The Bears have found their kicker (for now)

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The Bears didn’t make the playoffs or meet expectations or anything, but at least they found a kicker.

Which is good news for the rest of us, since we won’t have to listen to them talk about kickers all offseason again.

Via the Chicago Tribune, Bears General Manager Ryan Pace said the team was encouraged by the work of Eddy Pineiro this year.

“The goal the whole time was to hit on a young kicker that we can grow,” Pace said. “And we feel like we’ve done that with Eddy. He finished the season strong. . . . We feel like he’s going to continue to get better.”

Pineiro was 23-of-28 on the season (82.1 percent) on field goals, and 27-of-29 on extra points.

He went through a midseason slump when he was 3-of-7, but hit his final 11 field goals of the year.

“We never wavered or lost confidence in him,” Pace said. “Just to see him keep his head up and see the team rally around him, it’s all good.

“Again, I really liked the way he finished. We talked about it walking up the stairs of the plane after the game [Sunday]. I told him, ‘You should be very proud of what you’ve done.’ But he said to me, ‘I’ll never forget where I came from.’ And I just think him, having that attitude and never getting complacent is going to carry him a long way.”

After their exhaustive (and exhausting) search this offseason, which included nine guys kicking at a rookie minicamp, and gimmicks like the “Augusta silence ” to artificially create pressure in practice, it’s good that they found their guy.

At least until he isn’t, and they need another scapegoat.

8 responses to “The Bears have found their kicker (for now)

  1. Anything Ryan Pace says is usually nonsense. The bears would not send him out there for anything other than gimmes because he was unreliable. There was no way they were going to cut him this year because it would reflect poorly on the management of the leaderless organization. Every thing Pace and Nagy do from here on out is to preserve their own butts. This is a franchise in a death spiral. I did not think it could get worse than the Tressman years, I think it has. At least then, you knew they were incompetent. Pace and Nagy actually have some people believing they know what they are doing. Oh how I look back on the glory days of Jerry Angelo….

  2. Pace and Nagy are not the problem, there is a guy higher up named Ted Phillips that is the real problem.

    I think Pace did a great job with the the Bears with three stand out everlasting issues:

    1) Kevin White – how can you predict the bust though, maybe a pass is warranted here?
    2) Adam Shaheen – no pass on this one when you have George Kittle laughing at you.
    3) Mitch Trubisky – Everyone knows the Watson and Mahomes comparisons.

    Other than that, Pace built an excellent defense. The O-line and RB situation went south in a hurry. I think they can fix these issues quick, but next year will need to serious bounce back.

    Also Akiem Hicks is the best player on the Bears.

  3. Angelo? Emery? Trestman?

    We were in the playoffs last year. 8-8 with a tougher division and some gaffes that cost us. (Run into kicker in London, No preseason, forgetting we had a run game until the coach said I’m not an idiot.”

    There’s hope. Have to be over .500 next year or you’ll be shown the door.

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