Sean Payton: Can’t speak for Drew Brees, but think he wants to play

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Saints quarterback Drew Brees wasn’t interested in talking about his plans for 2020 after last Sunday’s loss to the Vikings, but it remains a topic of great interest in New Orleans.

Brees is not under contract for 2020, which leaves a couple of decisions to make. One is whether he wants to play another season and, if so, the other is whether it will be with the Saints.

Head coach Sean Payton held a press conference on Tuesday and said that he hasn’t had any conversations with Brees about next season. He said the team is “clearly not even at that stage” in their own evaluations of the 2019 season and that it is “always best” to take some time after the end of the season before doing anything.

“I can’t speak for Drew as to his wants. I think he wants to play more,” Payton said. “We saw him play at a very high level. We’ll discuss every player on the roster. I don’t anticipate this grandiose meeting and phone call anytime soon.”

Teddy Bridgewater is also set for unrestricted free agency while Taysom Hill is an impending restricted free agent. Payton said he’d keep all three of the team’s quarterbacks in a perfect world, but there’s a lot to play out in New Orleans before all of the pieces fall into place.

23 responses to “Sean Payton: Can’t speak for Drew Brees, but think he wants to play

  1. Its a tough call because though Brees can still play, he keeps coming up short in the playoffs. Better defences expose him and the team has to help him more with the running game, that Payton abandoned sunday.

  2. Stick some voodoo pins in him. He done. He got da karma jinx.

  3. Brees shredded the #1 defense from Santa Clara just a few weeks ago. He had 6 total TDs in that game. He Exposed them. What happened to your narrative in that game? Brees struggled Sunday because Minnesota whipped the OL all game and Brees had no time to pass on 85% of his drop backs. He only missed 7 passes in that game, BTW. That doesn’t fit into your narrative, though, does it?

  4. Brees was on pace to have approximately 4800 yards and 48 TDs and only about 5 ints, had he played all 16 games. MVP caliber numbers that would’ve been the only real competition with Lamar for that honor. Yet, there are actual so-called people out there who’d have you believe he’s washed up. Ignorance knows no bounds.

  5. If your comment was directed at me, greenwhodat26, I never said he was WASHED UP…He struggled because youre right, the offensive line played bad, which is why he needed a running game to help him out and Payton ABANDONED it…

  6. allsyntax says:

    Brees is money hungry. Bet that he’s gonna keep playing.
    You sound like you know him personally?

  7. How is this for a narrative…

    Brees shredded the 49ers defence but LOST the game

    The BETTER DEFENCE for the Vikings beat Brees and the Saints while Payton got outcoached…

  8. Hill certainly did a lot more for them last Sunday. Brees has been great, but how ling a contract would anyone want to give him? It would have to be heavily front-loaded.

  9. Brees getting crap because the Saints o-line has been absolutely horrendous in the last two postseasons.

    It’s almost like people here don’t know jack or squat about football….

  10. Your narrative was that good defenses expose him, which couldn’t be any further from the truth. Payton abandoned the run game, true, and it was because the damn OL couldn’t block anything in that game. They didn’t run block, or slow down the Vikings pass rush. All Pro players all over that OL and they didn’t show up.

  11. Look at his stats. He killed it. He’s no where near done. If Brady leaves, and the Saints don’t want Brees he can go to NE.

  12. bush1069 says:
    January 7, 2020 at 3:40 pm
    Guess Brees is not good enough if one title is the bench mark
    He probably thinks the benchmark is a little short with one title since there’s an asterisk next to it.

  13. Look I want Brees to win another SB as well, anyone but Call the Flag Rodgers, but if he comes back, the playoff turnovers have to stop. Theyre magnified in the playoffs. Luckily Brees was able to tie the game after his fumble.

  14. O line didn’t give him time to throw, and the team couldn’t run the ball or stop the run in the first half. Brees was under pressure all day. Give him time and he’ll slice up any defense…

  15. Maybe Brees goes back to where it all started…
    Back to the Chargers to spin some turnstiles in that new stadium.

  16. Brees is done they should have stuck with who they were winning with instead of going back to Brees. The Patriots did it with Brady when their multi million dollar quarterback deer in headlights Drew Bledsoe went down. Bill went with the unknown Brady and Tom starting winning, and the rest was history, and New Orleans had the chance to do it while Brees was hurt, but instead of sticking with Teddy they went back to Brees…and here they are sitting at home watching others move on…Way to go Sean you are forever blinded by what Brees has done for you in the past

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