Ken Zampese talking to Washington about QB coach job

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As Ron Rivera works quickly to put together his first Washington staff, he’s talking to a few people who didn’t work for him in Carolina.

According to Les Carpenter of the Washington Post, Rivera is going to retain incumbent special teams coach Nate Kaczor, and is talking to Ken Zampese for his quarterbacks coach vacancy.

Zampese worked in the AAF and at the University of Florida last year, and was with the Browns in 2018 prior to a long run with the Bengals as quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator. He also worked for the Rams, Packers, and Eagles.

Washington’s expected to name Scott Turner as offensive coordinator, among a number of assistants coming with Rivera from the Panthers.

6 responses to “Ken Zampese talking to Washington about QB coach job

  1. The off season is way more important than the regular season,,,Ron Rivera is not waiting on the Redskins to hire a GM,,,with a new coach in Washington Dallas and New York the NFL east will be quite interesting next year!

  2. Ugh, Zampese. As a Bengals fan I slowly came to the realization that he was an awful qb coach. He worked with both Dalton and Palmer and they never seemed to get better as their careers went on. It seemed that make the same mistakes in year 1 as they did 5 years in. When he became an offensive coordinator, his ineptitude was on full display. Heck, the Bengals organization hates to get rid of coaches until their contracts are up and they fired him 3 games into the season.

  3. Please come back to Cleveland!! The real fans of the browns know you had more to do with Bakers rookie year than Larry the cable guy!

  4. I agree – you cannot coach up the weak Qb that Washington drafted last year. There aren’t enough years in a QB’s career to make that man a winner in the NFL. He is a sloth and slow at processing. He is RG3 with a Raspberry Pi for a brain and concrete legs.

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