Carson Wentz apologized to teammates after concussion

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Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz wasn’t able to finish a playoff run, again, and it weighs on him.

Wentz suffered a concussion on a hit from Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, and wasn’t able to finish the wild card game.

Afterward, he went through the locker room thanking his teammates for their efforts this season.

He’s like apologizing and stuff,” veteran safety Malcolm Jenkins said, via Dave Zangaro of “It’s like, ‘Bro, it’s out of your control.’ He didn’t let us down at all. We wouldn’t be in this spot without Carson.

“It’s tough for him. Obviously, he really wants to be out there competing. He put a lot of work in to get to this spot and he gets hurt again. It’s just unfortunate, but it’s out of his control.”

That doesn’t make it any less frustrating, after he watched backup Nick Foles lead them to a Super Bowl title while he was recovering from a torn ACL in 2017, and replace him again last year when a back injury left him unable to finish.

Yesterday, it was Josh McCown replacing him after just eight snaps, and that had Wentz reeling from more than just the injury.

“That’s Carson. No questions asked,” third-string quarterback Nate Sudfeld said. “I know it killed him to not be able to play. I was with him on the sideline. I saw the hit and it was pretty tough. It’s not according to anyone’s plan, his plan, but I know he has faith. He’ll bounce back out of this.

“As a teammate, he just wants to be there for his guys. That’s just how it rolled tonight. So proud of the team, Josh did awesome. Carson’s obviously going to be around killing it for a long time.”

The Eagles have confidence in that, even if Wentz is left wondering when he’ll be able to contribute.

16 responses to “Carson Wentz apologized to teammates after concussion

  1. No apology needed that was a nasty hit from Clowney. There is a big difference between playing aggressive and playing viciously. Clowney had more than a few dirty plays yesterday, including the hit on Wentz.

  2. He just one of those guys who gets hurt a lot. Not much anyone can do about it. Deny it all you like, but it’s a fact.

  3. That was spearing. It always has been illegal. I honestly don’t get the no-call on Clowney. He targeted a quarterback’s head with his own helmet. It should have been a penalty, ejection, and suspension. Spearing is illegal. How in this day and age was that acceptable? Am I crazy here?

  4. A screen pass was blown up by defense and qb proceeded to take meaningless hit so he can turn the play into a yard’s gain. Considering the situation, and importance of the player, not simply throwing the ball into the ground was an immature decision on his part–thus yes, it was his fault.

  5. I would not be surprised if we found out later the NFL said what they did about Clowney’s hit because they knew they had to do “make ups” to the Seahawks over not reversing the call in the SF-SEA game a week earlier that resulted in no TD for the Seahawks.

    The NFL breathed a MASSIVE sigh of relief when the 49ers held on in that game and took the 1 seed in the NFC West. Had the Seahawks scored on that play at the end of the game and won the NFC West, they would have been the 3 seed, the Saints would have been the 2 seed and that might have created a potential playoff scheduling nightmare for the NFL because they likely would have been under pressure from College Football Playoff and in New Orleans local officials to have the Saints play their Divisional Playoff game (at home against SEA/SF/PHI) this FRIDAY 1/10 so all hotel space could be cleared out in New Orleans ahead of the CFP Title game on Monday 1/13 so fans of LSU and Clemson coming for that game could get a full experience without interference from an NFL playoff game taking place the Saturday or Sunday before.

    Clowney should be suspended for their next playoff game against the Packers OR the first 1-2 games next season for that hit.

  6. Clowney led with his helmet and it was obvious. In spite of the ‘no call’ by the refs he should be fined and suspended for at least one game.

  7. This is why Qbs’ need to have contracts that are all incentive based. They chew up the cap and you can’t build around them, (Eagles have no receivers) unless they take less so the team can pay more players.

  8. This is wrong blog to rag on Clowney. This discussion has nothing to do with Clowney, it is about Wentz apologizing to teammates. Wentz was the one who made the decision to try to pick up a yard or two after a screen pass was blown up, not Clowney. I respect Wentz, and I respect that he regretted the decision as evident by his apologizing to teammates. Sometimes we fans should just accept things at face value.

  9. The stupid ref dismissing it as “incidental helmet contact on a player who did not give himself up” should be suspended! How the hell is lying on the turf after another Seahawk tackled you and then Clowney comes flying over the top and spears you with the crown of his helmet not “giving yourself up” exactly?

    The incompetence of NFL refs is inexcusable especially when the league is concerned with eliminating helmet to helmet hits!

  10. And nobody saw all the “incidental” hits Wilson took every single time he slid? Once he starts his slide (which Wentz didn’t do), the play is over, yet every time there at least one and sometimes two Eagles delivered “love taps” to his lower body. No one called them, and no one should. It’s part of the game, very large, angry men playing at peak emotion.

    The main reason these days for going feet-first is to avoid taking repeated brush-shots to the head and throwing arm. Wilson gets this. Kyler Murray gets it. Even Brady gets it on his one or two runs a game. I’m not blaming Wentz (or Clowney), but QBs do need to learn to use the rules not only to their advantage but to avoid _disadvantage_.

  11. Not much anyone can do about it. Deny it all you like, but it’s a fact.
    Of course! A quarterback who’s never been injured before would have bounced right up and finished the game after Clowney’s cheap shot.

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