Wade Phillips out as Rams coordinator

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Wade Phillips is a free agent again.

The veteran defensive coordinator will not return to the Rams next season, according to Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times.

The 72-year-old Phillips took the fall for a defense full of expensive veteran stars not matching the previous season’s level.

Prior to joining the Rams in 2017, he helped the Broncos win a Super Bowl, earning assistant coach of the year honors in 2015.

The former Cowboys, Bills, and Broncos head coach has also worked for the Texans, Chargers, Falcons, Eagles, Saints, and Oilers (which shows you how long he’s been doing this).

He has said he wants to continue, and should have opportunities to do so.

UPDATE 2:25 p.m. ET: Phillips himself confirmed the part about wanting to work again, tweeting out as much moments ago.

65 responses to “Wade Phillips out as Rams coordinator

  1. You have worked for a third of the teams in the league, you are 72 years old. Just retire already!

  2. Here’s the Rams real problems:

    Goff and Gurley are both either vastly overpaid or hurt.

    Mcvay’s offense looks less impressive every time I see it.

  3. Has this guy ever been successful without a loaded up FA frenzy spending spree, solely on defense?

    The Broncos did it and it magically worked and then the Rams just tried it. But, this guy sucked at his other jobs. He’s like Rex Ryan in that has to have all the piecee loaded into the D to be effective.


  4. If he wants to keep at it, there will be opportunities. He knows his stuff, but I think everyone knows him pretty well by now too.

  5. Wade Phillips did a very fine job for the Rams. One outstanding example, lest we forget: his defense held the then-mighty Patriots to 13 points in last year’s Super Bowl.

    It’s time for Wade Phillips to move on, but he did an excellent job, and I think he’ll get picked up somewhere else. He’ll improve that team’s defense, too.

  6. Good ol Wade is like a house guest-Great when they arrive then overstay their welcome. Half life of Wade is 2 years.

  7. One of the best DC’s in the biz. If you have an attacking 3-4 defense, this is the right guy for you.

  8. vikesfansteve says:
    January 6, 2020 at 2:06 pm
    It wasn’t Philips defense that deuced the sheets against the pats
    Against the pats, no. Against Dallas and Baltimore, Yes!

  9. The rams had their one and done shot, Seattle and Sanfrancisco aren’t giving up their stranglehold on the west anytime soon, and the cards are going to be drastically improving. Mcvay was the flavor of the month last year,nothing else.

  10. These older DC’s are good for 2-3 years. The younger DC’s can’t seem to get 2-3 years of success. The larger problem for both age groups is the NFL does all it can to prevent defensive success or sustainability.

  11. But who will teach McVey, the greatest young coach of our time, how to coach now? It’s the end of a dynasty like we’ve never seen before.

  12. I don’t get these guys who are 72, financially stable (and if not, that’s a whole other issue) and just won’t retire.

    Some people admire people who never want to stop working. I don’t. To me, it shows a lack of imagination. No one is saying you have to sit home, but good lord don’t you have any hobbies?

  13. Wade is an exceptional coordinator. In addition to not being head coach material, he has a four to five year window where his defenses are top notch. By year five, players start to tune him out for some reason.

  14. Wade would be an upgrade for several teams like Cincy, Cowboys (maybe teach Richards how to be a DC), Raiders, Seattle, Arizona, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Cleveland, etc.

    Who ever is the next D-coordinator for the Rams will be playing with a short deck of two very goods players and the rest of whatever they can afford as McVay/Snead “over” pays for offensive weapons.

  15. I’d take hin in Dallas but Dallas doesn’t have the personnel to fill his 34 scheme. JJ won’t want to wait for him to try and convert it over either.

  16. Just because he failed as a HC does not mean he’s not a really good DC. He will improve someone’s team greatly this off season. I’d take him in Cincinnati in a heartbeat.

  17. I highly doubt that he goes back to Dallas. Jones just doesn’t seem like the type to admit mistakes, like rehiring a coach he fired.

  18. Pittsburgh has an up and coming defense. Bud would love the irony of Wade helping to bring another Super Bowl to the ‘burgh. ‘Kick the door SOB in!”

  19. the defense stunk this year because the offense REALLY STUNK this year.

    No defense can maintain forever if the offense does zip.

    Same thing with the Patriots this year. The defense eventually wore down because of lousy offense.

  20. take note cowboys. you let go of the person, and move on. you dont take 3 weeks and 15 meetings with them to decide….

  21. Sure would love the Jags to dump Wash and call Phillips up and take the season that is about to suck to make the switch to a 34

  22. ah so it was Wade that let a better Corner go then traded 2 first round picks for one not as good.

    Then it was wade that dumped a truck ton of money for a average QB and didnt spend anything to fix the o-line.

    and it was wade not calling plays for their best player on offense ” gurly “.

    got it, this whole time i didnt realize he was running everything.

  23. This is a mistake by the boy wonder. Wade’s D held Brady to 13 points in the Bowl and the offensive genius couldn’t get into the end zone. To the comments about how he should retire. Football coaches are like farmers – the idea of retirement just doesn’t compute. Keep plugging Wade. I hope you get another ring!

  24. cotroutslayer says:
    January 6, 2020 at 3:04 pm
    For God’s sake, Gruden better pick him up! GO RAIDERS!

    Last I heard, Phillips ran a 3-4 defense, though. The Raiders are built for a 4-3. I doubt they’d overhaul the defense at this point.

  25. Rams fans earlier this year: Peters cant play man coverage! Thats why Wade had to switch to soft zone!!

    Peters: Played almost exclusively in man in BAL and won AP award, multiple PICK 6s.

    Rams: Still terrible at pass defense after mortgaging the future on Ramsey.

    Some teams get it, some don’t.

  26. Not sure what was expected with what they gave him to work with. Fowler, Matthews and Brocker have all slipped a lot and I could see them not being around next season. Your linebackers are very inexperienced and not very disruptive. Other than Ramsey the secondary is also very inexperienced and the entire defense last depth.
    They have locked themselves into the 3-4. Maybe he was the fall guy for everything going on around the Rams.

  27. I’m not a Fan of the Browns but How does McDaniels as head coach Brady as Quarterback for 2 years and Wade Philips as defense cordinator sound.

  28. If he is retiring good for Wade. If not, the rams will do no better. Stop Donald and you stop the Rams D. Ramsey is a cancer that really didn’t play that well with all his hype.

  29. A good man and an excellent coordinator. May he continue on with his love of coaching football….Mr. Snead…You’ve got work to do this off-season. L.A.loves a winner and never supports losers….Get this team back on track…

  30. Football God says:
    January 6, 2020 at 6:15 pm

    I’m not a Fan of the Browns but How does McDaniels as head coach Brady as Quarterback for 2 years and Wade Philips as defense cordinator sound.

    Pretty good except for the Brady part. The last thing we need is to waste all of this young talent on a terrible 40-something year old

  31. I wonder who will be the Rams next DC? Surely he has a guy lined up or he wouldn’t have fired Wade…

  32. Wade was probably dancing and cheering when he heard Jason Garrett got canned.

    But then he went and got himself fired.

  33. He should come to Denver as a “Defensive Consultant” and just spit ball with Fangio and Donatell. What a great room that would be.

  34. This is the GPODAWUND says:
    January 6, 2020 at 7:46 pm
    Football God says:
    January 6, 2020 at 6:15 pm

    I’m not a Fan of the Browns but How does McDaniels as head coach Brady as Quarterback for 2 years and Wade Philips as defense cordinator sound.

    Pretty good except for the Brady part. The last thing we need is to waste all of this young talent on a terrible 40-something year old

    You think Baker Mayfield as the Quarterback is not wasting away the young talent.You don’t think having a 6 time Superbowl champ playing while Backer Mayfield sits on the bench and learns for 2 years is a better situation winning a Lombardi.My opinion the Browns have nothing to lose.When was the last they were a franchise you were proud of and at this point have to try everything. Again really have nothing to lose. What’s the worst case scenario another bad season.

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