the ref’s are not likely to call.

    Take your L and can it, baby.

  52. OPI. Fred Warner did the smart thing and didn’t allow himself to get Michael Irvin’ed out of the play and give up a TD.

  53. Can I just say, it’s Thursday and Pete’s still talking about last weeks game. As a Niners fan this make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  54. Except ot wasnt pass interference. Receiver initiated contact.

    Cry a river Carroll. We watched seattle get away with murder for years during the reign of the legion of boom. SF is the better team, that’s a fact.

  55. Why is the press not talking about the bogus late 4th quarter 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike against the 49ers which stop their drive to run out the clock???

  56. Sure Pete… losing that game was because of a fantasy pi call in which your receiver initiated the contact… Had nothing to do with your undisciplined team getting a delay of game penalty on the 1 yard line.

    Womp womp

  57. What’s funny as a Niners fan is that I thought it was pass interference until I saw the goal line camera angle from behind the play a couple days later. The Seahawks TE Hollister runs straight into Warner to attempt a push-off with his arms down low around the waist area. Warner doesn’t budge, and then in a split-second, the ball from Wilson flies by and Hollister tries to get his arms up from where he had tried to push off on Warner, but since he had tied up his arms with Warner, he essentially tied himself up. Even if he had his arms free, they were down by his sides. It would have been very difficult to catch the ball. If Hollister had been more focused on running the route to beat the defender instead of trying to push off to create separation, his arms would have been free to reach up to the ball. So I think the NFL properly assessed the play when they said Hollister initiated contact.

    I can see why Seahawks fans would be frustrated, but 8 plays down in the red zone without scoring could do that to any fanbase. But you could argue that K’wan Williams interference on 3rd down earlier in the drive was a bad call that extended the drive, not to mention the highly subject personal foul call on Ben Garland for 15 yards that kept the Niners from closing out the game. It was a screen pass where the Seahawks tackled the receiver in the backfield. Garland was downfield blocking away from the action, so he had no way to know the play was already over. Mostert had 16 yards on the play, the Niners needed 17 to wrap up the game after the penalty. So you could argue both teams got screwed at various points of the game.

  58. Poor little Pete, still hasn’t learned how to act when his team reaches the one yard line. First, on one play he had no RBs on the field. Then he tries to get Yeast Mode into the game and gets nailed for delay of game. Brilliant, Pete. Have you ever heard that GOOD offensive coaches always call two plays at a time and if you had done that, Wilson could have sneaked in for the score. Your brain goes dead when you reach the one, Pete. Last time, we can call it an accident. This time, no more benefit of the doubt. You are a bonehead in the clutch and proved it again to the entire nation…

  59. It’s very obvious Pete had that play drawn up to get a flag. Wilson saw his reciever run into the defender and just threw it in his direction. Thank God refs didn’t buy that gimmiky crap and let Seattle blow their opportunity on their own.

  60. oh good lord get over it. coulda shoulda woulda you have a game this weekend. go win that game.

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