Derrick Henry, Titans hand Tom Brady, Patriots stunning 20-13 loss

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Was it Tom Brady‘s final home game at Gillette Stadium?

If it was, it was not the way Brady, the Patriots or Patriots fans wanted to see it end.

The Patriots quarterback sat on the bench for 2:55 of the final 3:10 as time ran out on New England’s season and perhaps on Brady’s career with the Patriots. The only points by either team in the second half came on a Logan Ryan pick-six of Brady with 9 seconds remaining.

The Titans won 20-13. They will play the Ravens in the divisional round next Saturday, with the Texans traveling to play Kansas City on Sunday.

The Patriots trailed 14-13 and were in need of a miracle when Brady got the ball back on his own 1-yard line with 15 seconds left. His pass bounced off Mohamed Sanu‘s hands and into the hands of Ryan, who returned it 9 yards for the score.

The Patriots’ season ended with stunning back-to-back losses. The defending Super Bowl champions lost to Miami 27-24 in the regular-season finale, denying them the second seed and a first-round bye, before ending their season with the loss to the Titans on Saturday.

Derrick Henry set a team postseason record with 182 rushing yards on 34 carries in willing the Titans to the win. His touchdown came on a 1-yard run. Henry also caught a pass for 22 yards.

The Patriots are 17-0 at home in the postseason since 2001 when allowing fewer than 120 rushing yards. They now are 3-4 when allowing 120 or more as the Titans ran for 201 yards.

Ryan Tannehill completed only 8 of 15 passes for 72 yards and an interception. But he threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to Anthony Firkser on the team’s first possession and found Firkser for an 11-yard gain on third-and-eight from the Tennessee 15 with 2:54 left.

Tannehill had never won in New England, going 0-6, which was the most road losses ever to the Patriots without a win. That drought is over, ending the Patriots’ hopes for back-to-back titles.

Brady went 20-of-37 for 209 yards and the pick. The Patriots crossed midfield only once in the second half, reaching the Tennessee 47, and they were stopped on three runs inside the Tennessee 2-yard line in the first half.

268 responses to “Derrick Henry, Titans hand Tom Brady, Patriots stunning 20-13 loss

  1. Nice job Tennessee. Henry is a beast. No Patriot tears here. We only win like half the championships around here anyhow, which means we get eliminated half the time too and are used to that side of things too. So we deal with this like always. We just do another off season. Work on the team. And come back next year to play again. Meanwhile congratulations to Tennessee. And nice coaching by Vrabel too.

    See yall next year. Go Celtics.

  2. I hate to say it, but the Patriots win this game with Antonio Brown. Their receivers are horrible. Brady isn’t going out like this.

  3. Former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson, USA Today, 2005:

    “Every now and then I’d get a sheet, one hour before the game, with a list of audibles for our opponent. I don’t know how, but they just showed up.”

    Maybe the Pats can get their fourth (legit) Lombardi trophy next year.

  4. Yup. What can I say. That game summed up the story of the Patriots offense this year. You learned everything you needed to know about them in 60 minutes of football.

    Great game Titans and congrats Titans fans. Very impressed. Now beat the tar out of the R*vens next week!

  5. Back to back home losses, and pick 6’s in each game? I think Tammy Brady isn’t benefiting from video “Assistance” anymore. Bye Felicia.

  6. Listening to Nance and Romo one would think that Tennessee wasn’t given enough credit… was all about Brady and the dynasty.

  7. Patriots looked terrible. Especially Brady.

    What happened to that Defense that was ranked so high?

    Titans ran down their throats!

    It’s finally over people.

    Not sure about all of you, but I loved watching them lose.

  8. It’s a good thing Patriots didn’t show their hand so they could pull off the wins in the playoffs.


    The cheating franchise is out of the playoffs and the dynasty dies tonight 🙂

  9. Congrats to the Titans.

    Bill failed the team this year. He tried to go without any tight-ends, receivers off the street, two receivers with talent that had mental health issues and could not even stay eligible, no talent in the backup offensive linemen . . . and his kids as coaches. Brady deserved better.

  10. I bet Belichick wants that 1:45(or whatever it was) and 3 time outs back at the end of the first half of the dolphins game last week.

    Side note: It was hilarious to watch Belichick throw a tantrum as another head coach used time clock tactics against him. Guess it’s not so much fun when you are on the receiving end.

  11. It wasnt that hard to see coming, to be honest. Not to downplay the Patriots. But also, cant help but laugh at tNE losing the Wild Card after luckily escaping it after all these futile AFC East teams. Heres hopinf it doesnt happen to my Saints..

  12. Stunning to who? I personally had this picked last week. I also picked Miami last week. This team is not very good.

    And I remember when everyone said this was 2007 again…when they played only 1 team with a winning record.

  13. The offense gave Tom Brady no favors. Dropped passes, undisciplined line and cannot punch it in on the 1 yard line x3. Oh well, you can’t win them all. Good luck Titans, you’ll face your hardest test next weekend.

  14. Well, congrats to Tennessee. They were the better team. That drop by Edelman was just brutal.

    If the Brady era is over in New England, it’s been a heck of a ride. Patriot fans are good to go for the next 50+ years no matter what happens next.

  15. Best game I’ve ever watched. I loved the gameplan, you can’t cheat against a beast of a man running wild like that through the trenches. Best part was seeing all of those fans leave early. I wonder what the usual suspects will post on here now.

  16. Bummer. I hope Brady is our quarterback next year. He wasn’t the problem out there. It was a winnable game. Congrats to Vrabel.

  17. Great game plan by the Titans. Hopefully this is the end for Brady and the Patriots as they’ve won enough. Baltimore should be on upset alert as the Titans are playing with house money now.

  18. Could be the end for a number of veteran QBs… Brady, Manning, Rivers, Roethlisberger if he doesn’t recover… we don’t usually see high-level QB turnover like that in one season, but it’s entirely possible.

  19. The Patriots should have apologized to Antonio Brown and re-signed him instead of leaving Brady with no receivers.
    You don’t disrespect AB without consequence.

  20. Busted for cheating against the Bengals caused to much scrutiny for them to cheat the rest of the way and surprise surprise surprise the lose to Miami and now the Titans.

    Patriots were never great at football, only cheating. Deny them that and this happens.

  21. What was stunning about this? As a Pats fan I’ve been watching this offense look like this for most of the 2nd half of the year, and Tennessee has been playing great since Tannehill took over.

    I’ve said before, I think they could have scored about the same number of points this year with Stidham at QB, and I fully expect him to be under center next year with a bunch of new WRs and TEs around him.

    Brady either gets a starting gig somewhere else, or he retires.

    Great run though – certainly enough highlights to fuel a lifetime of fandom.

  22. Derrick Henry is a beast. He’s getting his QB paid just like Gurley did for Goff.

    Tough loss for the patriots. But the pats fans saying he’s not done better be careful what they wish for, I think its for likely he leaves than comes back to that team with those weapons.

  23. Brady needs to retire, before he plays too long and embarrasses himself like Peyton Manning did.

  24. Right now, Brady is too good for the Patriots. They just don’t have enough guys to make the big offensive plays.

    Regarding the game itself, McDaniels blew it with 3 running plays at the 1 yard line, settling for a field goal.

  25. Just waiting for NE fans to tell us all how Tennessee cheated, or Goodell cheated, or the refs handed this one to the Titans.

    “Vrabel plays chess while Belichick plays checkers.”

  26. You mean to tell me that “historically good defense” we heard about the whole first half of the season was beaten by Ryan Tannehill?

    Talk about overrated!

  27. Brady looked old even Edelman key drop it’s over was a great run I wouldn’t be shocked if next year the Patriots not even a wildcard team because who knows what this team looks like next year 6 championships 9 SB was a great dynasty….

  28. How is it that Nick Saban gets every great running back year after year after year? Mark Ingram, Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs, Kenyan Drake, Bo Scarbrough, TJ Yeldon (let’s forget about Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy). Next year will be Najee Harris. It is just a running back factory. Ridiculous. Let’s not even get into receivers!

  29. Honestly not a surprising win for the Titans. I mean the Pats just lost to the Dolphins. It was curious with the way Henry was running the ball they didn’t play action more.

  30. This will likely be a pile on Brady thread but I dont think he looked that bad for a declining QB. He is 42 after all. The offense in general sucked. Brady wasnt good or anything but the amount of negative runs, bad blocks or drops cant be blamed on him. In his prime he could carry an offense and he is past that. He can still win but not with a sub par surrounding cast. That defense bent but didnt break, 14 at home should be a win.

  31. Good job by Tennessee. About what I expected. Edelman’s drop represents the offense this year. I see a major roster overhaul for NE on offense. Brady will be back, despite the dopey media speculation. He’s far better at 42 than Manning was at 40. Chiefs Ravens should be fun.

  32. This is the greatest gift a sports fan can have.
    1. Seeing Brady end on a pick 6
    2. Seeing Pats not being able to stop a team from doing what they wanted to
    3. Seeing Belichick cry about Vrabel knowing the rules better than him to run the clock
    4. Pats lose a game to Miami qbs in back to back weeks
    5. Edelman huge drop

  33. And cue all those salty Patriot haters who are now FINALLY right – the Patriots will not be advancing in the playoffs. Ya know – it took you YEARS but I guess you can now gloat. In the meantime – Patriots fans are thankful for the SIX Superbowl victories we’ve gotten to enjoy over the years. And don’t be so certain the dynasty is over either.

  34. Could NOT have been a better ending for Brady. I think after the loss to the Fins, they shouldn’t call this loss “stunning”.

  35. I recall a Pats fan saying…..When the Pats want to stop the run, they stop the the run. Period. Well they did stop Henry after 182 yards, so there’s that.

  36. Honestly not stunned. I have been a Brady fan from the get-go, and think he’s the GOAT, as is Belichick. I have seen the end of great QB’s, from Bradshaw to Montana, from Marino to Manning and now Brady. It’s rarely pretty. Its entirely appropriate that his last toss was an interception for a pick 6. The dynasty is definitely over, and I hope he realizes that his time has come. Never would you expect a Tom Brady Pats team to lose a game where Brady couldn’t manage a touchdown when they were only down by a point until the very end. Not to mention beat by a QB that managed less than a 100 yards passing and still got gouged for almost 200 hundred on the ground. Hang them up Tom, its been a great ride, but all good things…

  37. Turn out the lights, the party’s over!
    They say that all good things must end….
    -‘Dandy’ Don Meredith-
    That’s going to be it Patriot fan.

  38. Pat’s were flat out awful tonight. So many mistakes coupled with bizarre in game calls by McDaniels. What was he thinking with those three straight runs at the goal line? He’ll spend the first half hour of his upcoming head coach interviews trying to explain that series away.

    Pat’s need to restock the shelves. Actually they need to upgrade eight of the starting 11 offensive positions. They have to give Brady something to work with at receiver and guys upfront. He’s not walking away after this bitter showing.

  39. Honestly wasn’t that stunning if you watched the offense this year. If they were going to lose tonight something like this is probably how I would have drawn it up.

    2010 to the Jets- they was stunning.

  40. He should’ve retired after last years Super Bowl. When you lose a player like Gronk, you know this year was going to be hard.

  41. Vrabel out-Bellichek’d Bellichek chewing up the clock with bogus penalties. It was a thing of beauty.

  42. It really wasn’t that stunning. The Patriots offense was a shell of its former self and the Titans running game and defense were very good. Tannehill limited his mistakes.

  43. Mike Vrabel called a great game and had his defense ready to play. He would look great as the Steelers head coach !!

  44. Suck it, cheaters.

    Which brings up an interesting point. When Mumbles plays his ex coaches he doesn’t do all that well. Has lost the last two times to Vrabel and even to the stinking Lions with Patricia last year.

    They probably called Mumbles up before those games and told him to play it straight up (they know how he cheats) or they’d expose him.

  45. Too many moving parts on the Pats offense and not enough gel. Brady will be back on a 2 year deal I wager. By now Dorsett should be more productive than he is and Harry better get on page one by next preseason, or count him gone.

  46. For the first time in a long, long time the Patriots seem average. Time for some major (painful) changes, fellas.

  47. As a Steeler fan, to me this is the next best thing. Henry is in a pantheon of NFL greats now.

  48. Pats’ offense never got it figured out in the regular season and never took off in the playoff. The loss is not a surprise. I think Brady will retire. It’s been an unbelievable career!

  49. Derrick Henry was outstanding, Tannehill is mediocre at best……the Patriots looked tired and they are obviously at the end of the dynasty…..the Titans are going to get blown out by the Ravens.

    Tony Romo was just awful as the announcer….had to go on mute due his nonsensical rambling….reminded me of Cotton Mcknight from Dodgeball.

  50. Tell us more about the AFC South being weakest division in the NFL…



    See you in Houston for AFC Championship


  51. From a Patriots fan, congrats to the Titans. The Pats were outplayed and out-coached today. Henry was a beast and NE had no answer.

    As someone who remembers the pre-Brady/Belichick days, if this was the end of the dynasty, no regrets. What other fan-base has ever had this many years of bounty? I’m just happy I got to experience it.

  52. The Titans season turned on Tannehill becoming the starter, and his play opening up the rushing lanes for Henry. They’ve gotten hot at just the right time too. Congrats on your team, Titans fans!

  53. Thank you Miami dolphins for showing that the Patriots can be beaten at home and shattering their mystique. Dynasty is over.

  54. Guess what NFL fans, we don’t have to look at those disgusting uniforms or Tom Brady’s ugly mug for the rest of the playoffs….. yea life’s good. When the Patriots lose, we all win.

  55. Good riddance. However, just when it looked like the Titans were going to do what every team that plays New England does (Make a boneheaded mistake/penalty within 5 minutes remaining in the game, giving Brady a chance to win it) they overcame the illegal formation penalty. Vrabel outcoached belichick. The clock manipulation when punting it with 5 minutes left won the game. Dynasty over.

  56. Well, his last pass as the Patriots QB, was a pick six.

    Great to see a new team take on the AFC leadership. Felt like the movie Groundhog Day’, Where every year we hear the same SB commentary get called by Nance in the playoffs, and in the SB by Collinsworth, TB this, TB that…GOAT at this, GOAT at that…blah, blah, blah

    Sorry Boston, but geez Louise, Glad THAT’s over.(Hearing the same game every playoff game,etc.)

  57. Rumors are flying that Tom Brady will leave NE. With all the fans booing the last couple of games (not the WC game), it is enough to him to move on. Chargers?

  58. I’m calling it now. The San Diego Chargers are going to make Tom Brady an offer he can’t refuse. Rivers money comes off the books and they are moving into a brand new stadium. Just signing Brady means they will sell out those home games because if nothing else it’s a place to see and be seen and everyone know that’s what it’s all about in L.A. I would empty the brinks truck for him if I were them. The R.O.I. is off the charts.

  59. The Miami Dolphins from last week pass across the COFFIN with the Patriots over to the Titans where they happily got the HAMMER and NAILS and put the finishing touches to them.

    This played out like those ole movies where the whole town once and for all stood up to the EVIL FAMILY who lived in the Castle up the long windy Road where they had their Tentacles in everyone and everything for what seem like an Eternity.

    Now we can finally sit and enoy these playoffs moving forward which will provide an exciting BRAND. lets face it the New England Patriots were more San Antonio Spurs than Showtime lakers.

  60. The belicheck melt down during the delay of game/false start sequence was awesome! He got mad because Vrabel used his own moves against him! Almost better than the Pats losing!!

  61. Kraft isn’t letting his Golden Boy go anywhere. Who’s his backup anyway? It’s not like a Montana/Young situation.

  62. It’s been a hell of a ride. Gonna see a lot of new faces next year. Be interesting to see if Pats can stay competitive.

  63. Well I guess even the Patriots can’t go to the Superbowl every year! I am sure the team will be competitive next year – with or without Brady who definitely did not play all that well tonight.

  64. Not sure why you are saying it was a stunning loss. Tennessee was the better team all night. Brady has been great in part because he has always had extremely good pass blocking. If you can be honest, the Giants won those 2 Super Bowls because they got a pass rush and Brady is not good unless he has a lot of time or gets passes off quickly. When he has to do anything else he cannot, especially now.

  65. One question I would like someone to answer — Titans RB Derrick Henry had about a foot long pony tail hanging out of his helmet. Is it legal for tacklers to pull on that to get him down? If it is — and I think it is — why didn’t they do it? The Pats couldn’t get him down any other way so I don’t know why they didn’t use that for leverage. I figure a couple pulls on that would give Henry a pretty bad headache and give him something to think about when he ran the ball.
    I am serious about wanting to know the answer.

  66. Brady is not in peak form but his receivers are garbage. Bill did Brady no favors by drafting No’Speed Harry over the likes of Samuel, Brown, McLaurin, and Metcalf.

  67. The Patriots should have googled “espn sports science Derrick Henry” before the game. When he reaches full speed after 5 yards, the man literally applies the same force as a wrecking ball swinging at 5MPH!

  68. Let the hate and bashing of Brady, Bellichick, and the Patriots begin!It
    s the end of an era, a dynasty! no one want to rub it in?

  69. Brady did not sound like a guy that is going to be on this team next year unless a lot of positive changes are made to bring in more talent on offense. There was an air of happiness, almost like he is at peace with never having to play for Bill again.

    Excited to see him in LA with talented players around him next year.

  70. The Titans have a solid team but I don’t see how they will be able to keep up with the Ravens. The Ravens get up early in most games and they blitz over 60% of the time. Henry will have success if he hits the edges but having a fresh Brandon Williams and Michael Pierce in the middle of the D Line will give him trouble.
    Ravens 39 Titans 17

  71. Stunning?

    I don’t think anybody was stunned. The titans run the ball well and chew up a lot of clock. The Pats don’t do anything well on offense this year and can’t stop the ru.

    I thought the pats would pull it out because I had zero faith in Tannehill. I didn’t know he was never going to throw the ball.

    Not shocked, I hope Tom hangs em up now. Things aren’t looking good up there and nobody has been able to say that for over a decade.

  72. Good game. Brady has no offensive weapons. He’s still plenty good. He takes a low salary and free agents are brought in, they would be right there next year.

  73. Where are you now, Patriots fans ??? It’s over!! Goodbye, New England!!! See you in 20 years when you’re relevant again!!!

  74. I’m probably one of the few non-Patriots fans that does NOT hate them and have ALWAYS given them their props for DECADES of being at or near the top of the NFL. But I told folks towards the end of the season that this team was NOT good enough to play for or win a Lombardi Trophy this year. The offensive line was in shambles and defensively, they don’t have a down lineman that COMMANDS a double team. But Coach Belicick WILL get it figured out and turn things around.

  75. It’s over, thank you God it’s finally over. No more Brady and Belichick. Enjoy the AFC cellar Pats fans, the rest of us certainly will.

  76. This is where the Patriots should have been heading when the Falcons had them down 28 to 3 with 17 minutes left. Amazing it lasted 2 extra seasons.

  77. Well played game. Titans earned the victory. It is nice to just be able to come on here and congratulate a team. Good game could have gone either way. Goal line stance is what won it in my opinion, changed the whole complexion of the game. For once, I thought the officiating was balanced with no real blunders. The players decided it!

  78. Happy Birthday Derrick Henry! This young man carried the Titans to the victory tonight (along with carrying the “boogeymen” along for the ride).

  79. Cowboy fan,but currently living in the heart of new England ,it was surreal watching all the lights at the numerous house parties on my street and in my town,just sort of blink out in unison.

  80. Congratulations to the Tennessee Titans on their well earned victory this evening. Derrick Henry was a one man wrecking crew on the offense, carrying the Titans and plenty of Patriots on his back to the victory. Their defense also made a great goal line stand that changed the entire trajectory of this game. In position to go up 17-7, the Patriots couldn’t punch it in from 1st and goal from the two yard line, and Henry made it bite them big time. The boogeymen were the ones that looked scared, as they whiffed on so many tackles, afraid to get run over by Henry. All in all, it was an exciting game to watch with the better team coming away from Gillette Stadium with the victory tonight. Many people overlooked the Titans and had already advanced the Patriots in their brackets to play Kansas City next week. The Titans are going to be a difficult team for any team to match up against, unless they get off to a big lead. It will be entertaining to watch Baltimore and Tennessee slug it out next week. I think whoever wins that game next week will represent the AFC in the Superbowl.

  81. Anyone who found this stunning hasn’t been watching the Pats for the last half of the season. Diehard Pats fan, but c’mon, we been playing like trash for a while, no rhythm to the offense. The run D had been suspect, and once you shut down Edelman and White no one could make a play. Sucks to end the season like that, but stunning is an extreme overstatement.

  82. Gotta love Belicheat whining about Vrabel running down the clock with multiple delay of game penalties, when that is something that Vrabel certainly learned from the Great Whiner himmself.

  83. If you have watched the Patriots this year, it was definitely not a “stunning” defeat. Just a so so division winner being beaten by a more physical and hungry opponent. Pats fan, it is over.

  84. I actually bet on this result. Unfortunately I also bet on the Bills to upset the Texans. Playoffs parlay is done son!

  85. Was it really stunning? The Pats just lost to the Dolphins at home the week before. Tom has no weapons on offense besides White & Michel.

  86. And it’s “on to Kansas City”…oops correction…it’s on to Baltimore for the Tennessee Titans. Very few people gave the Titans a chance in this game. Apparently, they have not been watching the Titans down the stretch. Derrick Henry just dominated the #1 ranked defense in the NFL this season. Then again the only victories the boogeymen had against playoff teams this year were against the Bills and the Eagles who are not exactly offensive juggernauts. They lost to all of the other AFC playoff teams: Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, and now, the Tennessee Titans. Given that they played the AFC North and the NFC East, one would be surprised if they weren’t ranked #1 in defense. When it mattered most, their defense couldn’t deliver, and the offense surely wasn’t equipped to pick them up. Losing to the Miami Dolphins in a critical game at Gillette Stadium did them in.

  87. It’s really not that stunning at all. Patriots offense was lacking skill position players while Brady struggled combined with possibly a decline in his play. There were several games where this was obvious, including the final game of the year against Miami.

    The Titans already had and used the blueprint to beats the Patriots. Smashmouth football.

  88. Last night confirmed one thing in my mind; something I vividly recall immediately after the Titans beatdown of the Patriots last season: Mike Vrabel should without question be the man who replaces Coach Belichick when he hangs up his whistle.

  89. Its been said a million times that Belichick takes away the opponents biggest threat and makes them find another way to win. Although he never really stopped Henry, the Titans didn’t put enough points up to be in any real control of the game. It just seemed strange to see Brady and the Patriots offense go out almost without a fight. I know they haven’t been good all year and an aging QB without a great group of receivers is going to struggle but it’s the Patriots, I just didn’t think they would go out like that.

  90. I don’t think the loss was stunning. Pats hadn’t been playing real well of late. Just not a good of a team as previous years.

    I suppose a lot of Patriot haters will go nuts here… I don’t care either way truthfully.

  91. ctiggs says:
    January 4, 2020 at 11:30 pm
    New England will always and forever remember the night they played the Titans!

    Actually no. It doesn’t matter whether they win or lose a game, either way once its over its behind them and they turn to whats next. In this case thats preparing fir the 2020 season and Belichick will actually start doing real work on that today.

  92. And Still Undefeated…..

    Father Time.

    Great game by the Titans…. but the Patriots are old and tired. There is no denying it. The suddenness of how quickly it happens is sad sometimes.

  93. finzfan49 says:
    January 4, 2020 at 11:31 pm
    One word…. CRICKETS……


    Just going to say what Dolphins fans say EVERY year….wait until next year.

  94. Damn, it really sucks right now to be a Pats fan. Not really. Can’t win them all. Congrats to the other 31 teams and their fans, because for most of the fans of crappy teams a Patriots loss is as good or better than a win for theirs. Sad but true. If this is it for the Brady Pats era, it was a fun ride.

  95. There’s an awful lot of gloating around here from people whose teams aren’t even in the playoffs. Thanks NE for SIX fantastic Super Bowl wins. Just didn’t have the talent to get it done this year.

  96. Congrats to the Titans.
    As a Pats fan I can’t say I was surprised at the outcome- there was just too many O roster mistakes to make up for this season. Would have liked to see them go for it on 4th down after the Edelman drop though. That last call by Bill to not have anyone back to return that last punt was one of the worst decisions he has ever made- I couldn’t believe it. It hadn’t worked all year, and all they needed was a Field Goal to win. Game was over after that punt.
    Hope Brady comes back next year with better weapons, they certainly won’t be better without him, but I suspect it might come down to money among other things.

    Go Pats!

  97. Good morning Patriots fans. Well today starts the looking back and the remembering of what once was. Because moving forward it’s over! Over!!

  98. So the fans were right. Belicheat finally figured out a way where he wouldn’t have to lose to the Ravens in the playoffs. Genius. Hahahaha.

  99. Great game Titans. It was a hard-nosed game, looking forward to a good match with the Ravens next.

  100. The Pats were the talk of the NFL ….
    Until they played a good team….
    .lots of crow being consumed by the fanboys. Titans kicked that Def all over the places…fun to watch.

  101. Thank you Titans! So refreshing going forward these playoffs now not having to listen to the announcers gush about the mighty Pats. I can watch the new wave of players shine in these playoffs.

  102. 100% Blame on the loss of the entire season on Belichick.

    I have been saying for years that BB must be removed from Drafting/Trading Players for Brady.

    The Pats D was highly overrated as a result of playing weak teams during the first half of the season.

    They did not need Sanu or Watson – they needed some players that could make a difference and score points.

  103. Joe Gibson says:
    January 5, 2020 at 9:09 am
    The sad part is that Tom Brady doesn’t see that he should just retire now.

    It’s amazing how many people disagree with that.
    He can clearly still play. Still has plenty of arm strength and mobility in the pocket

    When Ryan Clark and other former PLAYERS and COACHES are all on agreement that he CAN still play and defending TB , saying “all he needs is more around home other than JE. I trust they know what they are watching

    Absolutely no reason for him to retire if he still wants to play

  104. Eli Manning ends his career with a win while Tom Brady falls apart when it matters most. Seems about right to me. Brady ALWAYS loses to Manning.

  105. That goal line stand and D Henry were instrumental in winning that game. BB has in the past taken away the oppositions primary threat. Henry was a primary threat. Never Tannehill. Drop by Edelman at that point in the game was a backbreaker.

    I hope the Titans beat the Ravens.

    Brady will be back. That loss was not on him.

  106. If its over, it was one of the most incredible runs we have ever seen. Kudos to Brady and the Pats. No hate here, even though I’m nothing close to a Patriot fan. Mother nature and Father Time are undefeated.

  107. Brady can still “play,” if by that you mean have an average season, which by definition means he’s better than some QBs. But not many teams want to hitch their future hopes to an average player whose trend line is going down.

  108. BTW – I assume the Ravens are going to smoke the Titans, and Tannehill, if his running game is not as it was in New England, will be broken in half by the Ravens DEE. Just sayin.

  109. It’s over Patriots fans. Collect your participation trophies on the way out. Might want to start scouting college QBs who can chuck it in the cold, also.

    Welcome to irrelevancy for the next decade.

  110. They had a bad year. 12-4 and a playoff loss. There are probably 25 cities that wish their team did that along with 2 decades of excellence. And they are not falling off the map for some time because the organization is too good. Celebrate now haters we’ll see you next year.

  111. As a Pats fan nothing sad here. It’s very easy to accept that they weren’t good enough this year and it is time to move on and start to rebuild. Great run for 20 years though.

    I am getting a kick out of Colt and Steeler fans acting like their own team just won 3 SBs in a row. Now THAT is sad.

  112. True that Tannehill had never won in New England, but he surely won plenty of times in Miami vs. Pats and is perhaps the most winningest QB against Pats at home. I KNEW TANNEHILL WOULD DO IT! Even in New England!

    For the third time I’ll say it: YOU SCREWED UP, DOLPHINS!

  113. Don’t fret Patsies fans. You have 8 draft picks plus 4 likely compensatory picks. What’s BB to do? One thing he hasn’t said? “Tom is our guy.” So my ho is this. Brady’s “extension” was for $30 in ’20 & $32 in ’21 IIRC if the team picks up the option. They won’t. Tom wants $30+. Team says thanks for the memories. So what is the next move?

    In comes Phillip Rivers who is 4 years younger as a caretaker CB. The team trades up for a replacement, Justin Herbert from Oregon. Rivers, a coach’s son, is now there to mentor him. the team is now very competitive and has a potential stud QB in the making. All this while still retaining plenty of draft picks to help get some offensive speed. Typical Belichick strategy.

  114. As a Ravens fans I would rather the Pats have won. Nothing to do with the Titans, much respect and it’s gonna be a tough match up. But a couple of you Pats fans who have disrespected Lamar…I wanted that second match down the line up so you could get beat once again. Pats couldn’t beat Titans…but I guess if they had one more shot they would?

  115. Looking back on the year for the Pats, the didn’t really have any of their rookie class step up so much. I know Harry was hurt, but they way the deal with free agency they will need their 2020 draft class to contribute if the want to get back to the SB.

    It will be an interesting off season. They need some help to build around an ever aging Brady if he comes back

  116. omniscient48 says:
    January 4, 2020 at 11:36 pm
    How is it that Nick Saban gets every great running back year after year after year? Mark Ingram, Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs, Kenyan Drake, Bo Scarbrough, TJ Yeldon (let’s forget about Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy). Next year will be Najee Harris. It is just a running back factory. Ridiculous. Let’s not even get into receivers!

    Imagine if the NFL was like the NCAA? Trevor Lawrence has already committed to taking over the Pats in 2021!

  117. As a Pats fan, I realize all good things must come to an end. Nine SBs in 18 years is something that will never be equaled. I expected them to beat Tennessee but knew they would never get through both KC and Baltimore in their stadiums. I’m disappointed but not crushed. I can now watch the rest of the playoffs and just enjoy the football. WOuldn’t mind seeing Jimmy G win a SB this year. I’m anticipating seeing a Mahomes vs Jackson matchup in the AFC Championship game. That will be something great to watch.

    I believe Tom Brady will be playing elsewhere next year. I also believe McDaniels will be a head coach somewhere else and I’m guessing it will be Dallas where he would be a great help to Dak Prescott. I know this is not going to happen but I wouldn’t be shocked if Belichick jumped ship and headed to Dallas. Jerry Jones would pay through his nose to hire Belichick.

  118. I said it all along, the Titans are the one team nobody wants to see in the playoffs.

  119. Remember when NE was 8-0 to start this season and people were saying they could go undeafeated…BAHAHAHA. What a bunch.
    And then you have Pats fans talking out both sides of their mouths. One, “oh Brady is the GOAT and he can carry a team to victory.” And when they lose, “Brady can’t do it all himself. He needs help.”
    Great players make other players great. Brady takes advantage of having good-great players and a scumbag cheating coach giving him the plays.
    Brady is and always was an average QB on a team that cheats and takes advantage of a soft schedule year in and year out.

  120. stepheni74 says:
    January 6, 2020 at 12:34 pm
    Remember when NE was 8-0 to start this season and people were saying they could go undeafeated…BAHAHAHA. What a bunch.
    And then you have Pats fans talking out both sides of their mouths. One, “oh Brady is the GOAT and he can carry a team to victory.” And when they lose, “Brady can’t do it all himself. He needs help.”
    Great players make other players great. Brady takes advantage of having good-great players and a scumbag cheating coach giving him the plays.
    Brady is and always was an average QB on a team that cheats and takes advantage of a soft schedule year in and year out.
    Someday you can explain to all of us how an average QB with a perennial soft schedule managed to win the SB 6 times. LOL

    After you manage to complete that hail mary you can start delving into the mythical talent Brady has been able to take advantage of for 20 years. Sure you might have “some” argument on the defensive side of the ball where there are a few HOFs. How many HOFs were on the offensive side of the ball outside of Moss and his 3 1/4 years on the team?

    There’s tons of examples that prove the folly in claiming a QB can do it all themselves. ARdogers being one of the more recent examples. So there’s merit in calling out fans for that claim (assuming that really is the case). Anybody who thinks Brady didn’t make players like TBrown, WWelker, JEdelman and DBranch (heck arguably RGronkowski) better probably needs to seriously reconsider calling anybody out. There’s very little argument that any of them even get HOF consideration without Brady. You can stomp your feet contending otherwise but we all know the truth in making that statement.

  121. I actually predicted before the game the Titans pulled the upset. I will go out on a limb and predict they do it two weeks in a row and beat Baltimore and then fall to Kansas City in the AFC Championship game.

  122. haywoodjablomee says:

    Oh well, jersey sales bound to go south with all the bandwagon fans jumping ship.


    If Brady signs with Indy, you’ll see Pats fans burning his jerseys.

  123. johnnycantread says:
    January 7, 2020 at 2:38 pm
    haywoodjablomee says:

    Oh well, jersey sales bound to go south with all the bandwagon fans jumping ship.


    If Brady signs with Indy, you’ll see Pats fans burning his jerseys.
    It would be any team let’s be honest.

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