Josh McCown: I’ve chased this my whole career

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Josh McCown has played a lot of football for a lot of teams over the years, but he’d never taken a snap in the postseason until the first play of the Eagles’ third possession in the first quarter of Sunday’s game.

Carson Wentz was out getting evaluated for a concussion, which made McCown the oldest player to make his postseason debut when he took over the reins of the offense. McCown was able to move the Eagles for three field goals, but couldn’t get them into the end zone in a 17-9 loss that ended the Eagles’ season.

After the game, McCown said he was “so thankful” that the Eagles called him to come out of retirement when they were short on healthy quarterbacks this summer and said he’s “chased this my whole career.” He also said he’s not sure if he’ll keep chasing that feeling in 2020.

“More than anything, it solidifies in all of those moments when I thought if the belief in the group can rise to a certain level, we can run the table,” McCown said in his postgame press conference. “We did that and we got in. This year has been nothing short of special for me. I’ve really enjoyed it and have learned so much from so many people. I’m thankful to be a part of it. As far as the future goes, we’ll see. I haven’t made any decisions yet. I’ll get with my family and talk with them. I retired once, so I know how to do that. We’ll just see. I don’t know yet.”

McCown was 18-of-24 for 174 yards while running six times for 25 yards in Sunday’s loss.


23 responses to “Josh McCown: I’ve chased this my whole career

  1. He’s actually a damn good backup QB. He won’t “lose” the game for you. And, he’s an asset to any QB room, like having another QB coach. A class act.

  2. A lot of NFL coaches were backup QB’s, and McCown might end up becoming one too. The guy has been around for a long time. But I’m also a little shocked that the Eagles’ personnel people didn’t have a better backup plan.

  3. Usually you expect backups to crap the bed.
    I couldn’t tell he was a backup, he looked like an almost middle of the pack starting QB. There are worse starters out there.

  4. Josh is a class act. He was the same when he was with the Browns; he helped in any way he could and was a fan favorite. God bless you Josh.

  5. He has nothing to hold hid head down about. NFL needs more character as Josh instead of giving all publicity to ones as A Brown

  6. Great guy but huge failure by the Eagles’ front office.

    Call it what you want but Wentz gets injured.

    Seattle has a better backup and Russ has been an iron man.

  7. McCown gets a bad rap because up until this season he’s always been on a bottom 8 team ever since entering the NFL, he always played better than the team he was on.

  8. ForWhomTheBellTrolls says:

    Social media is terrible sometimes …


    Sometimes?… Almost always.

  9. Actually, the Eagles HAVE a good backup. Nate Sudfeld, who they are very high on. The problem was that Sudfeld broke his hand during the preseason and wasnt available for the first 6 weeks.

  10. McCown is a much better quarterback by far than Colin Kaepernick. That is the only reason why Philadelphia hired him instead of Kap. There is no blackballing. LOL

  11. I cant tell you how much respect I have for this guy. With Cleveland, they basically threw him out there with a CFL/Arena league roster (except Joe Thomas). He got the crap beat out of him. He never whined, complained. Actually he played pretty well

  12. The Philthy team did not lose because of their backup QB. That team lost because they invested heavily on a fragile, stupid man who invites being hit. I was surprised that McGown played as well as he did.

  13. He played ok for a player who hadn’t taken meaningful snaps in a long time but some of his decisions like taking the sack on 4th down in the red zone were curious to say the least. Heave it in the end zone. Take a risk!

  14. Nice job by Josh. He played well enough to keep the game close. If the Eagles had the ability on defense to stop big pass plays, he would likely have been the hero. Respect.

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