Drew Brees declines to comment on his future

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Two years ago, Saints quarterback Drew Brees became a free agent after a playoff loss to the Vikings. There was never a question regarding whether he’d return to New Orleans.

Now, Brees will become a free agent after a playoff loss to the Vikings. Ten days short of his 41st birthday, his future is firmly in question.

“I’m not making any comments on that, other than, you know, I’ve told you guys this for the last couple years, I’ve always just taken it one year at a time and kind of reevaluate each offseason, and find the things I want to get better at, and move on,” Brees told reporters after the 26-20 loss.

At some point, his actions will do the speaking, whether through retirement, a new deal with the Saints, or a contract with a new team. And it may not be up to Brees. Despite his many contributions to the Saints, the future may be now in New Orleans. Indeed, it could be time for Taysom Hill, the best player on the field today for the Saints, to take the reins.

Coach Sean Payton has compared Hill to Steve Young, the Hall of Famer who nudged Hall of Famer Joe Montana out of San Francisco 28 years ago. It could be time for the 29-year-old Hill to finally get his shot.

Frankly, plenty of Saints fans would say that Hill should have gotten more shots on Sunday. The Vikings seemed perplexed by his presence, unable (or unwilling) to tackle him, and unable (or unorganized) to cover him.

Brees generated the highest passer rating of his career in 2019, not missing a beat after missing five games due to a thumb injury. Against the Colts last month on a Monday night, Brees had a game for the ages, completing 29 of 30 passes and breaking Peyton Manning’s all-time touchdown pass record.

Still, in the same offseason that could see Tom Brady move on from the Patriots, Brees could be moving on from the Saints. The only question at this point is whether he’ll choose to leave, or whether the Saints will give him a nudge. And then the question becomes whether Brees would play for another team.

25 responses to “Drew Brees declines to comment on his future

  1. He could go to Dallas with Payton and be Dak’s backup/mentor/qb coach. Payton’s wife and kids live there and Brees is from there. Perfect situation.

  2. Michael E says:
    January 5, 2020 at 8:20 pm
    He could go to Dallas with Payton and be Dak’s backup/mentor/qb coach. Payton’s wife and kids live there and Brees is from there. Perfect situation.
    You think Drew Brees is going to take a backup role? Idk which team you root for, but I hope we don’t root for the same team. That kind of opinion is ridiculous.😂

  3. How sad. VIKINGS derangement syndrome has turned Mr. Florio to picking nits and baiting for clicks. I look forward to his revisionist retelling of a game the Vikings did nothing to earn the victory. Sad.

  4. I’m sure whatever he decides he’ll want $40M+ from any team interested in him. For that $40M they’ll get a QB who can throw for a lot of yards during the season but lose playoff games because he likes to give the ball to the other team. Maybe he’ll ask for a $5M incentive clause for not turning the ball over in playoff games.

  5. Brees sign as a back up in Dallas are you serious he is 1000 times better than Dak

  6. The guy has just finished playing the last game of the season for goodness sake! Can he at least take a shower before people start pestering him about his future? Would you jump in his grave as quickly??

  7. Taysom Hill could be the Saints QB in 2020.
    If so, where will Brees end up?
    For that matter, where will Teddy Bridgewater go?

  8. Brees had Micheal Thomas Kamara and Cook there is no excuses why he didn’t win this Game.He gets all the praise and they pause the game when he Breaks records but when it comes to playoffs he disappears.Yes he won a Superbowl but that was a long time ago.If he wants to be back with the Saints it better not be at 35 to 40 million a year

  9. Taysom Hill the starter? LOL! Yeah, sure. Guy completed less than 60% of his passes, for just over 6 yards per attempt in a pass heavy offence. Had only eleven more TDs than INTs. Did we mention he’s 29?

    If he’s starting, the Saints are in trouble.

  10. It’s too bad guys like Brady and Brees have such bad fans. I think both guys are great and obvious hall of famers but Saints fans and Patriots fans are whiny people. And I’m sure both teams have good fans but the outspoken ones are awful.

  11. Brees can still “ball” with the best of them. I can’t believe the Saints would consider moving on from him.

  12. funny how the saints always seem to put up big numbers in the regular season, but choke during the playoffs. seems like they get too cute w the play-calling…idk. as for brees, how about a plot twist: return to the chargers and go full circle on his career. they need a qb if rivers isn’t brought back…

  13. According to Over-the-cap; Even though not under contract, Brees has a Saints 2020 Cap Hit of 15.9M & 5.4M hit in 2021, already. Any “extension” would likely be a 3-4 year contract which would add to and kick the Cap Hit Can down the road.

    I don’t see much chance they absorb that amount, go without an elite QB, given they are so close to being the best in the NFL.

  14. If he is not extended, both amounts become dead money in 2020 for total Cap hit of 21.3M.

  15. Wow: One week ago the Saints went from being 13-3 & first seed after their win to 3rd seed with the Seahawks losing in the Sunday Night Game on the last second to SF. Tonight they are out of the playoffs. Seems a bit unfair……..

    I felt like they were going to represent the NFC in SB after the way they had been playing the last few weeks.

  16. All he’s done me for that organization..he deserves to play on crutches if need be. They were the worst organization in the league until Drew got there..

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