Tom Brady “unlikely” to retire but doesn’t know what future holds

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Tom Brady doesn’t plan to retire, but he also admits he doesn’t know what’s next.

Before the final seconds even had come off the clock on the Patriots’ 20-13 wild-card loss to the Titans, Brady’s future became subject of speculation. He is scheduled to become a free agent in March and has said he hopes to continue playing until he’s 45.

Brady, 42, reiterated Saturday night that he does not plan to retire.

“I would say it’s pretty unlikely,” Brady said, via Mike Reiss of ESPN, before adding, “hopefully unlikely.”

Brady’s 2019 season did not end with his lifting another Lombardi Trophy but with a pick-six. He finished 20-of-37 for 209 yards with the interception former teammate Logan Ryan returned 9 yards for a touchdown with nine seconds left.

Fans chanted Brady’s name several times during the game, and at least one sign at the stadium implored his return to the Patriots in 2020.

“I personally appreciate everything they’ve contributed, not just this year but a lot of years,” Brady said of the fans. “Just very grateful for the experience playing this year for the team, this organization, and over the course of my career, too. I appreciate it. I hope I’ve always tried to do the right thing out there.

“Who knows what the future holds? So I’ll leave it at that.”

Brady started his 41st postseason game Saturday night. He has six Super Bowl rings and four Super Bowl MVP awards.

He already has earned title of Greatest Of All Time.

But Brady wants more — more years, more passes, more touchdowns, more playoff starts, more Super Bowl rings. The question is whether he gets a chance to do that in New England or whether he goes elsewhere to finish his career.

“I love the Patriots,” Brady said. “They obviously, they’ve got. . . It’s the greatest organization and playing for Mr. [Robert] Kraft all these years and for coach [Bill] Belichick. There’s nobody whose had a better career, I would say, than me being with them. So I’m very blessed. I don’t know what the future looks like, so I’m not going to predict it. I wish we would have won tonight. I wish we would have done a lot of things better over the course of the season. We just didn’t get the job done.”

78 responses to “Tom Brady “unlikely” to retire but doesn’t know what future holds

  1. How about…more fishing…more golf…more horseback riding…more time with the family ~ enough already. Please just ride off into the sunset.

  2. Cement your legacy and lead the browns to the superbowl. Baker gets a few years to learn the goat,

  3. If this is truly the end for Brady in New England, I wish him all the best, and thank him for all he did for the region on and off the field. Truly the GOAT!

  4. Notice how quickly the sore loser left the field?
    Had to go and have a good cry with his blanky and his binky.

  5. If he’s smart he’ll leave and go play elsewhere. New England is about to enter a rebuild and he probably wants to earn a big pay day before he rides off into the sunset.

  6. Only way this day could be better is if the “cheetah” announced his retirement! Great job Titans!!!

  7. He’s still has plenty of arm strength his ability to move in the pocket is still there and his knowledge is still there

    He will come back for another year and they will add weapons around him other than JE

  8. Brady has been awful for two seasons now, just padding stats and game managing. Id love to see him leave for another team, then bellichick can win another sb.

  9. I think Joe Montana is the Greatest Of All Time. SOME thing Brady’s the best and they have the right to their opinions.

  10. I watched the game and it looked like it felt like a funeral. Gotta tip my cap. Amazing career. A lot of “hot takes” about brady, the game, the future, etc. Im a colts fan. Pats fans have no idea what its going to be like without #12 if he decides to move on to another team. Its been a long long time since they were knocked out in a wild card game. Theres got to be some raw emotions in that locker room. The body language sure looked like a decision is coming sooner than later.

  11. Brady is done as Patriot anyway. I think he will retire but if he wants to force another season I don’t believe Belichick wants him back. Sad to see a legend not go out with dignity and I don’t think Belichick will allow Brady to play for the Patriots again.

  12. Sad to see the end coming for a clutch competitor.. Retire, pay that beautiful wife back for watching you get knocked around for all those years.. See you in the Hall.

  13. Today the 33rd fanbase gets to rejoice – congratulations! Great win Titans! Keep rolling through the playoffs.

  14. Tom Brady should come back to New England as a wide receiver… because the WR’s the Patriots have now are complete garbage. No QB could have won with that group.

  15. Dude is toast. He should have retired after hoisting a Lombardi. Now he’s gonna be a shell of himself , bumbling into a post season if he’s lucky on another team

  16. He’s not going to a team that’s bad or rebuilding, he likes to win too much.

    His best chance at winning next year is with the pats.

    Receivers and OL have to be addressed though. His receivers were not getting open yesterday. And I still think his elbow is wonky

  17. Tom is going to the Chargers who will pay him more money the anyone has ever dreamed of. Rivers money comes off the books and they are moving into a new stadium. They NEED him. He will sell out every game before the first snap.

  18. Trade Dak Prescott for high picks. He is not worth 30,000,000 not ready to win a super bowl. Bring Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady From Patriots.
    With the current talent and a couple of high picks Dallas would give Jerry his super bowl ring. Maybe two.
    Window on Brady is probably two years, but window on aging line on both sides of Cowboys has about two years. Brady may not be the same player he was 5 years ago, but definitely an up grade over Prescott with the wealth of talent the Cowboys process. Especially at receiver.
    Jerry, will never see this suggestion but what a combination. The stars are in perfect alignment. Do this and add draft capital. Draft an for maturation under Brady, strengthen secondary, offensive line, depth at linebacker. Extra high picks allow this to happen and Brady wants another ring. Jerry get this done

  19. tollwall52 says:
    January 5, 2020 at 12:41 am
    Cement your legacy and lead the browns to the superbowl. Baker gets a few years to learn the goat,


    “Cement your legacy” – LMAO

  20. Old slow quarterbacks have no place in the new NFL. Especially those who founded their legacy on cheating.

  21. “Dearest Tom, you have been traded for a 2022 7th round pick and a sleeveless hoodie, here are two tickets to Las Vegas where you will join your new team. Thanks. Bill. B.”

  22. Brady’s deep throws looked very poor but he’s still a smart game manager and still adds value so I would keep him another year.
    He has visibly declined but he didn’t have weapons either. Draft some good offensive players and see how it goes.

  23. The best scenario for everyone involved is to come back for one more year and trade up to draft Tua. Let Tua fully heal and learn from the sidelines and give Brady and company one more crack at it. The team will be able to load up on offense as well knowing they’ll be going from 20 million plus at QB annually to a rookie deal the next season too.

    If Brady gets greedy and wants a record deal while Josh McDaniels departs and they lose key pieces on defense, the team will really struggle in 2020.

  24. most of the time the game tells you when your done and Tom, you were a huge reason the Patriots faulted as the season went on. Ask peyton Manning as you look like he did when he finally called it. You lasted longer than most expected but it falls off quick compared to 20 year olds

  25. He will be back in NE. What team would pay a 42 year old QB 30 million dollars beside NE? He has given the a home team discount for years, now its his payday.

  26. Once the Bengals exposed these frauds yet again for cheating, they lost at home to the dolphins and Titans. They couldn’t risk getting caught again so they actually had to play a fair game and got owned. Their fake dynasty is nothing but asterisks. Brady is the Lance Armstrong of football. Nobody respects these fake cheaters.

  27. He will be coming back next year. Who would you replace him with? The guy behind him isn’t ready to go. They have other issues to deal with.

  28. Wherever Josh goes is where Brady is going. Put that in the bank and borrow against it !!!

  29. Long live the pharaoh! they will reload and be right back in the thick of things next year. I’m proud they fought hard all year they did the best they could with what they up boys and come back ready for next years campaign.

  30. I have nothing but respect for Brady. I stopped being a “hater” like 5-6 years ago, and just respected the greatness and preparation he put in. I’m sure he’ll be back somewhere, it won’t be the same, though. I’m glad I got to witness this era. Even if meant so much disappointment for Peyton in the 2000s decade (My Lord – has it been that long??).

  31. I’m not sure he’s going to retire but I’m also not sure he will return to the Patriots. They basically stripped him of receivers. Hogan and Amendola were let go, Gordon was always going to be a “if” situation, and it blew up. They rolled the dice on Brown but then bailed. If they had kept Brown the whole season changes. I think they did the right thing, but if you are TB12, you just got left with 1 dependable guy who is now double and triple covered. Dorsett disappeared, Sanu was new and had the dropsies bad, Watson cant get open, you are on your 2nd or 3rd center and getting pounded all year. Lost your fullback and can’t run the ball. It must have been tough being quiet about all that, and now you can’t hope that the team will find anyone next year, and I think Edelman is done. Not a situation you want to come in to. THAT is what I think drives the decision. He’s going to make them show him some action on the offensive players before he commits. He was questioned about his age all year, looks the same to me, but he got pressured and sacked a lot all year and had nobody to throw to except Edelman. That has to get fixed.

  32. Having just watched Peyton hang around and even get benched for a few games, Brady still has a year or 2 left in him. I started out as a Pats fan back in the day when they first became a team ( yeah I am that old) and rooted for the Hannah brothers & Steve Grogan. I knew going into the game they had almost no chance. Why? Cause they have no one one Offense other than Brady who scares anyone. No TE No WR No Slot Rec. Who was he throwing to? And a pretty bad O Line. He is in the drivers seat and should be. Sit down with Kraft and BB and decide how they will fix this. With a ton of draft picks, go all in on the offense. Who cares if MCD leaves? And I hope he does ( we had him in Denver and he sucked). And Tom can always go to San Diego going back home or even the Raiders. Any team that has some weapons. In Denver’s long search for a QB to replace Peyton, we blew it time after time. No matter what your team ask yourself if your team could have beat the Titans with no weapons on offense.

  33. Perhaps owner Robert Kraft was to quick at releasing Antonio Brown. One of the best receivers in the NFL. Tom Brady was throwing to slow and old receivers who were often covered. Arrogance takes over when an owner sees to many Super Bowl wins.

  34. There should be no doubt whatsoever about Brady’s future. He is primed and ready for a post-NFL career in national politics. He is sufficiently glib & polished to be a huge star in the Beltway.

  35. He has played so long that anyone who wanted his jersey probably got one.But I wonder what would happen to memorabilia sales if people thought he wasn’t coming back. No money to be made around this rumor I’m sure.

  36. There was one play where Brady got planted by a defensive back, and immediately got up and turned to look at the ref. The ref didn’t thrown a flag.
    It used to be all he had to do was look in a ref’s direction to summon a flag. No more.

  37. Dolphins. Watch! He wants to prove his legacy. He has to show that he can make a bad team good. Why Miami? Brian Flores is the coach. They can still draft Tua and sit him for a couple of years. They are loaded with money and draft picks. And they aren’t as bad as their record. It’s the ideal situation.

  38. The future for Tom Brady is to explain two decades of cheating and undeserved championships. Can’t wait for the real investigation to begin.

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