Dave Gettleman: Pat Shurmur “was most enamored with” Daniel Jones

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Pat Shurmur has been fired as the Giants’ head coach, but he’s still being recognized as the person who identified Daniel Jones as the team’s franchise quarterback of the future.

Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman said Shurmur was the person who first pointed to Jones, the former Duke quarterback whom the Giants took with the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft, as a quarterback the Giants should consider drafting.

“We looked at all the quarterbacks and right up front Pat was most enamored with Daniel,” Gettleman said on WFAN, via the New York Post. “We just kept investigating. You look at Pat’s history with quarterbacks . . . the young guys and what he’s gotten out of them. For him to be that enamored with him, it certainly made me do my homework.”

Gettleman ultimately had the final say to select Jones, but it was Shurmur who led the way toward the franchise settling on Jones. If Jones turns into a star, Shurmur will deserve some credit — and if Jones disappoints, Gettleman has the ready-made excuse that he was just giving the head coach the quarterback he wanted.

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  1. After the last 3 or 4 articles about Gettleman, how does this guy still have a job? i guess YES men are that important.

  2. If Jones doesn’t pan out, it is Shurmur’s fault because he wanted him so badly.

    If Jones does pan out, it is due to the extra work I put in to see if he was worth of the pick. Since I had final say, I knew it was the right choice.

  3. That’s kind of bizarre. I’m hoping the words were taken out of context or it was a misquote. I mean, for a coach to have to point out a QB prospect to the personnel people just sounds a little bit crazy. Like I said, hoping that was a misquote.

  4. I get that the NY media are a beast. But at this point put your head down and keep working. Obviously Gettleman is already done if he is spending time thinking about how to spin his future failings. Why can’t ownership see it? Now this guy is going to pick the next coach? Sounds like Shurmur should be GM. Hes a smart seasoned football guy. Loved him in Minny.

  5. I really don’t understand why they fired Shurmur. It’s every team’s goal to find a franchise QB and a coach that can get most out of them and it sounds like they had that. Maybe they should have brought in a better defensive coordinator. Now, they have to find a coach that works as well with Jones as Shurmur did.

  6. That’s most ominous. Anyway, given how the NFL Works, Jones IS Gettleman’s responsibility. In a year or so, the next GM and the next coach that that GM hires, will be searching for their newest “franchise QB”. Possibly they will bring a winning record to NY……

  7. Dave Gettelman really liked Shurmur, and when he made the comment about Shurur being enamored with Jones he actually meant it as a compliment to Pat.

    In the interview Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts were talking about how Dave was villified for picking Jones at Number 6, and they gave him credit for making the pick as both Joe and Evan think Jones is legit. Dave gave the credit on that one to Pat, not himself. He was trying to build Pat up. Evan and Joe also started to take a shot at Pat, and Dave was silent for a few seconds and said, no, I am not going to talk negative about anybody and refused to say a bad word about Pat.

    Say what you want about Dave and the job he has done, but he was not trying to bury Pat. He was sticking up for Pat.

  8. Except for the huge number of turnovers Daniel Jones is a terrific QB.
    Just look at the amazing performances he had against bad teams.
    If you can light up the Redskins that proves you are a great QB.

    Given how well Gettleman has drafted it won’t take more than 5-6 years to put a fair team around Jones. I think we’ll get to see how good Jones really in in 2025.

    Of course the new GM won’t be as enamored with jones and will clean house long before then.

  9. He not going to fix that fumble problem. How do you
    Practice it without allowing tackle of quarterback during practice?

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