Deshaun Watson: Somebody had to be great, why not me?

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Deshaun Watson‘s playoff debut saw the Colts shut down the Texans offense in a 21-7 win last year and the quarterback’s second postseason outing didn’t look like it would turn out much better.

Houston didn’t score while picking up 92 yards on their first five possessions and trailed 16-0 when they got the ball with 10 minutes to go in the third quarter. They’d get on the board on that drive when Watson bullied Bills defenders for a 20-yard rushing touchdown and then ran for a two-point conversion that was part of a 19-point run that put Houston in the lead.

The Bills would tie the game, but the Texans got the win in overtime after Watson avoided two pass rushers to deliver a pass to Taiwan Jones that went for a 34-yard gain. That set up the game-winning field goal and capped an afternoon that saw Watson put his team on his back and carry them to a memorable victory.

“I just told myself to stay up,” Watson said to ESPN after the game. “It’s do or die right now, and all that work I put in in the offseason, I just had to make a play. Somebody had to be great — why not me?”

Watson’s greatness allowed the Texans to overcome a dreadful start to Saturday’s game. They’ll need more of the same in Kansas City next weekend, preferably without spotting the opposition another 16-point lead to open the proceedings.

41 responses to “Deshaun Watson: Somebody had to be great, why not me?

  1. Love this guy. I don’t get why many Texans fans are so critical of him. I’d trade our eating W’s turnover machine for Watson in a heartbeat.

  2. If he didnt have Hopkins he would be average at best.Hopkins deserves all the credit for the win my opinion.

  3. The reason he is so great is he is humble and quick to give proper credit to his teammates and coaches.


  4. Congratulations on beating a team that hasn’t win a playoff game since WW2. We will see how “great” you are next week Bubba.

  5. It was an incredible play to cap a great comeback and game, no doubt. However, the only reason he stayed up is because the 2nd rusher hit him in the opposite direction that he was being taken down. That popped him back up straight and he kept moving his feet and it turned out to be a huge play. But he was definitely being sacked if that 2nd guy didn’t hit him

  6. He got lucky that he got sandwiched. If he didn’t get hit on the opposite side it would have been a sack. Bills just had to wrap up. That simple. By either player. It’s not like he escaped.

  7. Of course it helped that the refs were Homer’s. Besides his running ability his passing game was horrible.

  8. So much humility, the two defenders that were trying to sack him looked like the keystone cops…

  9. Watch out Chiefs, the NFL wants Houston in Baltimore
    The refs(Nfl) are in for the fix

  10. Love Watson’s game, but he got pretty lucky that both defenders came in unblocked on that play. If just one had been blocked out, the other would have made the tackle. Both getting their simultaneously allowed him to make that escape.

  11. For Deshaun to make that statement; that tells me that he and Coach O’Brien don’t see eye to eye. That’s what I read into it. Heck, if the Texans had lost that game, I believe Bill O’Brien would have been fired today. DeShaun is carrying that team..!!

  12. Maybe he should have said “somebody had to make a great play” rather than “be great?” Reminded me a lot of how Eli got away in the SB. Luck or skill, it all counts!

  13. Play great? Watson played horrible all day and the Bills dropped 2 early TD passes that would have put the game out of reach. Watson made the great escape at the end of the game, but he didn’t play well at all. Neither team won the game. The Bills tried to give it away 4 or 5 times, but the Texans couldn’t put it away. But also, when you throw a five yard pass and your receiver runs 50 yards with it, give some credit to the other guy. Neither QB looked like Einstein.

  14. Anyone else notice in OT with 6:57 left the play clock was at :00 and the Texans had not snapped the ball at their own 18 yard line? No penalty called.

  15. Let the man enjoy a great moment and great comeback win!
    If he said all of the humble stuff, everyone piles on about saying the same stale, insincere athlete-speak.

    Of course he’s hyped about that comeback finish, especially after such a terrible start – if his ego was really as bloated as Cam Newton’s, his team wouldn’t respect him as much or play that hard for him.

  16. DeShaun has been pretty humble for the most part of his career, and I’m pretty sure he was referring to someone” being great”, he meant making a great play, and is far from declaring himself Brady. People pop off all the time to bury someone on a quote. Look at his career, he certainly could have called himself great before

  17. This dude is a bit full of himself isn’t he? JJ Watt must be rubbing off on him. You can thank the competition committee for not getting tackled on that play. These guys are scared to blow up the QB. He could of blown Watson up but instead went off to the side. It’s about time they let these guys play the game or simply just start putting flags on the QBs

  18. You weren’t great. It takes no talent to run the ball 14 times and gain so little yardage doing it. You also prove you are another fraud running back that interrupts his runs with a throw. Disgusting trend in the NFL.

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