Bill O’Brien on J.J. Watt playing more: We’ll see how week goes

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Texans defensive end J.J. Watt came through his first game back from a torn pectoral without any sign of a medical issue, so he’s set to play again in Kansas City this weekend.

The question of how much he’ll be playing was asked of Texans head coach Bill O’Brien on Monday. Watt played 52 of the 85 defensive snaps for Houston against the Bills and was used more frequently during the second half and overtime of the win.

O’Brien said any increase in that playing time will come after watching Watt this week and discussing plans with defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.

“We’ll see how he does during the week, how he’s feeling,” O’Brien said, via Aaron Reiss of “That’s a lot of communication between he and I and Romeo. He’s been doing this for a long time, so he’ll help us determine how he’s feeling and how much he’ll be in there.”

Watt had a key sack of Josh Allen in the third quarter and was credited for two quarterback hits while providing consistent pressure as the Texans came back from being down 16-0 in the second half of the game.

6 responses to “Bill O’Brien on J.J. Watt playing more: We’ll see how week goes

  1. Please; JJ Watt is living off the past. He’s done and the Texans will be done after this weekend in Kansas City. O’brien isn’t a good coach either.

  2. The way the announcers talked about him and how much tv time they gave him I thought they were naming him the greatest ever already! They almost crowned him when he got his one sack, not sure if they even mentioned Jerry Hughes had 3 sacks!

  3. Bill O’Brien sucks! And he was so scared after getting his butt kicked in the first half that he played JJ too much the rest of the game. If JJ can be a team player on the field than he can help, problem is he was so great in the past they let him do what he wanted without following a game plan, He isn’t that good anynmore and needs to stay within the game plan.

  4. He did you guys know the Texans defense consist of one player???? JJ Watts single handedly beat the Bills. At least that was the impression I got after watching that game. Way too much hype for one player who made like two plays all game.

  5. Hopefully the Kansas City Chiefs can take care of the Houston JJ Watts this weekend.

    His coverage last weekend was over the top. He was great 2-3 years ago but for as much as booger told the world to watch him, he was continually a non factor.

    Great dude no doubt. But he’s too far past him prime to act like he’s Mack, or even his brother for that matter.

  6. JJ sure gets a lot of hate. Granted he is not the same player he was when he was at his peak, but he’s still one of the best DE’s in the game. And makes our defense a lot better when he is on the field. He goes 100% every play! He only had one sack but he barely played the first half and in the second half he was getting pressure on Allen consistently!

    I’m glad he’s a Texan and as a fan I’m hopeful that we can still watch him play at a high level for a few more seasons!

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