NFL: No discussion of Spygate 2 discipline, yet

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Amid reports that the NFL is poised to discipline the Patriots for Spygate 2 within the next two weeks, the NFL has issued a statement to the contrary.

“The investigation is ongoing and there has been no discussion of any potential discipline,” the league said in a statement. “Any suggestion of potential discipline or a timeline on an announcement is pure speculation.”

The procedure consists of NFL security completing its report, followed by a discussion about discipline. The report from NFL security has not yet been completed.

The Patriots promptly admitted that a video crew violated league rules by capturing images of the Bengals’ sideline in a December game against the Browns, one week before the Patriots literally were on to Cincinnati. The only remaining question is the punishment to be imposed.

Adam Schefter of ESPN suggested on Saturday that two prior incidents will provide the basis for the discipline: The suspension of Browns G.M. Ray Farmer for four games and a $250,000 fine for the team due to in-game texting to the sidelines; and the forfeiture of a fifth-round pick, a $350,000 team fine, and a suspension of team president Rich McKay from the Competition Committee after the Falcons used fake crowd noise at the Georgia Dome.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post previously had included other recent incidents within the bucket of potentially comparable penalties. Maske more recently reported that the NFL has yet to find evidence of a connection between the Patriots employees who videotaped the Bengals sideline in violation of league rules and New England football operations.

If the comparable incidents ultimately become the Browns’ texting violation and the Falcons’ crowd-noise incident, the biggest distinction between the penalties is the forfeiture of a draft pick. Absent proof of a connection between the video crew and Patriots’ football operations, the punishment should be a fine at most, since there was never any potential strategic benefit to be gained.

28 responses to “NFL: No discussion of Spygate 2 discipline, yet

  1. No connection?

    – Robert Kraft, owner of the team.
    – Kraft Productions

    Don’t have to be Columbo to figure it out.

  2. Goodel/NYC is waiting to see how far the Patriots go in the Playoffs – if they proceed to the AFCCG, Goodel will bring the hammer down with some fabricated BS about the film crew and phone calls dating back to 2007.

  3. The cheating never stops with this franchise. It’s a good think Roger and Robert are best friends and meet up for coffee all the time or this franchise would’ve been sunk after spygate 1. Roger Goodell is the Patriots angel from heaven. No team has appeared in more Super Bowls since Goodell has taken over, I wonder why. They cheat and Goodell helps cover it up all the time

  4. Goodell gives a huge penalty for something proven to be natural causes, with his attorney admitting to having absolutely no proof of any kind of in court….And the fans say Goodell helps the patriots…

    As many times as I see it, the willingness to openly state the opposite of reality never ceases to amaze.

  5. Could be worse – they could have had some guy in illegal bluetooth headphones standing behind Bill and feeding him information.
    Just imagine the investigation such an incident produce. Can you imagine all the publicity that would accompany such an event?
    Thank God no team has done that this year!!

  6. mypftcommentingaccount says:
    January 4, 2020 at 7:46 pm
    Could be worse – they could have had some guy in illegal bluetooth headphones standing behind Bill and feeding him information.
    Just imagine the investigation such an incident produce. Can you imagine all the publicity that would accompany such an event?
    Thank God no team has done that this year!!

    Literally by the coach’s ear.

    Yeah I’m not buying that garbage he was a security guy.

  7. NFL cover up until after the playoffs. Then look for newly discovered evidence and Belicheat and Brady banned for life. Hopefully, they’ll take away all those titles. They’re tainted with asterisks anyway as everyone knows.

  8. Why don’t we have a Framegate 2 tonight. It’s chilly and it’s raining. Check the pressure of ONLY the Patriots’ footballs and fine the hell out of the Pats.

    There is NO history of cheating. And you people who harp on that narrative ought really consider watching a sport more your speed. Like checkers.

  9. aj66shanghai says:
    January 4, 2020 at 8:09 pm

    YES, the NFL was caught cheating the Patriots.

    NYC/NFL League Officials were caught over inflating the footballs beyond 14 psi and the ‘Deflator’ brought them down to 13 psi. After that the cold/wet/weather reduced them another 1.5 psi.

  10. Allegations of Patriots’ cheating should no longer surprise anyone. What is surprising is Patriots fans continuing to defend them. Just accept and embrace the reality already – it helps them win championships.

  11. This is so overblown in the world of football I can’t believe it. Do the same thing with a person in the stands and an Iphone, it’s legal. I don’t get all the big deal over this. Similar to baseball sign stealing I get it, but my god, let’s not go overboard on something a 12 year old could do with a phone and his buddies.

  12. “It’s ok because it doesn’t affect anything”

    So why do it? If a person lies to me about little things, I won’t trust them with big things. Would you?

  13. Stop being Simps. There once again would be an easy answer if the league thought logically.
    Ok, Where is the rest of the documentary ? Let’s see it now.
    Why couldn’t you film the sideline of a team that you are not playing this week ?
    Maybe an opponent that you are not playing this year or someone that you don’t play again this year.
    Second time offender on the same issue with the same cover story ? ( We’re doing a documentary ) Last time you took away a first round pick. Take away their entire draft.
    Next time Kraft has to sell the franchise and all the staff is fired and banned for life.

  14. It isn’t going to be a bad punishment. Frankly, if it wasn’t for the fact that it hurts the NFL’s agenda to promote the young stud QB’s, there would be more uproar over the Ravens illegal use of Bluetooth devices to contend with too. The NFL got their wish. The Pats are done in the playoffs. I think it is good for everyone that the Pats are out of it. There is definitely something to the notion of fatigue with them.

  15. Punishment will be a nice thick icing on the rich, tasty, gooey cake that was tonight’s loss to the Titans.

  16. Balls inflated to normal. Guy deflates them. Then cold weather does its thing. Patriots fans pretend step 2 never happened despite ample evidence


    You have ample evidence that this happened? Why haven’t you notified NFL headquarters? They had to admit in court that there was no direct evidence of any tampering. It’s been four years, come forward with your proof.

  17. You can be sure the NFL will take the most illogical approach to this and the punishment will be much worse than the Browns or Falcons debacles.

  18. Now there’s a report that the Red Sox in 2018 used their video replay room to steal signs from the other team’s pitchers and catchers.

    Egad! It’s spreading! Must be a Boston thing… Who’s next? The Celtics? The Bruins?

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