Pete Carroll wants to see Marshawn Lynch do more

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The Seahawks season will continue in Green Bay next Sunday and that means another chance for Marshawn Lynch to continue his unexpected return to the team.

Lynch signed ahead of Week 17 and ran 12 times for 34 yards on 23 snaps in a loss to the 49ers. Lynch played 18 snaps against the Eagles and scored a five-yard touchdown while picking up two yards on five other carries and 25 yards on two catches.

Travis Homer played 44 snaps at running back Sunday, but head coach Pete Carroll suggested on Monday that Lynch is in line for a bigger role against the Packers.

“Yeah, I think he’s doing great,” Carroll said on 710 ESPN. “I’m really excited about it. I want to see him do more now. He’s made it through, again, two games. He felt good last night. I haven’t seen him today, the day after sometimes, but he felt good again. I think we can increase his role and allow him to be a little more active part of it.”

The Packers defense has been vulnerable against the run for much of the season, including allowing 171 yards to the Lions in Week 17. If the Seahawks are going to have similar success, it may be Lynch doing a lot of the lifting.

22 responses to “Pete Carroll wants to see Marshawn Lynch do more

  1. If Beast Mode is only in 10 plays there is a solid chance they’re going to run on 10 plays, so it doesn’t surprise me that his rushing stats aren’t great. Just keep getting them teeders Beast!

  2. The Eagles run defense was tough yesterday. Yet, They couldn’t keep Lynch out of end zone. The Packers are not as tough as the Eagles, so I expect a better result in total yardage and perhaps 2 TDS for Lynch.

    The good news and takeaway is that the Run threat is present. That’s what helps Russell & the pass game effective. Even if Lynch is unable to get 100 yards next week, his presence makes the offense better.

    Go Hawks!

  3. seacolt213 says:
    January 6, 2020 at 4:30 pm
    If Beast Mode is only in 10 plays there is a solid chance they’re going to run on 10 plays, so it doesn’t surprise me that his rushing stats aren’t great. Just keep getting them teeders Beast!

    Great analysis except he had 6 rushes and 3 targets…

  4. daphne49er says:

    How to defend the Beast? Get a lead against that so-so defense.

    You should remember how ineffective the Packers offense is from when they played your 49ers not too long ago.

    Lynch might get 150+ against the Packers defense.

  5. “I want to see him do more now.”

    Yeah, Pete, you and a few fans in Seattle too. So by all means, go for it.

  6. This time Pete, if you get another chance at the 1 yard line–feed beastmode. Lynch still has it, everyone saw that on the TD run. Feed the beast Carroll.

  7. Eagles have an excellent run defense and frankly Cox was unblock-able.

    They were also selling out to stop the run – which ended in DJ getting 160 & a TD and Wilson throwing for 325.

    We also were missing our starting left tackle and left guard as well as our center.

    The two should be back for the Pack, the center is out for the year.

    I suspect the running game will be more effective vs the Pack or Metcalf may have another monster day.

    Interesting stat – Packers, only one team gave up more 40+ yard pass plays this season than the Pack – the Raiders.

  8. Lynch looks smaller than he was when he played before. A year off with now working out might be the problem

  9. Of course Lynch isn’t what he was and of course he isn’t in game shape – what did folks expect?

    but … he’s still got a little of that hall of fame DNA – and can make a play or two, like the TD run, which wasn’t an easy one.

    he also appears to be a great locker room presence these days – everyone loves him – keeps the team loose. exudes that don’t-give-a-sh*t mentality.

  10. Don’t know what type of workouts he has been going through the past 14 months. Probably not what he did before. He doesn’t look as quick but I’m sure mentally he is still the beast.

  11. The clock struck 12 on Travis Homer Simpson. Beast Mold has a mild case of fumbilitis. It is a mixed blessing letting him carry the ball more often. Besides, he won’t be running much if the Packers get off to a big lead against the Seattle D.

  12. k1dicarus says:
    January 6, 2020 at 5:35 pm
    He looks fat, old, and slow.
    Well, he may be, but he proved his worth in catching, pass blocking, and TD vs. philly

  13. Maybe he could learn how to deliver a dirty hit?


    Marshawn has been delivering dirty hits to defenders his whole career but the difference is he’s holding the football so nobody holds it against him.

    BeastMode got his nickname playing like a defender. Did you see him throw that dude down on the sidelines on Sunday? Marshawn is the guy you want with you walking down a dark alley and his teammates love him and FEED of of it.

    Seahawks FO was brilliant bringing him back after Carson went down. Just brilliant. Seahawks fans are having way too much fun for a team so decimated by injuries.

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