Report: Matt Rhule has a coordinator picked out

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When he was talking to the Jets last offseason, the composition of his staff was apparently a stumbling block for Matt Rhule.

It’s apparently not a problem for the Panthers, who have given him a seven-year contract to be their head coach.

According to Ralph Vacchiano of, Rhule intends to hire Lions quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan as his offensive coordinator, and bring veteran coach Phil Snow with him to coach defense.

The 47-year-old Ryan worked with Rhule during his one year with the Giants (2012). Ryan was there from 2007-15, serving in a number of capacities including coaching quarterbacks and receivers. Since leaving, he’s coached quarterbacks for the Texans and Lions.

The 64-year-old Snow served as Rhule’s defensive coordinator at both Temple and Baylor. He’s spent most of his career in the college ranks, but had four years with the Lions (2005-08).

18 responses to “Report: Matt Rhule has a coordinator picked out

  1. Matt Rhule should have stuck to coaching the minor leagues. He is Chip Kelly 2.0. What an awful hire. I cant belive someone gave this guy a head coach job in the NFL. Baylor isnt a school to really hang your hat on when pumping up your coaching resume.

  2. Well…at least Panther fans can console themselves with the fact that Rhule will probably jump ship after 3 years once a job he thinks is more attractive comes along. And of course, he’ll be walking out the door *still* telling his players he’s not going anywhere.

    That seems to be his m.o. everywhere he’s gone.

  3. I had not heard of him until recently. So I had to look him up. His resume is pretty impressive. Over the past 21 years he’s coached everything form linebackers to O-line to QB’s at the D1 level. He spent a year as the Giants O-line assistant.

    I guess it’s easier to say “I never heard of you so you must stink.” it just seems weird to me to have the internet and not use it to learn so I can have an INFORMED opinion.

  4. bassplucker says:
    January 7, 2020 at 3:30 pm
    A defensive coordinator from the Big XII? Hard pass.
    He’s never been a defensive coordinator in his entire career. Big XII or anywhere else for that matter. He was named Big XII coach of the year for this past season but he’s never been a DC anywhere.

  5. Al Golden built the Temple program.
    Art Briles built the Baylor program.
    Matt Rhule’s agent built the Matt Rhule hype.

  6. I don’t know for the life of me why any owner would ever hire a college HC because the failure rate for 1st time NFL HCs coming from the college ranks is at over 90%!

  7. Cool another quick temporary three year hire for failure. Go Lions!

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