Scott Turner is Washington’s new offensive coordinator

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The son of a former Washington head coach will be Washington’s next offensive coordinator.

Washington is hiring Scott Turner as its next offensive coordinator, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports.

The 37-year-old Turner is the son of former Washington head coach Norv Turner. The hiring reunites him with new Washington head coach Ron Rivera, who was Turner’s boss the last two years, when Turner was the Panthers’ quarterbacks coach.

Scott Turner has also served as a quarterbacks coach with the Vikings and a wide receivers coach with the Browns.

13 responses to “Scott Turner is Washington’s new offensive coordinator

  1. Lucky for him his name isn’t “Turnstile”… In Washington, he’d have nothing to do.

  2. Loser choice by Rivera. He’s a defensive minded coach so he needs a proven offensive coordinator. Picking the wrong OC helped him get fired in Carolina. It looks like it will help him under-perform in Washington.

    The Redskins have a long history of choosing bad coordinators, so Rivera is no different. It’s a shame.

  3. Long history of choosing bad coordinators? Mcvay and Shanahan don’t count? That’s just the last few years. Doesn’t even count recent quarterback coaches

  4. Great choice by Ron….New blood and a young coach to work with a young quarterback will mean plenty of growing pains for both. All of which equals a few more years before they figure things out which means the press will continue to have a field day with this team. Love it it’s perfect for Washington

  5. Haslett, Barry, Manusky
    Blache. Who I think was an audio an interim head coach or some nonsense. Point remains, Kyle Shanahan, Matt LeFleur, and Sean McVay have gone on to be some of the best head coaches in the league. The Redskins real problem isn’t hiring bad assistants, it’s booting the good ones.

  6. Marvin Lewis, Mike Nolan, Gregg Williams, Hue Jackson (say what you will about him, he did become a head coach) are among other Redskins assistants to later become head coaches. Terry Robiskie too if you count interims. Then of course there are Shannahan, McVay, and LaFleur who were all on one Redskins staff. And I feel like I’m missing 2-3 in between.

    The Redskins actually have done a nice job hiring coordinators/assistants — and letting them get away.

  7. Is his dad going to be around to cover his posterior like in Minnesota and Carolina? This guy isn’t a Shanahan.

  8. Wanted to see Kevin O Connell stay as OC. Seems we always let young OC’s go right before they blossom.

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