Panthers reportedly will hire Matt Rhule

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The primary candidates to coach the Panthers were Eric Bieniemy, Matt Rhule, and Josh McDaniels. And one of them is indeed getting the job.

Rhule will leave Baylor for Charlotte, as first reported by Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports.

The Panthers moved on from Ron Rivera with roughly a month to go during the season, as new owner David Tepper moved to put his imprint on the football operation. Rhule, who was due to meet with the Giants next, gets the job before interviewing with the team for which he served as assistant offensive line coach in 2012.

The 44-year-old has quickly turned around Baylor program that was in shambles post-Art Briles. The New York City native also served as head coach at Temple.

He’ll become the fifth coach in Panthers history, joining Dom Capers, George Seifert, John Fox, and Rivera.

74 responses to “Panthers reportedly will hire Matt Rhule

  1. Hahahaha! Looks like the Giants will get Garret then which I think we all thought was going to happen anyway.

  2. It seems that better ownership and QB’s that Carolina has have greater weight than what the Giants have. It also apparently hurt the Giants case that Gettleman is still there as GM.

  3. If the Giants end up with Garrett, it will make for great theater in that conference for years to come. Love it! Another way to to watch Jerry Jones face plant!!

  4. Smart hire by Panthers…. was hoping the Cowboys were going his direction.

    Can’t wait to watch Garrett clapping his way to consecutive 13 loss seasons for the G-men over the next 3 years. Finally he helps out da’ boyz!

  5. Good luck. Rhule didn’t even have a winning record at Baylor. He was embarrassed in their bowl game as well. What do you expect with a new owner Tepper who is going to do things his way. Which is his right, but wait till Panther fans see the result. Ouch.

  6. This is an intriguing place to go coach. They have some nice pieces but they have a disastrous qb situation. Cam isnt the answer but you have to try and get a team to take on that contract but if you do trade him then you’re starting over looking for one. Minus Gettlemen to me the Giants is the better choice.

  7. Omg if the giants get Jason Garrett I’m going to die lol. Giants ownership has become some disfuctional that this has become almost rediculous how irrelevant the giants have become

  8. This is the Giants’ way, slow, plodding and methodical. The do stuff like this then try to make up for it with emotional decisions on draft day. Neither works.

  9. Matt Rhule has had a precipitous ascension in the coaching ranks. I remember watching him coach the Temple program and doing a good job. I’m glad he was not hired by the Giants, now I can root for him except when the Eagles play the Panthers.

  10. Keeping Gettleman clearly made the job less desirable and limited their options. At this point, I would go for Bienemy…

  11. Rhule has a great attitude and he won points with me for being honest with his players and telling them he wanted a shot at coaching in the NFL. And he quickly turned around both Temple and Baylor…and Baylor was a toxic heap when he took that job. I’m not usually sold on hiring college guys but I think Rhule may be the exception.

  12. I wonder if Gettleman was the hold up with the Giants and Mara didn’t want his yes man to leave, so Rhule said forget going to carolina?

  13. If Garrett get the Giants job,he accepts being second choice,which speaks to how much self respect he has. On the other hand,it gives him a chance to stick it to Jerry Jones if he can make the team competitive. It would be my first time ever rooting for the Giants.

  14. Giants will probably hire McDaniels. I’d prefer Bieniemy. Something special about him since he was at Colorado.

    McDaniels already has a checkered past and Bieniemy deserves a shot. Both are going to get a shot, sooner or later. I think the Browns and Giants will hire both.

    I think Bieniemy might be a better fit with the Browns. Better skill players. Just need a leader of men. Giants are in rebuild mode but a guy like McDaniels would be given a very long run at getting it right. Not sure Bieniemy would get such a luxury.

    Giants have a serious issue with defense, though. How many long term ‘older’ OC’s or DC’s make it as HC’s in this league? Giants just failed with that try. Can’t see Winky getting the job.

  15. I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to the Giants, a division rival, no less! If you do hire Jason Garrett, you will need all the prayers and condolences you can get. This decades long Cowboys’ fan, after a decade of sheer futility, got to a point, where she did not care if we won or lost the last games of this season! It was NOT a good feeling, but, it was ANYTHING, to wake JJ up to his incompetence, & that list of incompetence is very long!!! Good luck to the fans! I have been doing my HAPPY DANCE, for the last 3 days!!

  16. itswhereyourmindsat says:
    January 7, 2020 at 10:12 am
    John mara is the worst owner in sports. Worse than james dolan


    Nobody is worse than Dolan. You must be a Nets/Mets/Jets fan. Every loyal Knick fan on this planet would prefer Dan Snyder to James Dolan. Spanos might be a draw.

  17. I hope his contract has a clause about what he can wear on the sideline during games. Someone said X-Ray apron…. LOL.

  18. I think this will be the hire of the year. I thought for sure the Giants would have hired Rhule.

  19. The beauty of these coaching hires is it’s all speculation. Nobody knows if it’s a good hire or fit until games are played.

  20. If your name is Jason Garrett and you know it clap your hands!
    Clap, Clap , Clap!!!
    If your the next Coach of the Giants and you know it clap your hands!
    Clap, Clap, Clap!!!

  21. Tepper started the search early and got a leg up on the G-men. Good for him and good for Rivera. It worked out well for both of them.

    Meanwhile, Mara started later, is interviewing everyone he can for free scouting analysis of his team (and its a looong list) and missed his chance for a guy everyone pegged to the Giants.

  22. Rhule may turn out but ,for anyone categorizing Urban Meyer as only a college coach, Rhule has only 1 year NFL experience and it was as an Assistant OL coach.

    Just like the NFL Draft,most of these HC candidates are hyped by agents and the media and are hired to be fired.

  23. My fellow Giants fans upset they didn’t get a shot at a guy who is 47-42 as a HC. A guy 99% of Giants fans had never heard of at this point last year or even six months ago. Then again most Giants fans are living in a fantasy world where Belichick quits the Pats and comes to coach the Giants……..just because they really, really, really want him to.

  24. The Giants are an embarrassment. This is three failed coaching hires in a little over four years time. John Mara just wants to feel comfortable. He wants a teddy bear. Here comes Jason Garrett.

  25. I love this hire. Rhule has done very well at every stop. Most successful college coaches are good recruiters, but I think Rhule is a great X’s and O’s guy. Still need talent to win at the pro level. I didn’t think the Panthers’ problem was coaching, but too late for that.

  26. John Mara may not be the worst owner in football. But he is also not even close to being average. The giants have turned into a mess and have been now for quite some time. Mara and tisch are jokes. Keeping Gettleman is going to come back and haunt this team they needed to clean house l. What a disgrace

  27. The beauty of these coaching hires is it’s all speculation. Nobody knows if it’s a good hire or fit until games are played.

    Precisely. Fans reacting like these guys are locks to have great runs with their new teams. McCarthy and Rivera didn’t get fired because they’re teams just couldn’t take anymore success. Rhule is essentially a win a game, lose a game college coach with his only NFL experience being an assistant OL coach for the Giants. That’s pretty damned far from running an entire team.

  28. Somebody said that Mira was the worst owner in football. WRONG!!! That honor goes to Jimmy Haslan hands down. Its is not even debatable.

  29. I love how everyone is saying that Matt Rhule is “not a proven commodity” and what not. Well, guess what. Jason Garrett is a proven commodity. He has proven that he sucks as a head coach. I would rather have an unproven hire than a proven mediocre one as coach.

  30. I find it difficult to believe that McDaniels would take the Giants job if Gettleman is still there.

    Now if the Giants would get rid of Gettleman i could see it.

  31. Giants have the better QB situation??? Panthers have a 30 year old former MVP QB who, prior to injury last year, was 6-2 and off to his best passing start ever. They have a competent backup in Kyle Allen. They also have the #7 pick in this years draft that they could use on a Daniel Jones caliber QB to groom for the future.

  32. Great hire for a great owner. Tepper went out and was able to bring in the best candidate he could. Rhule has done nothing but be upfront and turn things around everywhere he’s gone. Nice job for that organization.

  33. If you are to believe the Numbers:

    7 Years, $60 million and incentives to go up to $70 million and a $10-$17 million buyout.

    Rhule called the GIANTS, gave them the option of matching, GIANTS (Wisely) said no.

    I hope the Panthers got their man here. Good Luck to Rhule. Good Luck to Joe Judge as the GIANTS HC as well.

  34. Interesting hire. I won’t pretend to know too much about the guy, but his name has come up in Head Coaching gigs these last couple years so I’m guessing some front offices are very fond of him. My only concern is his niche for wanting full control of everything. I can’t remember to what extent it was, but he was originally in the running for the Jets job last year but didn’t want to take on some position coach or something. If what I read is correct and he is very honest and upfront with his players, I can tell why people rally around him.

    X’s and O’s are so hit and miss, so is coaching acumen in college. I was very against the Kingsbury hire last year because of his coaching record even though he had the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Johnny Manziel in his collegiate coaching, but while the season wasn’t great, the Cards made progress and definitely have their guy of the future.

    I hope this works out, never want to root the failure of another person.

  35. Ah well. Judge to the Giants, Matt Rhule to the Panthers. If McDaniels has any brains, he will not be touching the Browns with a bargepole! Dysfunctional locker room, prima donna personalities, clueless owner who can’t get out of his own way, and an analytics guy thousands of mile away. He’ll be waiting till next year.

  36. Say what you will about Garrett, but he’d be a big upgrade over the last couple coaches the Giants have had. Even Coughlin produced mostly mediocre results, but had that x-factor of being able to make extraordinary things happen in the postseason.

  37. How I read this headline actually was….

    “Jason Garret to be announced as Giants Coach.”

    LMAO please make this happen the tears would be sweeter than honey.

  38. Teams pulling the trigger so quickly is proof that their simply aren’t that many quality coaches in the pipeline. The fact that Jim Schwarz is being interviewed by the Browns is further proof. The Eagles can’t wait for that clown to leave town.

  39. The Biker Prophet says:
    January 7, 2020 at 1:40 pm
    Is anyone else getting that “Bobby Petrino in Atlanta” vibe?

    Uh, NO! Rhule is a good guy that has paid his dues all the way through the college ranks.

  40. 19dead2 says:
    January 7, 2020 at 10:16 am

    Good luck. Rhule didn’t even have a winning record at Baylor. He was embarrassed in their bowl game as well. What do you expect with a new owner Tepper who is going to do things his way. Which is his right, but wait till Panther fans see the result. Ouch.


    Baylor lost the Sugar Bowl by 12 points to a perennial SEC powerhouse team. Not exactly “embarrassed.” They are still a young team as well. Good future coming for Baylor.

  41. Its funny reading all of these comments from way earlier in the day. As it turns out the Giants wanted Judge over Rhule to begin with. Only time will tell if that was the correct move, but its not that Rhule spurned the Giants, as was being reported.

    As far as the Giants being a “dumpster fire” organization, Im 49 and have seen my team win 4 superbowls, the last 2 having occurred in fairly recent memory. There are very few other teams whose fans can say that. The Giants will be good again.

  42. arwiv says:
    January 7, 2020 at 4:45 pm
    Its funny reading all of these comments from way earlier in the day. As it turns out the Giants wanted Judge over Rhule to begin with. Only time will tell if that was the correct move, but its not that Rhule spurned the Giants, as was being reported.


    Nobody ever get’s their second pick at head coach. The one they hire is always their #1 choice.

    When is the last time you heard a team announce, “This isn’t the guy we wanted but he was all that was left.”?

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