Winds of change are blowing in Minnesota

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In the “my biological clock is ticking like this” scene from My Cousin Vinny, the main character asks, “Is there any more sh-t we can pile on to the top of the outcome of this case?”

And so I ask, “Is there any more sh-t we can pile on the top of the outcome of Sunday’s Vikings-Saints game?”

Of the six teams in the NFC playoff field, a one-and-done outcome could spark significant changes. Courtney Cronin of lays out what could happen, if (as expected) the Vikings lose to the Saints on Sunday in New Orleans.

Coach Mike Zimmer, signed through 2020, could be gone. Unless the Vikings choose to make him a Mike Tice-in-2005-style lame duck, they’ll need to either extend the contract or move on. And moving on could entail Zimmer moving back to Dallas, where he could end up replacing Jason Garrett as head coach of the Cowboys. A win over the Saints would change that vibe dramatically, quite possibly tying Zimmer to the Vikings for years to come.

Ditto for G.M. Rick Spielman, who arrived after the Fran Foley fiasco in early 2006 and who has remained in place since then. The Vikings have been good not great during Spielman’s tenure, qualifying for the playoffs in 2008, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2019, and advancing to the NFC Championship twice. (Again, good not great.) Signed through 2020 like Zimmer, there’s a chance Spielman could be looking for something else, too — and plenty of other teams would regard the quality of teams he has built as a major step up over their own franchises.

On the roster, the biggest question continues to be quarterback Kirk Cousins. His contract runs through 2020, with a fully-guaranteed salary of $29.5 million due next year. He costs $31 million against the cap whether he’s on the team or not; the only way to get relief would be to trade him. To do that, the Vikings would have to get him to waive his no-trade clause.

To do that, the trade quite possibly would need to involve a team that would be willing to sign Cousins to a new deal. Otherwise, it would be a one-year rental. His contract precludes application of the transition tag, and the rules of the franchise tag would result in a whopping $44.64 million tender for 2021, since he’d be entitled to a 44-percent raise over his 2020 cap number.

The alternative would be a lame-duck season for Cousins, which may not be good for anyone. Except Cousins, who no matter what happens will be paid $30 million in 2020.

Other roster changes are inevitable, as they are for every team. Cornerback Xavier Rhodes surely won’t be back, and defensive end Everson Griffen could be out, too. But the Vikings will be at a key crossroads in several different ways, if/when the season ends on Sunday.

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  1. If a team needs a QB they could just trade for Foles over Cousins. Foles would cost 15 million for the new team that trades for him as the Jaguars would have to keep the rest in dead money. In my opinion theres not much of a difference between Cousins and Foles.

  2. please let it be so ,vikings loss would be cowboys loss!!! packers could then own the nfc north for years to come!!!!!1

  3. >>The Vikings have been good not great during Spielman’s tenure, qualifying for the playoffs in 2008, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2019, and advancing to the NFC Championship twice.

    That sounds pretty good to me. Its probably better than 65%-75% of the other teams.
    Why fire someone who is at least above average, when there is a 2/3 chance you will get a worse GM?
    Do you want to hire the next Bruce Allen or Mike Maccagnan?

    Cousins had a good year in 2019, lets see how he does in the playoffs.
    If you trade him, then what do you do, draft a QB in the later rounds, hoping for the next Lamar Jackson? You are more likely to end up with a bust.

  4. It’s not that they’re not a successful team – they’re in the top quartile.
    It’s that given the talent on their roster and close-to-max cap, they’ve underperformed.

  5. No matter what happens, I won’t shed a tear for Kirk Cousins next year. He might not always win NFL Football games, but he sure did win the business game with his contract. That earns a little respect (unless you’re a Vikings fan and just want to see big wins).

  6. Cousins got a good deal. That man might get a similar deal the next time and some would consider it a bargain,

  7. Continuing to pound the tired mantra that Cousins is no good.
    He threw for over 3600 yards, 26 TDs and only 6 INTs (3 of which bounced off his WRs hands or face).

    I’m not saying he’s All Pro….but he doesn’t suck like everyone keeps droning on about.

    A lot of franchises are looking for QBs who can perform with those stats. But his last name is Cousins, so he must be bad.

    He’s the Nickelback of the NFL. It’s vogue to bash him.

  8. 4 Division Championships in 14 years, 6 playoff appearances… to go along with ZERO Lombardis. Better hang onto that success ;).

  9. The Vikings have been good not great during Spielman’s tenure, qualifying for the playoffs in 2008, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2019, and advancing to the NFC Championship twice.

    Compare that with half the teams in the league let alone our division.
    Oh, and we had a phenomenal draft last year.

    Zimmer and Spielman will back in 2020.

  10. Cousins will choke in the first half allowing NO to gain an insurmountable lead, which will take some pressure of Cousins and allow him to pile up garbage yards and points in the second half to make his QBR more acceptable…

  11. Firing Zimmer would be a bad move. He’s been in the playoff 3 of his 6 years behind the helm and with exception of a missed 27 yard field goal he would have 2 playoff wins (and a earned bye). He’s the second best coach record wise in Vikings history.

    If we fire him we are basically throwing in the towel with this core group of players and rebuilding. That seems silly when we are 10-6 and in the playoffs.

    In Zim I trust.

  12. unfortunately, this is likely all correct. This is going to be a blowout and will seal the fate of many in Minnesota going forward. At some point, you need to blow the team up and start over. Cousins just isn’t a winner and it was a dumb contract. Everyone knew that except Spielman. Like Florio said, we’ve been “good” for a while but never quite good enough. It will be time to move on after this game.

  13. the rules of the franchise tag would result in a whopping $44.64 million tender for 2021 !
    Insane !…no wonder few people can afford to go to a NFL football game !…I do not see how this can continue indefinitely because at some point in the future the financial compensation formulas will implode !

  14. Continuing to pound the tired mantra that Cousins is no good.
    He threw for over 3600 yards, 26 TDs and only 6 INTs (3 of which bounced off his WRs hands or face).

    You expect more from a 84 million dollar fully guaranteed QB. Theres several QBs who would love to have Cook, Diggs, and Thielen. How hard is it to hand it off to Cook for most of the game?

  15. tinye67 says:
    January 3, 2020 at 11:24 am
    Continuing to pound the tired mantra that Cousins is no good.
    He threw for over 3600 yards, 26 TDs and only 6 INTs (3 of which bounced off his WRs hands or face).

    I’m not saying he’s All Pro….but he doesn’t suck like everyone keeps droning on about.

    A lot of franchises are looking for QBs who can perform with those stats. But his last name is Cousins, so he must be bad.

    He’s the Nickelback of the NFL. It’s vogue to bash him.


    He comes up small when he needs to come up big. His record against winning teams is putrid.

  16. This narrative is obnoxious. What’s even more obnoxious is if it’s true. We finally got stability at the quarterback and of the coaching staff. Albiet, not a hall of famer, but stable. We had a good season. If it weren’t for a tough NFC conference and NFCN division, we’d likely be playing this week at home. Possibly, not playing until next week at home. Give it a break. Keep the core, improve the core, and keep up the trend of being an annual contender in the NFL.

  17. Because of salary cap issues, players aging, and the defensive scheme getting predictable, Minnesota was going to have to retool a bit after this season no matter what. But it would be hard for a new coach and a new GM with no money to work with to do better next year. I’m of two minds about this. On the one hand we’ve got to stop settling for good seasons and hold people accountable for achieving greatness. On the other hand, it’s taken most Super Bowl coaches longer than this to get to the big game. I guess I feel like Zimmer should get a couple more years to get it done, but you could talk me out of that too.

  18. I think there are several problems here. Zimmer only cares about running the ball so why did they go out and spend all that money on Cousins? I’d have to say at this point giving him $87M was a big mistake and that falls on Spielman. Speilman also drafted Treadwell when he could have drafted Michael Thomas. Still, he’s done a good job of assembling talent so a few whiffs now and then shouldn’t derail all the good decisions he’s made. I think Zimmer is gone if they lose but Spielman will probably stay. They better do some more homework on their next coach and get one who embraces the passing game.

  19. Nobody’s going to trade for Cuzins. The Vikings will draft a QB in April who will get one year on the bench (unless Kurt gets injured). He’ll play out his contract with the Vikings and then become a backup for some other team (which means have no shot at a SB trophy for yet another year).

  20. I never quite understand a team basing the fate of a long tenured coach on the outcome of a single game. His body of work is his body of work, regardless of whether he can pull a rabbit out of his hat and pull off a one-time miracle in New Orleans this weekend.

    If they go on a miracle run and win the Super Bowl, of course you keep him. But if you are leaning towards letting him based upon overall dissatisfaction with his results, one game shouldn’t matter.

  21. The Vikings, no matter what happens against New Orleans, remain a very good team. They have to upgrade the offensive line which has been hurting them for several years. They need some defensive help at the back end. They need to keep more guys healthy, the injury bug keeps hurting them.

    Cousins isn’t one of their problems. They’d be hard pressed to find someone who could come in and produce like he has. His cap hit is a problem, but unless you get lucky in the draft, you are going to take a cap hit with any decent or better veteran QB.

    Zimmer has been a very good coach for them. Yes he hasn’t got to the big game, but he’s fielded a winner. You can bet Jerry Jones would grab him in a heartbeat if the Vikings were foolish enough to let him go.

  22. Wilfs will keep the gang together at least through Cousin’s contract. A Superbowl appearance and everyone gets extended. Don’t be shocked if all visiting teams win this weekend.

  23. Minnesota is a fluke, fraud team. They will beat no one in the playoffs. They can’t even beat the Bears.

  24. People talk about Flacco’s and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s contracts, but Kirk Cousins has extracted more money from teams without securing big game/playoff wins than any other player I can think of. Of course he Washington repeated franchising was ludicrous, but the Vikings have their own embarrassment.

  25. red says:
    You expect more from a 84 million dollar fully guaranteed QB. Theres several QBs who would love to have Cook, Diggs, and Thielen. How hard is it to hand it off to Cook for most of the game?


    Sure you’d expect more if the Vikings had a quality offensive line. But they don’t. If you watched the Packers game, you’d understand the problem. As for the Vike’s skill players, sure they are very good, but a lot of the time they are not available. For instance, Thielen has missed a lot of games this season and was sorely missed, but Cousins kept producing without him.

  26. I find it humorous how Vikings fans have been so knee jerk reactive this year. Cousins started out rusty and local media and fans were screaming the sky is falling. Then he found his groove and had a good stretch of games that the fans and media were heralding his greatness and how he was underappreciated in talk of elite players. Then he closed out the season with 2 underwhelming, below average performances, which as a result, everyone is wondering if they should dump him and hit the reset button.

    The actual narrative is: This is exactly the Cousins you paid for.

  27. I’d make the argument that being in this situation is worse than being an average to bad team. No doubt, there will be some small purge from the Vikes if they end up losing.

  28. Dang I hope the Vikes shock the Saints this weekend. I’ll be sure to check back on Monday and see all the crow getting eaten.

    I’m not delusional, I think the Saints at home win 60-70% of the time against this Vikings team. But it’s not some miracle long shot. The Vikes have a solid D, can pressure an immobile Brees, have some play makers in Cook, Diggs, Thielen, Rudolph…..this is not going to be the 1980 Hockey Team if they win. If Cousins gets some time to throw, the Vikings can win this game.

  29. ♫ “When afternoon came it was freezin’ rain
    In the face of a hurricane west wind…” ♫

  30. The Vikings beat such powerhouses as The Giants, the Lions, the Chargers, and the Cowboys on the road this year. Losses include the Packers, the Bears, the Seahawks, and Chiefs (even without Mahomes!!).

    Look out!

  31. Interesting…..the Dallas Cowboys have been to the playoffs 4 times since 2008 and never advanced to the NFC title game. Heck, they haven’t been to the title game in 25 years!!!

    The Vikings go 6 times and twice advance to the title game since 2008 (once getting screwed by the Saints)….and NO ONE bad mouths the Cowboys like the Vikings.

    Sorry fans, but the Vikings have been better than most teams since 2008. Deal with it.

  32. Saints and 49ers are the best NFC teams, probably by quite a bit, but it’s these situations the Vikings play their best. A repeat of 1987 could very well be in play, beat the Saints and 49ers and come up 1 yard short of the Superbowl…

  33. I’m just looking forward to see how the Saints avenge the playoff loss from 2 years ago on a fluke throw & catch!

  34. Why would they ditch Cousins?
    He had a 107 qb rating, with 26 touchdowns and 6 picks. He was better than 80% of the league’s qbs, and they have nobody behind him.
    They may not sign him long-term, but there’s no reason to cut him.

  35. As a neutral fan, I’d like to see the Vikings go down to New Orleans and get a win. Way too much pumping up of the Saints as of late.

    Minnesota would be foolish to fire Zimmer – he’s an above average coach in the NFL. Who are they going to bring in that will do better? Losing Dalvin Cook the last two games of the season was a big blow to them, especially against Green Bay. Also the notion that Cousins is a bad QB is way overblown. He’s better than more than half the QBs in the NFL.

  36. Pretty sure the Chargers were in this situation with Marty. They fired him and then proceeded to crumble. Then every analyst that yelled fire him called the move silly and asked why fire a winning coach who gets you to the playoffs.

    Vikings hopefully won’t be dumb enough to repeat those mistakes. Draft Herbert and let him sit one year behind cousins, sounds like a better plan then burning the house down.

  37. Spielman should have been gone years ago. Zim needs to win or he should be gone as well. One playoff win in 6 years and that took a miracle. As a season ticket holder I say sucker Ol Jerry into a trade ala NYJ-NE and Belichick circa 2000. He can have Zimmer, we’ll take a 1st or 2nd rounder that the new GM won’t blow like Spieldope would.

  38. Our GM might be interested in Rhodes. I’m pretty sure the good-but-not-great Prince Amukamara will be a salary cap casualty. They could bring Rhodes in on a one year prove it deal. As for Cousins, he’ll stay in Minny through ’20. No other club is gonna touch that. This is his last big payday though. A quarterback needy team will sign him next year, but not for big money. That team won’t be the Bears. We already have our own brand of mediocre to deal with.

  39. Everybody bemoans the Cousins’ contract, but routinely forgets how it transpired.
    Spielman bungled his way into it by not managing the QB’s properly on the roster.
    Whether it was the panic stricken trading for Bradford after the Bridgewater injury, or allowing the 2017 season end with no viable QBs left under contract.
    The last one was most unforgivable, with the free agent pool drying up and absolutely no leverage in negotiations, it allowed Cousins to manipulate the Vikings into a record setting guaranteed contract.

    The other aspect that’s been mentioned here is the lack of ultimate success for a roster so talented.
    One may venture that the talent on the roster, over Spielman’s tenure, may have been overvalued and overpaid.
    Perhaps this team is always finishing right where it belongs.

    Anyways, changes are afoot, mediocrity prevails, and this team has been financially mismanaged for years as they are already 2 million over next year’s cap alone.
    The naysayers will say it doesn’t matter, but it does.
    It limits a team’s flexibility in forming their roster to meet current needs.
    Yes, it’s going to be a painful few years for this team and their fans, and this time they’re not going to have the refs to blame.

  40. The problem during Zimmer’s tenure has been the offense, not the defense. That said, Zimmer is the HC, and it’s his responsibility to find personnel (players and coaches) to do the job.

    As for Spielman, he has done fairly well, but he has whiffed on the QB choice nearly every time, and the one pick he got right (Bridgewater) he let walk away. Teddy will be on the opposing sideline on Sunday holding a 5-0 record as a backup to a future first-ballot HOF.

    Outside of Bridgewater, Spielman reached and whiffed on Ponder, traded a first round pick for Bradford who started a total of 17 games for the team, and then broke the bank on Cousins, who can put up good stats, but never seems to come through in the clutch; he’s too immobile in the pocket and fumbles too much.

    As for the offensive line, I tend to think the deficiencies there are due more to coaching than talent, but both aspects need improvement.

    I really wanted the Zimmer era to work, but with the money being spent on this team right now, there is no reason they should have lost more than one division game or had anything less than a 12-4 record this year. Good the enemy of great, and I think “good” is where the Vikings are stuck right now. It’s time for a change.

  41. Zimmer has the best record in the NFC over his tenure, and this is with the apparent franchise quarterback Bridgewater nearly severing his leg at the knee by taking a wrong step in practice. Bradford then looked like he was going to be great after one game in 2017 and his knee all of a sudden made it impossible for him to play. Look at the other top NFC teams the last six years. The Saints have Brees, the Seahawks have Wilson, the Packers have Rodgers. Put one of those guys on the Vikings and Zimmer goes to the Hall of Fame. Zimmer isn’t the problem.

    Spielman has put together one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. His problem has been he hasn’t found a quarterback, although he may have with Bridgewater but we’ll never know. It also took too long to start focusing on the offensive line. I’d love to see what kind of input Kubiak can provide in looking for a quarterback in the draft.

    Cousins had a great season, except for two games against the Packers. He was putrid in those two games and it isn’t because of the Packers’ vaunted defense. They couldn’t stop anybody except Cousins this year. That’s the difference between going to New Orleans as a big underdog and having a first round bye. If Cousins comes up small in this playoff game, as expected, you can’t extend him and you need to look for a quarterback in this draft.

  42. I wonder if Jerry Jones wants Zimmer, and THAT is why he’s taking so long to say anything about Jason Garrett’s future status. He’s waiting to see if Zimmer becomes available

  43. Rob Brzezinski is a Magician says:
    January 3, 2020 at 12:45 pm
    Zimmer has the best record in the NFC over his tenure,


    Stop you right there. No he doesn’t. Pete Carrol (the first guy I thought of) has a better one.

  44. 2020 will be the make or break year for both Zimmer and Cousins. To think they’d get rid of a playoff caliber coach and QB with a year remaining on their contracts is ridiculous. If next year goes poorly, then the changes will be made. Before then, I could be wrong but I just don’t see it.

  45. What I do know is, the Vikings should draft a QB high. 1 or 2. And have him sit for at least next season. The Vikings are perpetually in need of O-line, but the rest of their roster is solid.

  46. If I were a Viking fan, I’d be more concerned about the defense than Cousins. Cousins can be spotty but he’s been pretty consistent. The defense, on the other hand, has been consistently coming up small in big games.

  47. As a life-long Packer backer, I am always happy to see Minnesota in disarray. Quite simply, the Vikings have never known how to win. They have had great players, like Tarkenton, Peterson, the Purple People Eaters, etc, but they just don’t know how to win the big games. Their entire history is one of failure, even with strong teams. They are just losers, and I guess the only common denominator is the fan base in Minnesota – they’re a bunch of wooses, and their team responds accordingly.

  48. Spielman will likely succumb to his inability to find quality offensive lineman. Brian O’Neil is literally the only average to above average olineman he’s acquired. Then he went ‘all in’ on a franchise quarterback who is a game manager, at best. The Vikings could do worse than Spielman.

    Zimmer is clearly a defensive coordinator who is in over his head as a head coach. Since day one, he has been fixated on only playing great defense and just not giving away games on offense. You have to be able to win games with offense in this league. The true contenders have the firepower and desire to score points and win shootouts. Too often, Zimmer’s defense collapses and the offense isn’t prepared or equipped to carry the weight.

  49. If Dalvin is healthy for the saints game its going to be a lot closer than people think, and the vikings can pull off the upset. Bizzare everyone is counting them out already.

  50. Kirk Cousins is who he is, and has continued to be who he has always been in the past. Yes, this year he has cut down on his turnovers, but his big-game and prime time game records are what they always have been. The main difference this year, was a healthy Dalvin Cook for the first 3/4 of the season. I will give Cousins credit for basically winning the Denver game for us, with our defense trying to give that game away taking a last second PBU by Kearse. If you look at the Denver and Dallas games, we could have easily lost those two games too because our defense PBU’d both games in the last seconds in the red zone. This team could have easily been 8-8 and out of the playoffs. We had a pathetic showing for the GB game at home, same thing that happened last year against CHI with a chance to get into the playoffs and we laid an egg in that game as well. Same QB, same HC, same OC, relatively same defense. I wish us luck, but asking them to beat NO is a VERY tall order

  51. I’ve said this a million time, and I’ll get a thumbs down from the purple cheerleaders…the Vikings have been chasing the BBD (Bigger Better Deal) for, I dunno 30 years. Look at the littany of QB’s alone they have chased, most of which we well past prime. I’m not talking about Cousins, or Bradford, though they certainly fit the profile. We’re talking Cunningham, George, Favre..all the way back. They will panic with a loss, dump Zimmer because they don’t want a lame duck coach, who will have too much pressure to win in the last year of contract. They’ll get a new coach, maybe GM and the cycle will start all over. SB window officially closes with a loss to the Saints. next preseason they’ll be flooding the boards talking about world class this or that, title and how they are going to own the NFC North for years to come. By 2026, it’ll still be no titles, rinse repeat….blame the ref’s make fun of Green bay and otherwise be content with whatever small moral victories they can cling too…The NFL is about titles, and you guys were so close when you had Keenum. We he good, nah..but the team was…but the genius GM decided going empty set at QB’s after a playoff run was a good way to go

  52. Yes, they have been better than much of the league during the Spielman and Zimmer years. But losing badly in big games wears on everybody, and there probably wouldn’t even be a question of “winds of change” if Cousins had not gone 0-9 by losing that Monday night game to a division rival to lose a chance at a first round bye. The roster is starting to really age at the same time the cap space is shrunken to where there aren’t as many option in free agency. And you’re not picking in the top 10 or 15 any longer when you’re in the playoffs. It’s a tough spot to be in; but not sure a change of leadership will help that any time soon. Probably have to see what Speilman, Zimmer and Cousins can do together for one more year and then blow it up.

  53. Spielman should be fired for the contract he gave Cousins when he never proved to be a franchise QB. Hire Bill Cowher as HC and try to retain Zimmer as DC where he can just concentrate on that one thing. Maybe bring Shurmur back as OC as well.

  54. Mike Thomas OWNS Xavier Rhodes.
    SHOW ME THE NUMBERS ON THIS! Thomas is an absolutely great wide receiver who, by his standards, has had pedestrian games against the Vikings and Rhodes. We’ll see what happens this time.

  55. I think the real problem in Minnesota is Rick Spielman, i mean he signed Cousins to that stupid contract, which he didn’t deserve because he did nothing in Washington. Zimmer deserves to stay and see what he could do with a Good GM.

  56. To think, Cousins had one foot in San Francisco prior to the Garoppolo trade. Thank God John Lynch listened to Belichik.

  57. One thing not mentioned is the Wifls like Zimmer and Spielman so moving on from them would mean trying to replace them and I dont see that happening. The Wilfs pretty much stay out of the operations and let Spielman do his thing and Spielman knows what he has in Zimmer.
    I do not think either of them move on regardless of the game. Besides, I think the Vikes beat NO at home. They played a lot of patsies too and with the right pressure and defense they may find the road a lot tougher then they are thinking it will be.
    Thomas will face the best defensive backs ever this week. No I got the Vikes winning and moving on.

  58. Nah… Zimmer and Spielman will be back next season. I like Zim, my biggest problem with him is the inconsistent offense. Not all his fault… but he is the guy it falls on.
    My biggest issue with Spielman is the O line neglect and getting Bradford. That was a panic move. I didn’t like it when it happened… terrible choice.
    But overall they’ve been very good. Always competitive, if you can do that good things can happen. Give them one more season.

  59. All this talk about getting rid of Zim, okay who do you replace him with? An answer would be nice. All I see is fire him and Speilmen so who do you replace them with? I don’t want this team ending up on a coaching carousel for the next 5 years because of a win now mantra that has seemed to permeate the NFL.

    QBs don’t even sit behind starters any more on the bench to learn the game ala Brady and Rodgers, its win right now or your fired or traded. Organizations have to be built, I don’t think Shumur was not given a fair shake either but in this day and age, win now is a propriety not building a good foundation.

  60. For those people ignorant of the facts that claim Cousins “did nothing in Washington”, I suggest you look at the record there since he left. They’ve upgraded the roster that he played with, but their record went into the abyss.

    With Cousins, that crummy team was always in the vicinity of a playoff spot. Without him, they’ve been in the vicinity of a very early draft pick.

  61. Its pretty simple. If the Vikings D-line and O-line show up the game will be close. If not Saints will win by at least 10.

  62. tinye67 says:
    January 3, 2020 at 11:24 am

    A lot of franchises are looking for QBs who can perform with those stats. But his last name is Cousins, so he must be bad.

    Love the NB reference, but people bash them because they aren’t very good you know.

    Neither is Cousins. *I* for one do not want a QB who produces stats. I want a QB who wins games, big games, under the lights. I want someone who carries a team, not simply just racks up numbers. I am sort of an MSU fan….that is not Kirk Cousins.

  63. Coaches come and go. Eventually Zimmer will be gone too. Same with GM’s. Might be good or not good if it happens sooner than later. On the flip side, heading to Dallas only means milder game day temperatures. It doesn’t equal a championship.

    Packer nation might think their head coach change was the catalyst in moving them into the playoffs this year but LaFlure is nothing more than a wing rider on both McCarthy and Rodgers.

  64. “Packer nation might think their head coach change was the catalyst in moving them into the playoffs this year but LaFlure is nothing more than a wing rider on both McCarthy and Rodgers.”

    Rodgers was clearly not the reason GB has been successful this year. It’s been a very down year for Aaron and he’s been an average QB in the league. All the returning players have talked about the culture change there, impacted largely by LaFleur but also by the presence of the veteran guys they picked up in the offseason; including both Smiths. But Z’Darious has been the one that really stands out, both on the field and by example off the field as well in preparation and commitment to the game. McCarthy has nothing to do with this year’s success. Most of his coaching staff is gone; maybe one or two remain.

  65. BuckyBadger says:
    January 3, 2020 at 1:12 pm

    Rob Brzezinski is a Magician says:
    January 3, 2020 at 12:45 pm
    Zimmer has the best record in the NFC over his tenure,


    Stop you right there. No he doesn’t. Pete Carrol (the first guy I thought of) has a better one.

    I stand corrected. Imagine if Zimmer had Russell Wilson, though.

  66. Oh, sorry. Missed one other point in reference to the cheese heads. It’s also been the 12th men. The Refs. No other team has been provide more graciousness from the zebra’s than this team.

  67. SWFLPC.INC says:
    January 3, 2020 at 2:57 pm
    glac1 says:
    January 3, 2020 at 12:26 pm
    Cousins is this decades Tim Tebow”… That’s a shame.


    Tebow won a playoff game


    But where is he now? Yeah thats right outta the NFL.

  68. Speilman NEEDS TO BE FIRED. He isn’t even 50% on his picks and moves. They have ZERO dollars to spend and he is more responsible then anybody that Vikings have a average (at best) offensive line. Cook or no Cook, a running back is only as good as the fisrt 3 yards (except for Barry Sanders). He, Speilman allowed the offinsive line to nothing yearts ago.

  69. Cousins likes playing for the Vikings. I wouldn’t mind him returning but on more franchise friendly terms. He has enough money to live on for 2 life times already. Paying him $30 plus million hurts the team ability to sign other pieces necessary to compete.

  70. Cousins is a team guy, wouldnt be suprised if he does a team friendly deal.

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