Report: Panthers gave Matt Rhule a seven-year deal

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Panthers owner David Tepper talked about wanting to build something stable, like the Steelers organization he came from.

He’s certainly giving new coach Matt Rhule time.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Panthers are giving Rhule a seven-year contract worth $60 million, which could be worth up to $70 million in incentives.

That’s an incredible outlay of dollars — but most importantly time — for a college coach who has exactly one year of NFL experience.

Rhule was scheduled to meet with the Giants today, but that meeting never happened. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, he offered the Giants a chance to match the Panthers offer last night, but they declined, triggering their quick deal with Patriots special teams coordinator Joe Judge.

26 responses to “Report: Panthers gave Matt Rhule a seven-year deal

  1. I don’t see it. I thought Tepper was a smart guy. Would he overpay a CEO like this? I hope he gave himself an out if this guy blows chunks after 2 years…

  2. If I was the Panthers I’d be pissed he shopped our deal and gave the Giants a chance to match…that screams that he would rather be there. I’d make sure he fails his physical and bust the deal…

  3. I’m not sure if this is a bad hire or not, but he is only 47–43 as head coach.

    Making more money for more years than many highly qualified, experienced coaches.

    Just wow.

  4. Carolina will be eating a bunch of that 7 year contract in about 3 years. They will regret getting rid of Riverboat Ron.

  5. Sounds to me like Tepper is intent on blowing it up and rebuilding, so he gave him a long contrcat so he has time. Its not going to be a “win now” turnaround if you ask me.

  6. If I offered someone the moon and they shopped it for their “favorite” to match, I would have pulled the offer immediately. Rhule’s heart is obviously where the money is and NOT with the Panthers.

  7. The guy has built a winner everywhere he’s been. If I was a Panther fan I would be excited. It’s not my money and it doesn’t effect a salary cap.

  8. Yeah, exactly what you want to hear as a fan is that your new HC who is being paid like he’s Bill Belichick or Mike Tomlin called up another job to say match this before saying yes, lol. This will fail spectacularly I’m predicting. I’m just here for the awkward press confrences in the future when they’re going 5-11 and every other reporter brings up that he makes over $8 mil a year. Just think of insert your favorite embattled coach who failed in this to vizualize this (anyone hired by Cleveland, random Jet coaches, Lion coaches, etc. etc). Between Haslem and Tepper, now you see why the Rooneys run that team with an iron fist and don’t listen to the minority owners.

  9. Rhule has had an impressive run in the college ranks, first at Temple and then at Baylor, but the truth is that the college game is way different than the pro game. First you have unlimited access to talent if you are a good recruiter, which I would speculate that Rhule probably is. Second you have time to turn those programs around, there is way more patience at the college level than the pro level. A college program’s head coach is the true big man on campus and quite frankly they can rule with an iron fist and get away with it. Remember even the biggest Diva’s on those teams are dependent on playing to end up being drafted and getting their payday.

    Finally the level of coaching at the college level is no where near the talent level of the pro’s. Almost all of the pro HC and coordinators could perform well at a small college level like Temple’s, granted Baylor is a step up but no where near the level of the pros. Just look at how many college coaches have crashed and burned at the pro level and this is a $60 million/7 year contract . . . with that length of a deal Tepper better be ready for the possibility of suffering through some really rough years or paying multiple head coaches at the same time. With a college coach on a 7 year deal, this organization could easily fire and hire new HCs twice before the are out from under this contract, and Rhule can easily jump back into the college ranks and double dip for his salary . . . as there probably isn’t offset language other than at the pro level.

  10. I was more shocked to read he was making over 4 million at Baylor. I mean…c’mon.

  11. “Second you have time to turn those programs around, there is way more patience at the college level than the pro level.”

    Tell that to schools like Tennessee and Florida

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