Longtime teammate thinks Trent Williams will return

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Since hiring Ron Rivera as head coach, Washington has been deliberate to turn over the medical and athletic training staff.

And that could serve as a big benefit to them on the field soon.

Via NBCSportsWashington.com, running back Chris Thompson said he thinks left tackle Trent Williams will return to the team now that the changes have been made.

Williams didn’t play a snap this year because of his dissatisfaction with former president Bruce Allen and the staff, over the handling of a medical issue.

But since then, the team has fired Allen, and brought in a new head athletic trainer from Carolina (Ryan Vermillion) and added a new medical consultant (Dr. Kevin Wilk) in the last week.

“From articles and stuff that I read, [Williams] had problems with two people,” Thompson said during an appearance on 106.7 The Fan, referring to Allen and former trainer Larry Hess. “Now, that’s out the way, I think he would come back now.

“He always said for him, Dan [Snyder] wasn’t an issue at all, it was more how he was treated medically and how he felt about Bruce and stuff. That’s out of the question now, out of the way now. I think there’s a big chance he’ll come back.”

Thompson, who has played with Williams since 2013, said that running back Adrian Peterson has been in communication with Williams and also anticipates a return.

“I wouldn’t see him holding out now,” Thompson said.

If that’s the case, it’s a huge boost for the team. With a first-round quarterback in place, and a Pro Bowl-caliber left tackle happy again, they’d be free to use the second overall pick in the draft on another position of immediate benefit, such as Ohio State defensive end Chase Young.

16 responses to “Longtime teammate thinks Trent Williams will return

  1. I’m of the mindset that trading Trent is the best option considering his health and time away from the team,,,to get a 2nd and a 3rd
    or a fifth round pick would be great!!!!

  2. Viking fan here: if these things happen along with the addition of one of the better coaches in the NFL (Rivera), I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Redskins improve to 8-8 next year.

  3. Young _could_ be a beast, but he did get utterly erased in his last game, with everything on the line. Maybe the Skins can get a haul for trading down. Trading down for multiple picks has paid off for Belichick (and the Seahawks and others), and it’s not like Washington is one specific pick away from going 12-4 in 2020.

  4. I think getting Willams back along with having the 1st pick and a respected new coach(Rivera), the Redskins could improve to 8-8 in 2020.

  5. Chase Young was not a factor in the Michigan or Clemson game. Period end of story.

  6. hailtothenamechange says:
    January 7, 2020 at 3:57 pm
    Bruce Allen put him on the unpaid list because of cancer. Just let that sink in. So glad Allen is gone.

    Some people must live in a safe space. Most of us live in the real world. You know, where having cancer does not entitle you a paycheck.

  7. Washington could be a wild card team next year for sure as long as Ron stays away from trying to bring Cam along with him. They gave their future QB on the roster so give ALL of the first team snaps to Haskins and continue to develop him, and keep a viable backup, but whatever happens don’t chase Cam if the Panthers release him

  8. So what Chase didnt have a good game,everybody has a bad game every now and then! Stop hating!!!

  9. The NFC east is going to be crazy next year. Lots of moving parts. Has any division ever had 3 new head coaches in the same season?

  10. “Some people must live in a safe space. Most of us live in the real world. You know, where having cancer does not entitle you a paycheck.”

    So if your employer suspended you without pay due to cancer, you’d be cool with it?

  11. Of course he’ll be back – the team doctor will solve his need for a primary care physician since he’s too lazy to find one outside of the team. I seriously hope this fool is injured and never comes back. His excuse for not showing was lame. I would not expect a team doctor to be able to find cancer. If I would also have a real doctor for my primary care health. But then again, I’m logical and I don’t have an axe to grind. I just want Trent gone.

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