St. Louis showing support for new XFL team

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Rams owner Stan Kroenke will move into his new palace next season, a building he’ll share with the Chargers amid questions about the demand for that much football in Los Angeles.

In the city he abandoned, there’s still a market for the sport, even if it’s the minor league kind.

According to Daniel Kaplan of, the St. Louis entry to the XFL has drawn significant local interest.

The team has already sold 6,000 season tickets, most in the fledgling league, and they hope to sell out the Dome at America’s Center. They’ve reconfigured the Rams’ old building to hold 27,500 for the XFL, and there’s clearly a grudge against Kroenke helping to spark sales.

“So to have a team back in St. Louis is really, really exciting and just to stick it to Kroenke, I am happy sticking it to Kroenke any time I can,” said Jason “Dirty” Spurgeon, who co-hosts a weekly podcast dedicated to the XFL’s St. Louis BattleHawks.

His co-host, Arlington Lane, added that it was important for local fans to show St. Louis was always a viable market.

“A lot of people were mad at Kroenke for taking it away,” Lane said. “And, you know, we had supported it even though they were bad. And now this is another opportunity where we can show not just St. Louis but also the whole country that we still love football and professional football belongs here in St. Louis.”

While other alternative leagues have tried to focus on smaller markets that lacked NFL teams, the XFL put seven of its eight teams in places that already had NFL fanbases. At the moment, whether out of actual interest or just spite, St. Louis has drawn the largest following.

30 responses to “St. Louis showing support for new XFL team

  1. Some of the nicest, most passionate fans I have met were in St. Louis at the Rams games, when I went to watch the Rams and Niners games. The problem is the other teams fans would make up 50% or more of the attendance there. St. Louis is a baseball town but if Rams fans showed up more, then I think they could be considered again for a football team, so that’s cool that they are showing support for their XFL team. Also, they’d need another place to play. The dome is outdated. It’s like the old RCA dome in Indy, but more outdated. They hold supercross and big indoor race car events there, so you’d think they would invest more in the dome. I hope St. Louis does get another team someday, though. Their fans deserve it.

  2. “So to have a team back in St. Louis is really, really exciting and just to stick it to Kroenke”

    Reality check – selling 6,000 season tickets is nice, but Kroenke is worth somewhere near $10B and I’m pretty sure he couldn’t care less…

  3. In case there were any lingering questions, evidently St. Louis is still a minor league football city. They lost not one but TWO NFL franhises (assuming one considers the Cardinals an actual NFL franchise).

  4. I feel like our societies levels of spite has reached unnatural levels over the past 20 years. Momentum just seems to keep building for spite and resentment. I worry a bit about where that might lead us?

  5. XFL needs to go and get some huge names out of this NFL Draft Class. Have Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts square up as starting XFL QBs a few weeks after the superbowl. 1 year 5 million contracts for both of them. With pro football the product is actually storylines, not so much quality of play. Go get REAL star power

  6. Saint Louis supported their team when they were crappy. Look at the run they had, one of the worst in NFL history and look at attendance. Most cities are not going to show up to that. KC had one 4 win season and they were taping tickets to the light poles outside the stadium(I was working at Arrowhead then).

    Cardinals left because of the city not wanting to fund a stadium(Bidwell wanted to stay). With the Rams Kroenke already had a plan in place to leave after Georgia passed. The city came up with a very respectable plan for a stadium(which was supposed to be what kept them in St. Louis) and the NFL/Rams said nah, we’re leaving anyway.

    When an organization puts effort into putting a respectable product on the field, they show up. STL fans are some of the best.

  7. St. Louis lost the Cardinals because the city wouldn’t build Bidwell a new stadium. That had nothing to do with the fans but should be laid at the feet of city leaders.

    They lost the Rams because Kroenke is a greedy SOB. The Rams made demands for the remodeling of the Dome that were so outrageous the cost would’ve funded a new stadium. When the city did step up and propose a new stadium, Kroenke just “thumbed” his nose, said eff you, and rode off into the sunset. Kroenke made up his mind to move a full 3 years before the stadium lease was set to expire. I met a Senior Rams exec at an event the night of a draft when the Rams had the first pick. I asked him if he were excited and knew who the Rams would select (They chose Tayvon Austin.) He stated “I don’t give a f— who they select, They’re leaving St Louis in a couple of years and I’m not going with them.

    During the time after Georgia Frontiere passed and Kroenke had “first rights” to buy the team if the Rosenbloom kids decided to sell their majority share, Kroenke was asked about moving the team out of St. Louis. He responded words to the effect “I was born and raised in Missouri. I’m a St. Louisan by birth and I would never do that to the city. I fought to get the Rams moved from LA, yada, yada, yada.”

    While in St. Louis, and compiling the NFL’s worst record over a span of 12 years, St. Louis fans supported that poor excuse for a team with all their heart. That dungeon the Rams played in was filled for every game enough so there were no TV blackouts. These people loved that team and didn’t deserve the BS Kroenke pulled on them. It was a blast going to Rams games in the city even though I’m a Pats fan and wore my Pats hat. People were still nice to me. St. Louis is a great city and they deserve an NFL team.

  8. Kroenke aka Squirrel Head is a real piece of work. Ask St Louis fans and Aresnal just what they think of Silent Stan. He can hide behind Walmart money and on his massive ranch in Texas. But, he is nothing more than a egotistical country bumpkin who married into money and plays with sport franchises like most people play the board game Monopoly.

  9. I don’t recall these same self-righteous St. Louis inhabitants losing any sleep when they stole the Rams from SoCal thanks to the team’s capricious owner, Georgia Frontiere, the seven-time married showgirl who inherited the team from her football-savvy husband.

  10. I laugh when St. Louisans sound bitter (is that what they call themselves?! Whatever.)

    Wake up St. Louis! No matter how hard you try, L.A. will always be better.

    XFL Wildcats season ticket sales are almost to 80% sold, and the Rams averaged just over 71,000 per Sunday which is eleventh in the NFL and at least 20,000 more xxxx in the seats than in St. Louis.

  11. No city should have tax payer funded stadiums. The cost of going to a game is already astronomical, the NFL profits billions per year, they can find their stadiums. I hope the XFL works in St Louis. Good fans and sports town.

  12. St. Louis is a great NFL market. Anybody claiming STL is a baseball town only, is just ignorant on the subject. Losing 2 teams is NO reflection on the fan base or the football market. Bidwell moved over a stadium deal gone bad and StanK is a greedy dirtbag that lies over and over through his lackey Dumoff. They will pay for their arrogance!

    To LA fans, Georgia F. Moved the Rams. The City of St. Louis was willing to accept the Rams if they planned on moving, which they obviously did. Nobody stole the Rams. GF moved the Rams.

    STL should have an NFL team and there’s nothing else to discuss!

  13. Also, demographics for St. Louis:

    Close to 3 million metro area
    Top 20 media market
    10 Fortune 500 companies
    20 Fortune 1000 companies
    Built in rivalry potential with KC, CHI, Indy, TN,
    Recent history of success in NFL
    One of the most viable US markets without a team

    I could go on! There’s a reason the Carson Project supporters didn’t want to abandon the St. Louis market.

  14. I have nothing against St. Louis.

    But when the citizens of St. Louis denigrate the people of L.A. – yada, yada, yada – it just appears bitter, disgraceful, pompous, needy, fragile, self righteous, I can go on and on.

    When you say something bad about someone, it just shows a bad reflection of your darkness.

    Don’t blame Stan Kroenke, blame yourselves and Georgia Frontiere for making suckers of all you.

  15. St Louis fans state “To LA fans, Georgia F. Moved the Rams. The City of St. Louis was willing to accept the Rams if they planned on moving, which they obviously did. Nobody stole the Rams. GF moved the Rams.”

    Well, “To STl fans, Stan K. Moved the Rams. The City of Los Angeles was willing to accept the Rams if they planned on moving, which they obviously did. Nobody stole the Rams. SK moved the Rams.”

    Stan did what Georgia did. LA fans did what St; fans did. There is no difference.

  16. Yep, but the way in which stank moved the Rams was just ridiculous. The process was Full of lies and cost the region and millions and millions of dollars. I would have much more respect for stank if he would’ve just said I’m moving to make more money. Can’t blame him for that but the constant lies from his Lackey were just ridiculous considering those idiots made a fortune off the region for 20 years then picked up and left. I put a lot of blame on the individuals who agreed to that lease. Still the worst leaves in history sports.

    In summary, St. Louis fans in the region have a much bigger issue with the way this process was handled including the fake Townhall meetings, constant encouragement to continue spending money on a stadium proposal and Demoff constantly on local TV promoting the team and saying they were not moving. That is where the bitterness comes from not from LA or anything else. I wish LA would have kept the Rams and we would’ve gotten an expansion team or kept the Cardinals.

  17. By the way, I don’t living in St. Louis, I never hear anyone talk bad about LA. Only StanK, Demoff, Goodell, Jerry Jones and Grubman. The liars that orchestrated the mess.

    I have absolutely NO issue with LA. 21 million metro population is hard to beat anywhere in the civilized world. LA deserves a team. Probably the best move was the Raiders only IMO.

    Agree with your points on LA and STL doing the same thing accepting the team, owners actually moving it.

  18. “The Rams made demands for the remodeling of the Dome that were so outrageous the cost would’ve funded a new stadium.”

    They asked that the CVC live up to their obligations in the lease. The cost would’ve been outrageous, but that was the consequence of putting that stupid top tier clause in there when they lured the Rams from LA. It was that sweetheart of a deal that got them there.

  19. They never were going to stay. All part of StanKs master plan. The Fix was in when he bought the team. Also, the league completely ignored the relocation guidelines which require the franchise and owner to work very diligently to stay in the current market. Not to mention, any owner that wanted to stay in the market would have taken the stadium that St. Louis put on the table. While the new stadium was not Jerry world or stank’s palace, it was a great stadium.

  20. Demoff very stupidly Admitted A lot of the scheming that went on well before the relocation talk became official. Hence the reason, he has put the Rams in a terrible position to defend this lawsuit. He is a complete idiot!! He is so arrogant, he felt he could run his mouth at all of their season ticket holder functions and public appearances. Those “stories“ will come back to haunt the Rams in court.

  21. Bottom Line, the TWA Dome/Edward Jones Dome/The Dome at America’s Center – so many stupid names – is a big DUMP. That is what they should call it. The Dump at America’s Center.

    The turf was so dangerous NFL players sued! FACT!

    No self respecting NFL team would ever play there.

  22. The only reason the Rams moved to St. Louis in the first place is that St. Louis (which already started building their Dome without securing an NFL team first thinking they would get one of the expansion franchises that ended up being the Panthers and Jaguars) offered them not only a top tier stadium for free, but agreed that if they didn’t keep it top tier for 30 years, the Rams could relocate. It was a horrible deal, but the St. Louis leadership were desperate not to end up with a stadium and no team.

    With the Rams secured, St. Louis didn’t even try to keep the stadium up to the agreed terms, despite the Rams waiving the 2005 “top tier check”. With the 2015 check, the Rams had no viable financial choice but to leave. Really, St. Louis made their own bed by insisting on relocation being the remedy for breaching the First Tier Promise. The Rams had wanted the ability to sue St. Louis and compel promised upgrades.

    It’s no fault of the people in St. Louis but the NFL clearly feels that without a free top tier stadium, St. Louis just isn’t a viable NFL market. That’s why neither the Chargers or Raiders were interested either. The Riverfront Stadium would have been bottom tier on Opening Day and shared with an MLS team and the Rams and NFL were being expected to pay for 70% of it. It wasn’t an offer. It was a joke meant to fool people into thinking St. Louis tried to keep the team. The sham lawsuit is the last part of the narrative, and it will fail as soon as it can get out of corrupt St. Louis courts.

    Call Stan greedy all you want, but each and every person doing so would have moved too. There’s a reason the Rams went from #32 in NFL team value before relocation became a serious possibility to top 5 now.

  23. Hopefully STL supports the Battlehawks to the fullest extent. If sticking it to Kroenke is their motivation, than so be it. I don’t blame STL for being upset with the NFL. Hopefully the XFL works better for them.

  24. I remember when the Eagles played the STL Rams for the NFC champion. 2001 season I believe. That dome that so loud, it was THUNDEROUS. STL is a great football city. They were willing to build a new stadium to keep the Rams. The BattleHawks should have a great home field advantage. Tickets will be much more affordable than the NFL.

    Somebody should have asked Kroenke, why could’t you build Kroenke-world in STL?

  25. whodatalien says:
    January 7, 2020 at 9:16 am

    XFL needs to go and get some huge names out of this NFL Draft Class. Have Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts square up as starting XFL QBs a few weeks after the superbowl. 1 year 5 million contracts for both of them. With pro football the product is actually storylines, not so much quality of play. Go get REAL star power
    They are about to get paid much more money in the NFL, why would they sign with the XFL? What the XFL should have done already is sign star college players that aren’t eligible for the NFL yet. The lack of star talent is going to be a problem, unless the games are so exciting people won’t care. Which probably won’t happen.

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