PFT’s 2019 All-Pro team

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QB: Lamar Jackson: The undisputed MVP had a season for the ages.

RB: Christian McCaffrey: Just the third player ever to have 1,000 yards both rushing and receiving.

TE: Travis Kelce: Not as flashy as some of his teammates, but a key cog in the Chiefs’ offense.

WR: Michael Thomas: Set the new standard with an NFL-record 149 catches.

WR: Julio Jones: Another strong season was somewhat overlooked because the Falcons weren’t contenders, but he was second only to Thomas in receiving yards.

WR: DeVante Parker: One of the pleasant surprises of this NFL season, Parker was playing in a bad offense but still managed to gain a first down on more than 80 percent of his 72 catches.

OT: Ronnie Stanley: The second-most important player in the Ravens’ offense.

OT: David Bakhtiari: Gives Aaron Rodgers all day to pass.

G: Zack Martin: The Cowboys’ 8-8 record was a disappointment, but Martin remains an elite guard.

G: Brandon Brooks: Had a big year in Philadelphia; his playoff absence after a Week 17 injury will be a big loss.

C: Rodney Hudson: Jon Gruden raves about Hudson’s importance to the Raiders’ offense.

DE: Nick Bosa: Showed up as a rookie and looked like a star from Day One.

DE: Shaquil Barrett: Led the league with 19.5 sacks.

DT: Aaron Donald: Didn’t get as much attention this year because the Rams declined, but Donald is as good as ever.

OLB: T.J. Watt: Had his best season and may even be able to stake a claim as the best Watt brother, which is high praise indeed.

LB: Eric Kendricks: The best linebacker in football at covering running backs out of the backfield.

LB: Luke Kuechly: In a down year for the Panthers, Kuechly had another strong season toward his Hall of Fame career.

CB: Stephon Gilmore: The biggest reason that the Patriots had the NFL’s best defense.

CB: Marcus Peters: The Ravens got an absolute gift when the Rams traded Peters away.

CB: Tre'Davious White: As important as anyone to the Bills making the playoffs.

S: Minkah Fitzpatrick: Some asked what the Steelers were thinking when they gave up their first-round draft pick for Fitzpatrick. They were thinking he’s one of the best players in the NFL.

S: Budda Baker: The 23-year-old had by far his best season and emerged as a major building block for the future in Arizona.

K: Justin Tucker: The most reliable kicker in NFL history had his typical stellar season.

P: Logan Cooke: Averaged a whopping 46.8 yards per punt while dropping 25 punts inside the 20 and having only two touchbacks.

KR: Brandon Wilson: One of the Bengals’ few bright spots, Wilson averaged 31.3 yards per kickoff return.

PR: Deonte Harris: The smallest Saint is a big playmaker.

ST: Matthew Slater: It’s automatic that Slater makes a big impact in the kicking game.

52 responses to “PFT’s 2019 All-Pro team

  1. Any head coach in the league, given the choice, would want Kittle on his team instead of Kelce. The two are pretty close to each other as receivers, but Kittle blocks like a fast OT. Does whatever it takes to win, not just catch the ball.

  2. Bosa is the shiny new toy, but is there a better all around DE than Cam Jordan? 3rd in the league in sacks and rock steady against the run.

  3. It’s not a horrible list but there are a couple of issues with it. Nick Bosa as DRoY would be fine. Top DE in the league? Nah.

    Also, there aren’t enough outside linebackers. Add in Chandler Jones to fix that.

  4. jimnaizeeum says:
    January 2, 2020 at 9:21 am

    Three defensive lineman and three linebackers.
    Is this a 3-3 defense?


    For the vast majority of teams, a 3-3-5 nickel has become the base defense because of how often teams go 3-WR, so … probably, yeah.

  5. Kittle is becoming the next Gronk. In addition to being a weapon, he is a very solid blocker. That is something that Gronk did very well (arguably one of the best blocking TEs ever) and something the Patriots sorely miss. If Kittle can stay healthy, he can become something special. I’d take him over Kelce for this fact, even if Kelce had a slightly better season stats wise.

  6. Za’Darius Smith would make sense over T.J. Watt. The most QB pressures this year despite also being the most frequently double-teamed according to Pro Football Focus.

  7. Can’t argue with many of your selections but obviously you haven’t watched enough of TE George Kittle. He’s an absolute beast, best blocker in the NFL and totally unstoppable as a pass catcher.
    Quite possibly the best TE we have seen in years and that is saying a lot.

  8. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    January 2, 2020 at 9:46 am

    The Ravens are loaded. Lamar is your typical system QB.


    This is the funniest thing I’ve read this year.

    Did we think the Ravens were loaded before this year? His leading receiver was a TE. His leading WR was a first round draft pick that really didn’t do much after week 1. Yes, his offensive line was amazing, but a lot of that had to do with the mobility of Lamar. You can’t just pin your ears back as a pass rusher against him. You couldn’t sit zone against him. You play man against him and you’re not going to be able to stop the run game. He IS the system.

    This isn’t Brady throwing 5 yard slants and screens. That’s a system.

  9. ambrosiniwine says:
    January 2, 2020 at 9:52 am
    Chandler Jones > Nick Bosa

    Bosa is surrounded with talent. Jones had 19 sacks with no help.


    Bosa is a phenomenal talent that ELEVATES his entire defense. His sacks are less than some of the veterans in this League but his impact on the game is what sets him apart. Look at the number of sacks/pressures Armstead had last year vs. this year. Or how teams double teaming him gave opportunities to Buckner, Blair and Jones (the latter two before their injuries). Oh and he did this all in his ROOKIE season.

  10. Henry will be a freight train in Foxboro this weekend. Should be ahead of McCaffrey because his progress has been a rising road.

  11. Also, kudos for not hopping on the Aussie punter bandwagon with your selection of Cooke.

  12. Good list, but having Chandler Jones, Cam Jordan, and George Kittle would have made it a great list.

  13. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    January 2, 2020 at 9:46 am
    The Ravens are loaded. Lamar is your typical system QB.
    All good to great QBs are “system QBs.” It is the job of the OC to devise a system/scheme that makes the most of a QB’s skills and talents. Greg Roman did just that. It is not likely that Mr. Jackson would thrive under the system that Drew Brees operates in, and vice versa.

    Lamar Jackson is the best QB in the league this year. Will that carry over into next year? Wait and see.

  14. Kittle is the best TE since Gronk and it’s not close. Kelce is good but doesn’t win games by himself, he’s just a good player, Kittle is on another level.

  15. ctiggs says:
    January 2, 2020 at 12:37 pm
    Kittle is the best TE and its not even close.

    Your opinion and thats fine. But “not close” is not close to correct.

  16. No surprise…more complaints coming from the TE position. Kelce is a comparable receiver as Kittle(Believe Kittle is better YAC), however, Kittle is in his own league as a Blocker.
    Are you guys ONLY looking a receiving stats?
    Kittle is an elite run blocker. In fact, 49ers average 2 more yards per run with him vs him not being in the lineup

    Also, what about the FB position? We have the best in the league at that position too.
    Bosa, no help doesn’t have the sacks others have, however, he gets pressures and forces QB’s to rush throws. Also phenomenal against the run game!

  17. I would even throw Fred Warner out there at the LB position. Considering the other 2 starting LB’s he’s playing with(are both rookies), Warner has taken his game to another level!

  18. Even as a niner fan, Bosa on the list is a bit much. A lot much, actually. Chandler Jones and Cam Jordan had much better seasons. and I’m down with having 3 corners on the first team because that is what teams play with more than “base” defense, but you need to have corresponding front 7 players then (front 6, in this case). Two exterior pass rushers, two interior lineman, and two tackle linebackers.

  19. vikinganswer says:
    January 2, 2020 at 1:08 pm
    David Bakhtiari – has mastered the art of holding and not getting called.


    Has he? He must have learned from the Viking entire O-line and all the defensive backs.

  20. Lamar is a running back – he makes no pretense at even being a QB any longer with an average of 11 rushes per game. Now you have to wonder if he’s the best running back for this team? NO!

  21. I can’t believe cellarperformance and freefromcommonsense haven’t posted that Aaron Rodgers should have been the QB.

    Of course, they still think that Rodgers is the same as he was 4 seasons ago.

    Older, slower,injury prone with declining skills is a fact for the 2019-2020 Rodgers.

  22. Ppl saying Kittle is better than Travis Kelce is a joke!!! Is he good? Yes very, but in no way is he better than Kelce, the guy missed his whole first year and still has most yds ever thru first 6 seasons!!! And ppl saying, well kittle blocks, um Kelce is ranked the 4th best blocking TE over the last 3 years. And Kittle averages far more targets than Kelce and Kelce still out performs him. Kelce has been the best TE in football for years stright and its not even close kids.

  23. lesepi says:
    January 2, 2020 at 1:49 pm
    Lamar is a running back – he makes no pretense at even being a QB any longer with an average of 11 rushes per game. Now you have to wonder if he’s the best running back for this team? NO!

    A QB is the position that receives the snap/ball from the center. Lamar took nearly 100% of his snaps in the position that receives the ball from the center. Hence is he a QB. Thereafter the goal is to advance the ball into the endzone eventually.

    Nevertheless, Lamar also led the NFL in touchdown passes and QBR while only throwing 6 ints. He finished third in passer rating. Lamar also finished 6th in the NFL in rushing (more yards than anyone else on his team) and lead the NFL in YPC by 1.3 yards.

    You make good points.

  24. Lamar was BY FAR the best QB in the league. Led the NFL in TD PASSES. 113 QBR. 66% completion. ONLY 6 INTS. He far, far outperformed washed up 2 yd Tom. He made a mockery of Russell and Watson. Faker Mayfield doesn’t belong on the same field as Lamar. Whoever the dumpster fire Steelers tried to play at QB was an unmitigated disaster by the WORST HC in the league. Tomlin couldn’t even get his team ready for the Ravens BACKUPS and 3RD STRINGERS. With the playoffs on the line the Steelers vaunted defense was DISMANTLED by RG3. Pathetic.

  25. Travis kelce is not better than george kittle in any facet of football. Kelce is a great TE but Kittle is easily the best. I love subjective lists.

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