Malcolm Jenkins: I won’t be back on the same deal

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Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins skipped the voluntary portions of last year’s offseason program because he wasn’t happy with his contract, but eventually returned to play out the season under the terms of his current deal.

On Monday, Jenkins said that won’t be the case this year. Jenkins made it clear that he is still looking for a new deal and said he won’t be playing if he doesn’t get one.

“I won’t be back on the same deal,” Jenkins said, via Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press. “That won’t happen. The market is good for safeties now. I consider myself in the top tier.”

Jenkins has a base salary of $7.6 million in 2020. He played every defensive snap for the Eagles for the fifth time in the last six years and finished the year with 80 tackles, four forced fumbles, 2.5 sacks and a fumble recovery.

35 responses to “Malcolm Jenkins: I won’t be back on the same deal

  1. This guy is getting old but he is still playing at a high level so I’d give him a 2 year contract extension at the most. And then move Rasul Douglas to safety where he can shine and become great. Rasul is too slow to play cornerback in the NFL.

  2. No idea what Jenkins’ contract should be, but he’s a damn good player. One of those guys who plays beyond stats. Makes his tackles, makes the other guys around him even better. Wouldn’t be shocked if Belichick went after him. (Relax, I hate the Pats)

  3. Calling Jenkins “unremarkable ” is crazy. He plays SS, FS, nickel CB, All 3 Linebacker spots. He forces fumbles, recovers fumbles. Blocks kicks, tackles well and can be a ball hawk. Not to mention team leader and great team mate and a good human being off the field. Eric Reid and his out of work QB friend hate him..more reason for us to love him..he’ll get paid and he’s earned every bit of it.

  4. As an Eagles fan I love the energy he brings but would let him walk if he wants over 7 million a year. He definitely lost a step this year and watching him get run over on the goal line yesterday didn’t make me feel like he’s going to get better. The Eagles have too many holes to fill to over pay a guy trending down. Thanks for the memories Jenkins….

  5. Despite what national media coverage would have fans believe, Jenkins’ play slipped considerably this year. He was still very good, but also very far from elite. The Eagles let Dawkins go too soon and the same might happen with Jenkins since he is trying to break the bank. If the Eagles wanted to renegotiate, it would have been a done deal already.

  6. I think Jenkins is an all time Eagle both on and off the field but this is one of the reasons why the Eagles failed this year. Holding on to guys that are too old and paying them for past performance. This team needs to get younger and draft better. I’d say goodbye to Jason Peters too and get the rookie Dillard in there. Jenkins if he accepted a 2 year deal I might be okay with it but this team needs to build with young talent. Jenkins never got hurt and is a great Eagle but contracts to old players just seems to not be the way to go.

  7. I think Jenkins time in Philadelphia is up. He wasn’t special by any means. Maybe he is a leader but I think the Eagles should trade him and let his next team haggle with him on salary.

    Time to start over in the secondary because what the Eagles have there now is subpar at best.

  8. The team of has beens. Wentz is injury prone. Defense is getting older. Howie and Doug aren’t the geniuses they claim to be.

  9. He peaked two years ago when they won the SB. I respect him trying to get the bag but he’s already overpaid based on what he’d likely get on the open market. This game is getting faster and faster and his feet are moving in the opposite direction. Its always better to let a guy go a year early than a year late and Jenkins might be at that stage.

  10. The Eagles will save almost $5M in cap space by cutting this 32 year old declining safety. You are right, you won’t be back on your current deal. The choice, however, will be taken out of your hands.

  11. The time to hold out was last year bro. I’m sure the Eagles aren’t worried about losing you…

  12. Looking at the comments what was everyone watching the last half of the season and yesterday? Dude was all over the place making plays and cleaning up other’s mistakes. He will get a new deal. Maybe won’t look the best in the 3rd year but my man got at least 2 more high level years in him. We would miss his play terribly next year if he leaves town.

  13. Well that didn’t take long!

    It’s not like he isn’t paid well, he is the 11th highest paid safety in the league and almost every name on that list is younger!

    He is not the best safety in the league, not close, he is a good safety but not underpaid.

    Tell the Eagles you will void the last year of your deal, put your money where your mouth is and see if you get a better deal.

  14. He stinks in coverage and is really only effective on the blitz – as most anyone should be. There will be a leadership hole, but that’s no reason to overpay.

  15. @andreboy1 says:
    January 6, 2020 at 11:53 am
    Eagles have too many holes to fill to give big money to an old safety
    Same thing was said about Brian Dawkins. Hopefully the lesson was learned to let him play out his career. Let’s remember all the $$$ given to players that couldn’t last 3 consecutive weeks (I’m looking at you DJax, Alshon, Sproles, Peters, Malik Jackson). Nigel Bradham was a no-show most of the season after signing.

  16. Jenkins has been the heart and soul of the Eagles’ D for years. Yes, he’s getting older and is best now in the box, but he still has decent cover skills and his leadership is outstanding.

    A short term, say 2 year, or 1 year with team option, contract with a bump in pay and partial guarantees seems about right. Presumably he and the team have been negotiating in the background this season, but couldn’t reach a deal. Jenkins has degraded his trade value by announcing he will hold out, which might be an intentional strategy to force the team’s hand. IMO he has 1 or 2 more good years in him, so I hope they can come to an agreement.

    Odd that Howie made a fully guaranteed deal with a declining and injured Jeffreys for 2 years, but didn’t get a deal done with ironman Jenkins. The Eagles need desperately to focus on improving at WR and CB, and then at LB. They can’t afford to fix a safety tandem (with McLeod) that isn’t broken.

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