Dave Gettleman realizes you can’t win and rebuild — now

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When Dave Gettleman came back to the Giants, thought he could win games and rebuild at the same time.

He realizes now — one fired head coach and an awkward quarterback transition later — that it’s easier said than done.

Via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News, Gettleman said during an interview on 98.7 ESPN Radio that he realizes now the two goals need different approaches.

This is where I’m culpable, OK?” Gettleman said. “I came into it, and I thought that we could do both at the same time. And I was wrong . . . I made a miscalculation. I’m being very upfront about it. I thought we could do both at the same time. And it didn’t work out that way.”

Gettleman said there was a belief that Eli Manning was still capable of playing at a high level, which was “part” of their reason for trying to serve two masters.

He’ll now get an attempt to rebuild with a new coach and a second-year quarterback in Daniel Jones, after making a series of moves which suggested they believed they were much closer than they actually were.

19 responses to “Dave Gettleman realizes you can’t win and rebuild — now

  1. I think that is fair. Although in the NFC East it should be more plausible than in just about any other Division. But double thumbs for the mea culpa.

  2. That’s the only reason he was hired because the management wanted to win with Eli while rebuilding. He was the only candidate that said no problem.

    Another situation of someone getting hired for being a yes man and management believing what it wanted to believe.

  3. maybe dave can’t, but its been done. a creative coach, a vet qb to hold down the fort while finding/grooming a rookie, and plugging some holes in FA.

    shurmer didnt seem to be the coach to get the most out of the roster.. eli wasnt a winning stop gap in this offense. the line and defense never really got addressed

  4. Gettleman pretty much blamed Manning for the team’s poor season in that statement. Granted Manning is not playing at his prime he doesn’t play on defense. Gettleman is a joke..

  5. If he drafts any position besides offensive line and defense he should be fired next year.

  6. Eli is still an effective quarterback…he is not great but he is not horrible…the problem was the team around him was not capable of playing at a “high level”…why everyone could see this but Gettleman?? the answer to that is easy…EGO…his own ego clouted his ability to do his job effectively and correctly or as Gettleman would say “at a high level”…his ego will continue to hinder his ability to do his job effectively…he will be/should be let go after next year…

  7. They missed their chance to draft a quality QB in 2018. Barkley is a good running back, but they needed a replacement/heir for Manning more than they needed Barkley, and they ended up settling for a lesser QB prospect the following year.

  8. The only example I remembered of this is Packers when they transitioned from Favre to Rodgers, but it still took Rodgers years as a backup understudy. Jury still out, but I think Daniel Jones was rushed this year before he was ready.

  9. He fired Shurmur because Shurmer couldn’t win with a team without the talent to win. When your first bold move in free agency is to sign Nate Solder for $18 million a year for four years, YOU are the problem. He can get out of this now for a two year cap hit of $35 million spent and should cut ties ASAP with Solder. Let’s see what he does.

  10. I think Gettleman is doing the right thing and he’s doing a great job. I still think they could have won, but that’s a tough balancing act when you have a QB who’s as popular with the owners, and who’s won two super bowls. Look at the Rams, Bears, and Cowboys. They tried to win right now, and they traded away a lot of future #1 draft picks. Now they missed the playoffs and they’re missing high draft picks. Gettleman was smart. He did it the right way. I still don’t think the decision to keep Eli the last couple years was Gettleman’s. He’s not going to throw anyone under the bus. He’s a professional. That’s part of the deal. Going forward, they have a great young franchise QB to build around, and they have all their draft picks. But most important, they have a good GM.

  11. the sad thing is that Daniel Jones is not a very good quarterback for the Giants haven’t made any progress after 2 years. when Barclays contract is up in might as well let him go because they won’t be ready to compete. Unless they draft very well it’s going to take them four more years to become a good team. you can’t just assume good drafts three consecutive years and this team is not just a few players away from being a good team.

  12. Umm Im Pretty sure the Ravens rebuilt twice in the middle of last 2 seasons and seemed to work out just fine.

  13. He thought he could do both,My bet is that this guy will end up doing neither.

  14. Gettleman may or may not be a good GM, but I wish we had more honesty/candor from front offices. Decades from now, when Pace is in the throes of dementia, he’ll be honest enough to admit he screwed up the 2017 draft.

  15. He’s been in the business over 30 years. He’s making rookie moves. Regardless of how you feel about Shurmur, he took the fall for Gettleman’s mistakes. Both should have been fired.

  16. He and Shurmur were forced to stick with Eli when everyone knew he was finished. That set them up to fail, and it’s on the owner John Mara.

  17. The Main Problem on the GIANTS for the past 8-9 years has been a TERRIBLE O-Line. And saying it was Terrible is being kind.

    The Second Problem they have had outside of 2016 is a defense that is awful. Cannot rush the Passer, cannot cover, constantly confused.

    Eli was not the Problem most of those years.

    Where Eli was the issue was bringing him back in 2019. They should have cut/traded him and freed up cap room.

    That event is where Dave and the GIANTS organization severely miscalculated.

    I love Eli Manning, but it was clear to me in 2016 that he was heavily on the decline (After Great seasons in 2014 & 2015) and that he was flat out done in 2017.

    They brought him back for two more seasons at HUGE Salary Numbers, and he just didn’t have it any more.

    But, the GIANTS will not have that to deal with moving forward. They have lost two seasons, but now they know their path forward (Daniel Jones) and they can build the team. Preferably O-Line and Pass Rush to start with.

  18. Pretty much agree.
    Their OL coaches haven’t helped much either. I see ex-Giant lineman around the league. Solder was a top LT for the Patriots but overpaid average lineman with the Giants.
    Once they traded Beckham they should have cut ties with Eli.
    They could have traded down and still got Jones.
    If they had kept Beckham, along with Manning & Barkley I’m sure they would have been in the hunt in that weak division. They would probably have beaten my Jets and maybe another opponent (Cardinals and/or Lions) and with 2 of the last 4 against the Eagles…

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