Mike Zimmer isn’t complaining about short-week trip to California

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The Vikings’ reward for beating the 13-3 Saints in New Orleans on Sunday is a Saturday game in Santa Clara, against the 13-3 49ers. Hooray?

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer realizes that it’s a difficult challenge. He’s not whining about it, however.

“It is,” Zimmer told reporters when asked how tough the turnaround is, logistically. “I’m not saying it’s not. It’s similar to playing a Monday night game and then you have to get ready for a Sunday game. Obviously, we’re going out to the West Coast, so that’ll be a little bit different, but, hey, it’s playoff time. It’s big boy football now.”

The Vikings had an even more extreme experience, in 2018. After facing the Bills at home on a Sunday, where the Vikings lost despite being double-digit favorites, Minnesota had to travel to L.A. to face the Rams on a Thursday night. And they gave the Rams, the eventual NFC champions that year, everything they could handle.

As Zimmer said, it’s big boy football now. And the task is no different than the one the Vikings faced 32 years ago, when their reward for beating the 12-3 Saints on a Sunday was a game at San Francisco six days later. Minnesota won that one, somehow, as 11-point underdogs. This time around, the spread is only 6.5 points, an acknowledgement of the reality that the Vikings are good enough to keep it close.

And they’re experienced enough to know that the overtime win over the Saints means nothing if they fall flat in the next game, like they did in the NFC Championship against the Eagles after beating the Saints in the Minneapolis Miracle game.

A lot of the guys that are here were here before, and so I feel like they’re a veteran team, they understand,” Zimmer said. “We actually had a couple of guys saying, ‘Hey, calm down’ in the locker room. We got to get ready to go play again. So I’m hopeful that it’s like that.”

Zimmer said that he’ll know whether the team has moved on from the win over the Saints “[p]robably Saturday night.” So will the rest of us.

18 responses to “Mike Zimmer isn’t complaining about short-week trip to California

  1. I wish my Packers had a good coach like Mike Zimmer.

  2. This is off topic, but the experts almost unanimously picked the Saints and the Patriots to win making them 2 and 2 or 50% for the weekend. Same odds as flipping a coin. Maybe I should pay more attention to the posts from other amateurs.

  3. 49ers are struggling on both offense and defense. In the last 5 games they struggled to a 3-2 record, with Jimmy only putting up good numbers against the Saints.

  4. This week the 9ers will offer a much more difficult front 4 that is not banged up like the Saints were. Plus, their pass D is highly ranked as well.

    Some of the mistakes the Vikes offense made via penalty, ball protection or passes that bounced off WR hands may not be acceptable on Saturday. TE’s may need to play a bigger role in moving the chains.

    The Purple D will need to make some special plays, including Big Nickel Jayron & the LB’s on TE Kittle. The DL will need to win their matchups to make Jimmy feel uncomfortable.

    Should be a good game.

  5. I honestly believe this is a better team than the 2017 Vikings, the Offensive Assistant coaching is certainly better, Pat Shurmer who was doing a great job all season had signed with the Giants so after the Vikings played the first scripted drive scoring 7-0 he was nowhere in the stadium. The Defense isn’t quite as good because Rhodes and Waynes cannot grab as much as they could before but both have adjusted their games as the season went on and tho Rhodes got burned big time on one deep play he actually played surprisingly well. San Francisco wii be using the 2nd half adjustments the Saints did at halftime which very well may slow Cook, BUT Stefanski will be putting the game plan together. I don’t think it will be a 75 point total game, but it may be an opposite of the Saints game with a lot of deep passes and the run game eating clock the second 1/2. The 49ers and Vikings are built very much the same, I hope the Vikings bring the correct cleats.. Then after Seattle beats Green bay it will be off to Seattle, heck they might as well just stay haha..
    SKOL my Viking Brothers and Sisters!!! Cousins has a 350 yard passing Rudolph has 50 yards 2 TD Diggs has 125 yards 2 tds and Thielan makes 15 3rd down catches…….

  6. Who cares? Zimmer is just stating fact and not whining? Cool. The teams on to the 9ers no reason to complain on logistics. Not like they are going to a meeting flying coach dealing with airport delays…

    like he said it’s big boy football. Media loves to overblow this stuff. If we beat the 9ers it’s a big story, if they lose a built in excuse for the fans. Let’s just play the game and win which seems to be his perspective!

  7. Zimmer is right.

    It’s big boy football time.

    And this week, big boy football says we play in Santa Clara on Saturday afternoon.

  8. It’s better to be on a short week after that win to be able to ride the momentum. The Vikings & 49ers opened the season in 18 with very similar teams and the Vikings won. It will be a day game in Santa Clara at 1:30. Nice weather, dry field. The 49ers have problems with RB screens & intermediate routes. The 49ers offense is incredible but it was created by Kubiak who will give valuable insight in how to stop it.

    Leaving the Vikings off that NFL promo really lit a fire under Zim and started his creative juices flowing. I think he’s going to come into SF with a defensive scheme the 49ers have never seen the Vikings deploy before. After an initial first series & the next series SF will have 10 points but then get stymied & frustrated the remainder of the game. Garappalo will have multiple INT’s. The 49ers will fumble multiple times. I’m just basing that on the last game they played & that’s what happened.

    The Vikings are going to slam Cook & Mattison down their throats. I think the 49ers will contain Cook for the most part but Mattison is going to run over them and Abdula is going to get big yards on a screen. The Vikings will hit them with so much play action & screens the 49ers CB’s will be watching for that & that’s when Diggs & Thielen strike.

    Cousins stands in there & gets knocked & releases the ball at the last second right on target. That’s how he started 18 & he was on fire. He is playing like that right now. He’s Mr. head case but that is what I’m counting on, because of how they beat the Saints and the final drive. His pass to Thielen, the TD to Rudolph. Now he knows he can do it. The Saints were considered the team to beat by many, many people.

    The 49ers are already overlooking the Vikings just like the Saints did.

    It will be 31-20 Vikings.

  9. It is funny, some football analysts claim that we should NOT judge a quarterback by his win-loss record, an excuse they use to keep puting down Jimmy G., who has a stellar win-loss record. Then they turn around and claim that Kirk Cousins is no good because he has a career record only slightly better than .500 and that he also cannot win the big one, since he has a terrible record on prime time games, and he is 0-1 in playoff games. Make up your minds folks, either win-loss record cannot be used to judge any quarterback or they can be used to judge all quarterbacks. You cannot pick and choose if and when it can be used to prove your claims.

  10. The Vikes have a tough time offensively both running and passing against defenses with good DTs. The Saint’s DTs were weak given prior injuries — the 49ers have an All-Pro DT in Buckner. I hope he won’t be the difference Saturday.

  11. 49ers are struggling on both offense and defense. In the last 5 games they struggled to a 3-2 record,


    Are the Vikings struggling? They lost 3 games in December.

  12. It will go one of 3 ways. Vikings win in a close one, 23-17, 9ers win close on last second field goal 23-21, or 9ers blowout by more than 10. Im hoping for scenario #1. I think, if the heart and soul of the Vikings is there, with the talent they have, on Saturday, Vikes can win this one.

    Side note: Gary Kubiak is the Vikings secret weapon here, he knows Shanahan better than most.

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