The Giants and Josh McDaniels could be a poor fit

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Another coaching carousel, another round of speculation as to whether Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will finally leave the Patriots, again.

He’s a candidate for the three current vacancies (the vacancy in Dallas still isn’t vacant, yet), and one of them seems like such a bad fit that it’s fair to wonder whether McDaniels will even make it to the interview.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reports that multiple league sources wonder whether McDaniels is truly interested in the Giants’ head-coaching job. The most obvious reason relates to the fact that the Giants have a General Manager, and that McDaniels may want to run the show — like he did in Denver and like Bill Belichick does in New England.

McDaniels makes much more sense in Cleveland, if chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta is told to take a backseat to the head coach. Even Carolina could make more sense than New York, if owner David Tepper decides to give the reins to McDaniels.

The Giants won’t be doing that, and that alone may be enough to get McDaniels to pass on the job.

Still, he presumably wouldn’t have agreed to sit for the job if he wasn’t interested in the job, and given what happened two years ago in Indianapolis the last thing he should be doing at this point is going back on his agreement to interview. Either way, given the history involving McDaniels it’s fair to not assume he’ll be leaving New England until he puts his name on a contract and shows up for the first day of work in a new city.

30 responses to “The Giants and Josh McDaniels could be a poor fit

  1. When will you realize all patriot assistant coaches are losers? I’ve just got facts on my side. I know Billy is your boy and all but facts are facts. It would be nice though if Goodell would hold the patriots to the same standard as everyone else. I wonder how Patrick Chungs nose is feeling right now?

  2. I am not sure why people believe the Josh McDaniels would be a successful coach. He has several qualities of a good coach such as knowledge of Xs and Os and the ability to teach. However much more is needed to be successful. Leadership, judgement, eye for talent, the ability to motivate, and the cunning to win. I have not seen these later qualities in Josh McDaniels. I am not saying he doesn’t have them, I saying I have not seen them.

  3. The Giants should request permission to interview Steve Belichick, then Bill Belichick. If the Patriots deny permission we will know who they plan to keep. It’s as if they’re are hoping McDaniels leaves and so keep granting the requests.

  4. Interview espionage, I am sure he is bringing any relevant information on the franchise (not shared with the media) back to the Lord of the super bowl rings.

  5. Why is wrong for Daniels to have reneged on the colts job, but not for kyler murray to skip out on the Oakland A’s? Or any of the other multitude of players who won’t honor a contract they signed?

  6. Now knowing what we know about how the Colts misled everyone about the severity of Lucks injury, and about Lucks lack of love for the game, I’d say McDaniels gets a pass on standing up Indy

  7. Offer McDaniels the job and then yank the job offer away at the last minute. He’ll get the joke.

  8. Looks and sounds like the Patriots organization is going to be seeing lots of changes once their season ends.

    I suppose it can’t be helped but it would be nice if Pats fans knew if this was Brady’s last game at Foxboro.

    Just doesn’t seem right not knowing what is going on. He sure made a lot of money for Kraft and BB. What he gave the Patriots fans can’t be measured.

    I remember so well his 1st SB vs Rams. Even after they won, I didn’t for a minute think he would make it to multiple SBs and win.

    And so here we are, all these years later, Brady having eclipsed the greats -Montana, Favre, Marino and every other QB to ever have played the game.

    Hope he retires a Patriot. Wish we knew the significance of tonite’s game. But we don’t know.

  9. I don’t think McDaniels would be a success as a HC for any team – He just doesn’t have all the tools needed to be HC; he’s an OC and that’s all.

  10. If BB announced wanted the job in NY, I’m sure Gettleman would be canned in 2 minutes and BB would run the show. So it’s not the structure is carved in stone – it depends on the HC candidate.

    If they think McDaniels is the guy, they’ll structure it around him if that’s what it takes to get him.

  11. I don’t view myself as a contrarian but as a Pats fan I’m not sold on McDaniels. His failure to adapt against the Giants in the Superbowl (e.g., after the failed delayed handoff in the first play from scrimmage he should have realized that something was needed against those beasts on the Giants’ defensive line) showed him to be too rigid. Admittedly the offensive line problems and underperforming receiving corps this season have contributed to the Pats’ position as the least strong playoff team but all he’s pulled from the playbook are gimmick plays. I think that as a head coach (and GM) he’d be way out of his depth.

  12. McDaniels little show is getting weak. He did nothing in Denver and now has the audacity to act like Douglas McArthur, even after walking on the Colts.

  13. “I wonder how Patrick Chungs nose is feeling right now?”

    Ha. That’s made me lol for real. Here’s a tip for a long life: GET OVER IT.

  14. Watching Tebow come alive in the 4th game after game was out of this world. A lot of people putting hate on his name, but he won more than he lost.

  15. waldoampere says:
    January 4, 2020 at 8:16 am

    What team wouldn’t want to give the keys to the castle to the guy who used a first round pick on Tim Tebow?
    Tebow beat the Steelers in his first playoff game.
    Let me know when a Browns’ QB does that again as I’ve been waitng a few decades.

  16. The Browns fans are dedicated. The ownership is disinterested. Any coach who goes there should only do so to build a resume. McD doesn’t need to do so.

  17. McDaniel’s best fit would be the unemployment line. He’s nothing more than a charity case. BB hired him out of sympathy after he crashed and burned in Denver and set that franchise back a decade. They didn’t miss a beat while he was gone. Tom Brady is what makes that offense work, not McDaniel. We’ve already seen what he can do as a head coach–destroy a team. Why anyone would want him as their coach is stupefying.

    The Giants should count themselves lucky.

  18. Boston and New York don’t like each other.
    This would not go over with fans of either team.

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