Aaron Rodgers: I’m not surprised Jerry Jones is infatuated with Mike McCarthy

Getty Images

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks his old coach, Mike McCarthy, was hired as coach of the Cowboys in part because Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has seen first-hand how McCarthy coaches.

Rodgers noted that the Packers won some big games over the Cowboys during McCarthy’s tenure and that the Super Bowl that Rodgers and McCarthy won together took place in Dallas as well. Rodgers said that may be why Jones went after McCarthy hard enough for McCarthy to take a job with a demanding owner, something he didn’t have in Green Bay.

“We’ve had a lot of success down there, and I think that was probably one of the reasons,” Rodgers said. “We won the Super Bowl down there, we won some big games down there over the years. So I’m not surprised that Jerry had an infatuation with Mike because we’ve had some really good performances. I thought maybe he would go somewhere where he had some GM opportunity was well. But I’m happy for him. I sent him a text, he sent me a text back.”

McCarthy coached Rodgers for his first 11 seasons as the Packers’ starting quarterback before getting fired last season.