Six days later, Jason Garrett is still the head coach of the Cowboys

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No one expects Jason Garrett, whose contract officially expires in 10 days, to coach the Cowboys in 2020. But no one expected him to still be the coach of the Cowboys six days after the team’s season concluded.

And yet he is. As noted by Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the long farewell continues between the Cowboys and Garrett, who became head coach during the 2010 season after the firing of Wade Phillips. If the goal, as suggested by Ed Werder of ESPN on Thursday, is to demonstrate and “abundance of care and respect” to Garrett, the paralysis (or whatever it is that’s causing this thing to linger) at some point becomes careless and disrespectful.

Arguably, that point already has come.

The question now becomes whether the news comes during the first weekend of the playoffs. On Friday’s PFT Live, Big Cat suggested that Jerry Jones will try to bigfoot the playoffs by making the announcement not long before the Bills face the Texans on Saturday afternoon. (My guess is Sunday at 4:00 p.m. ET, to take attention away from the playoff game between the Seahawks and the Eagles, the one in which the Cowboys should be playing.)

Whenever it happens, the news will dominate anything and everything else in the NFL. Some think this is being drawn out simply to create more attention for the Cowboys, to get people talking and writing and thinking about their intentions and plans for Garrett before talking and writing and thinking about who their next coach will be.

Chances are the Cowboys already know who their next coach will be, or at least who the small universe of candidates will be. Few owners fire their current coach without having a pretty good idea as to who the replacement will be.

In this case, some think Jones is waiting for someone who is still coaching. Possibly, someone who is coaching this weekend — and who as of Monday morning may be available to be interviewed and/or hired (and/or traded for).

Regardless, the Cowboys have found a way to take a fairly simple situation that plays out in a fairly straightforward way multiple times per year each and every year and to turn it into something we’ve never seen before. In so doing, the Cowboys have been the NFL’s most talked-about team of the week, even though they aren’t officially looking for a coach or getting ready to play a postseason game.

31 responses to “Six days later, Jason Garrett is still the head coach of the Cowboys

  1. Waiting for Belicheck – 2 #1s and a player to Patriots; McDaniels takes over in Foxboro; Brady gets new contract. Who says no?

  2. I saw this week that Jerruh appears not once but twice weekly on the radio. What owner does such a thing? One who is addicted to attention. So this does just fit the pattern. Look at me!

  3. The Cowboys may dominate the news in the minds of the NFL press, but I suspect a lot of football fans like me could care less about what Jerrah does with his pathetically managed team.

    America’s Team? Ha, don’t make me laugh.

    The Cowboys haven’t had America’s respect since Jones stupidly fired the coach who could have conceivably won Dallas as many SuperBowl rings as Belichick has for New England.

  4. I don’t think there was any chance Garrett got a job next year with another team had he been let go on Black Monday. There would just be a perception that the new team was hiring a “reject” that would be hard to sell, so I don’t know why Florio has to keep pointing out that this is hurting his chance of landing another role.

    The more likely scenario is he is a candidate for a couple openings in 2021. The Detroit Lions seem like they could be a fit.

  5. tedybftw says:
    January 4, 2020 at 9:03 am
    Waiting for Belicheck – 2 #1s and a player to Patriots; McDaniels takes over in Foxboro; Brady gets new contract. Who says no?
    “Two 1st’s and a player” for the greatest HC in the history of the game and you want to know who says no?

    How about everybody. SMH.

  6. So if I had the opportunity, I’d have to ask Jerry Jones what Garrett is actually being paid to do as Head Coach now that there’s no players in the building to coach, no playoff games to prepare for, and no 2020 season to plan for?

  7. How is the Seattle vs the Eagles game “the one in which they (Dallas) should be playing”? The Eagles won the division fair and square. They shut down Dallas in the game that decided it.

  8. There’s a lot of fans that wish they had an owner that cares about winning as much as Jerry. I give him that. He’s still the number 1 gloryhole seeker in my book.

  9. Contract expires on Jan 14th I believe. Jerry will then release a statement that Jason and the team have a mutual agreement to part ways. This is a way so they do not have to fire him. Of course Jerry could always end up keeping him. It’s hard to believe though that by now Jerry doesn’t know if he is staying or going. I know he said Jason is like family but come on. It is however not easy to get rid of the clap.

  10. Coach Jones will relieve coach Garrett when he finds another coach that will listen to coach Jones.

  11. “the playoff game between the Seahawks and the Eagles, the one in which the Cowboys should be playing”…Had they beaten the Eagles they would be, but since they couldn’t even score a single td, they won’t.

  12. I did. Jerry Jones does things his own way and there is no rush. Let Garrett’s contract expire instead of firing him. Sounds like a good idea. The Cowboys can do their research, make their list of candidates, wait to see if any other coaches get fired.

  13. Why on earth would Belichick coach for Jerry Jones. A meddling owner who thinks he’s a great GM would be hell.

    Belichick would resign mid season.

  14. Cowboys = Notre Dame. Half the people hate them, half love them. The half that love them pay attention because they love them. The half that hate them pay attention because they hate them.

    It all adds up to a mediocre team for 25 years that has increased in value exponentially. Jerrah may be inept at running a successful winning football team, but he’s a marketing genius.

  15. Garrett threw the flag out,and is calling for a review of his entire career ,hoping officials in New York, overturn Jerry’s decision.

  16. Jerry’s waiting for his contract to expire. If he fires him before that he would have to pay $521.00 Weekly unemployment benefits to Garrett.

  17. All I know is that I have two favorite teams. The Seattle Seahawks and whoever (whomever?) is playing Dallas. When they lose it’s a good football weekend. That said, Jason Garrett isn’t a bad coach, he’s been henpecked and helicoptered to death by Mr Jones.

  18. If there is a wonder why the Cowboys don’t win, it’s this. I suspect this is the way they do all there business. This has to do with everything but winning. Complete joke.

  19. Six days later and Garrett is still the proxy coach for Jerry Jones…why is this a big surprise to anyone? Jones was perfectly willing to fire Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson because they wouldn’t follow marching orders. The results this year and previous years are what Jerry Drew up.. nothing to see here

  20. Why is no one talking about the reason this expires on the 14th and Jerry is doing nothing is the rumor the Giants were interested in hiring Garrett (for some reason)? They are just hoping the Giants move on or are possibly gauging the interest of the Giants to see if they need to do this ridiculous retaining him on staff as a clapper or whatever. All from the fear he goes to NYG and wins.

  21. Is letting Garrett contract expire a sign or respect, or is it a sign of disrespect? Why leave Garrett in limbo? Jerry should just say Garrett won’t be offered another contract to coach the ‘Boys. Let Garrett move on with his life, and let the Cowboys move on with their search for a new coach. This is becoming a nightmare for the Cowboys and Jerry Jones himself. It’s time for the ‘Boys to just move on an announce Garrett’s fate.

  22. Ant coach coming in has to k ow that a handful of Cowboy players will take 65% of their salary. That’s a huge handicap. So drafting the right player with every pick is a must. A college coach should have a better handle on scouting players coming out of college.

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