Vikings made all the right moves on defense

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It was far from an ideal situation for the Vikings, playing shorthanded in the secondary, on the road, against the Saints.

But as they did so often, they adjusted.

From filling in with safety Andrew Sendejo at slot corner to cover for injuries to some new looks up front, the Vikings defense kept making moves that worked in Sunday’s upset win over the Saints.

Just giving them different looks,” defensive end Everson Griffen said via Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, understating it nicely.

The Vikings used Griffin and Danielle Hunter as inside rushers often, having them go at the Saints’ struggling guards rather than pedigreed tackles Terron Armstead and Ryan Ramcyzk, a decision coach Mike Zimmer referred to as “a scheme thing.”

“It’s always nice when you do something and it works,” Zimmer said. “It doesn’t always work, but you have to try it.”

Griffen and Hunter each had 1.5 sacks, as they kept the pressure on Brees throughout the day. Hunter’s full sack also forced a fumble by Brees, when they were driving in the waning minutes of regulation.

That wasn’t a given, especially with the depleted secondary they entered the game with. Mackensie Alexander was inactive and Mike Hughes was placed on IR last week, so shifting Sendejo to the slot wasn’t anything they planned on.

But it worked, as did most of the buttons they pushed.

11 responses to “Vikings made all the right moves on defense

  1. It will be fun to hear all the excuses and crying from the Saints fans. Let me guess … the officials robbed you again. Poor things.

  2. Big confidence booster when you go on the road in a hostile environment and eliminate a team that is not only very good at home, but arguably the most consistently good, and dangerous team. They rattled Brees all game, they shut down Kumura, and Cook & Thomas were non factors. If they can do that against NO, then as long as they stay focused, they can do it against anyone. San Fran is gonna be a real tough one as well.

  3. No excuses. Sometimes teams lose. Yes, the entire world other than vikes fans and saints haters realize that was clear OPI. However, Saints fans can admit that the game was lost for 10 other reasons as well. I love how objecting to one of the most obvious and blatant non- calls imaginable is “whining”

  4. Saints fan. That’s a good game plan. The Saints have always prioritized guards over tackles as Brees’ height requires him to have clear pass lanes. By rushing up the middle is prevented Brees from stepping up and throwing through clear lanes.
    It also explains why Taysom Hill was more successful. He gives them a running look, kicks the rushers outside and gives him time to throw. Plus his athleticism allows him to bail out a backdoor. When he came in it changed the defensive scheme and is why the looked a little lost.
    Good scheme against a pocket QB.

  5. I’m not a Brees fan. Always considered him a me first type of guy. He always demanded top dollar. He loves to roll up the score (his stats). He easily leads the league in hands up in the air whining for a flag.
    But mostly, I remember him having a press conference telling the players entering the draft not to attend the draft. To me, that’s the ultimate greed.

  6. Viking D should why they are the class of the NFL in shutting down the Saints and the biased refs who were keeping them in the game.
    As long as refs arn’t paid by the 49rs this will be domination again.

  7. Could not be more impressed with the defensive gameplan and execution by the Vikings defense. Perhaps the first time I can recall seeing Drew Brees look genuinely frustrated & confused by a defense.

  8. I am no fan of either taam, and I see DEFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE that occurs during the entire process – the OPI was not as significant a fact as the defender never looked for the ball; and then he grabbed the forearm of the receiver. You cannot ignore those two facts and then whine about OPI. Either both were offending (by the letter of the rules) or neither did jack. But you cannot claim OPI without then being forced to apply the same standard to the defender who committed multiple fouls.

    Luckily the New Orleans Cupcakes and their fans will be spent crying on the floor until training camp occurs. And maybe one or two or twenty of these cupcakes will whine their way to a lawyer’s office and file another worthless lawsuit.

    Party on fools from New Orleans. Cousins made two of his best throws ever and Brees was missing guys repeatedly. Oh how that must burn.

  9. As a Vikings fan, I applaud many of the moves Zimmer made yesterday, but I still have a problem with Zimmer (1) playing too-soft pass coverage defense, 10 yards off the LOS, (2) not being more aggressive on defense, and (3) getting conservative on both offense and defense when he has a lead. Those things have lost the Vikings numerous games.

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