Dean Blandino is the XFL’s head of officiating

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A fledgling football league will have an established expert running it officiating department.

A notice of a Tuesday press conference to announce the XFL’s rules identifies former NFL senior V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino as the XFL’s head of officiating.

The league’s approach, based on the email regarding the press conference, will be “less stall and more ball.”

Hiring Blandino, who has the ability to explain rules and the application thereof in a clear, credible, and accurate way, is arguably the best move the XFL has made. The XFL, which existed for one season in 2001, returns on February 8. The biggest challenge will be getting people to care about football at a time when it’s not football season.

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  1. I see they slotted the season in almost perfectly between the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft. Only the final (26th April) is after – but frankly I’d have cut out the 2 playoff games (there’s only 8 teams!) and just had the two divisional winners play for the overall title on the 19th.

  2. Great. I’d rather watch xfl football than no football at all. I’d also rather watch the xfl football than watch the rigged nba clown show that caters to leflop and his superteams he creates every few years after he quits on his previous teams every time he chokes in the finals.

  3. If they can gamble on it, they will watch it. Or Fantasy football. Anything with a ‘personal’ stake will help. If they create betting lines and allow it, it will have a chance.

  4. Jesus Christ this is going to be unwatchable. I was hoping that they would go light on the penalties but with Blandino as the head of officiating it will be terrible. It will be worse than last time.

  5. If I remember correctly, Blandino made calls down to the wording of the official rules. It was not his fault that the rules made no sense whatsoever of what was a catch. We can thank the competition committee for that. However for some reason I do think Riveron is over his head as to what is PI. How a receiver can be face masked and pulled to the turf before the ball arrives and upon review called no PI, is inexcusable. It was pretty blatant for anyone watching that mess for the first 8 weeks of the season that New York is a circus

  6. Hiring Blandino, who has the ability to explain rules and the application thereof in a clear, credible, and accurate way, is arguably the best move the XFL has made .
    There must be another Blandino because what you describe in the quote above is the complete opposite of what I have seen and heard bumbling his way through one explanation after another .

  7. Gimick football league. No thank you. Cant go away fast enough.
    At least you’re giving them a fair chance….

  8. With no one watching the NBA anymore I’m sure there are plenty of sports fans who will tune in.
    I’d much rather watch some football scrubs than LeBron any day.
    NBA has 82 games hard to find anyone watching all the games. Most check in the last 25% of games once the seeding starts to matter.

    Bet MLB ratings are usually low because you’d have to be a insane fan to care about all 162 games played. Only care once the post season starts.

    College Football is similar now, same teams in the end every year so I don’t even care to watch most regular season games.

  9. lol – a lot of interest in XFL is due to fans getting sick of how awful NFL officiating is. The NFL makes a BOATLOAD of money – why are they not investing in technology that removes at least SOME of the judgement calls from officiating? Is it because the league wants to be able to control the pace of the game?

  10. I’ll watch the first game like I did years ago, just to see how long it takes for the WWE angle to intertwine with the XFL. Triple H played a part at the start of that game.

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