Doug Pederson vague about Jim Schwartz’s future

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Eagles coach Doug Pederson answered with certainty when asked about the future of offensive coordinator Mike Groh and wide receivers coach Carson Walch.

When he was asked about defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who is interviewing for the Browns head coaching job, he was less firm.

“Jim’s done an outstanding job with our defense and the improvement that we saw throughout the course of the season, so I’m excited for him and his opportunity,” Pederson said, via Reuben Frank of “I wish him the best.”

When pressed on whether Schwartz would be back if he didn’t get the Browns job, he replied: “I would assume, yes. He’s currently my D.C., yes.”

That’s not necessarily a bad omen, it’s just far less certain than his “Both those guys will be back,” regarding Groh and Walch.

Schwartz has been on Pederson’s staff since he took over in 2016, so his lack of a clear statement was interesting.

“With all my staff I’m in that process right now of evaluating,” he said. “I’d love to have them all back, obviously. We know what this league is about and any time an assistant coach can get a promotion, whether it’s here or someone else, I encourage that. But as I evaluate and look, we’re only three days removed from the season, so everything’s still fresh in my mind, too, so we’re still evaluating and all my coaches are in that evaluation process as well.”

In the days after a disappointing end to a long season, some time to evaluate seems reasonable. But given chances to clear up the confusion, he declined.

12 responses to “Doug Pederson vague about Jim Schwartz’s future

  1. If Schwartz is in fact going to Cleveland then good for him…but why would you want to take that job?

  2. Lost in translation Doug Pederson…I will be replacing Jim Schwartz with Wade Phillips.

  3. Why would he bring back the WR coach? That was the worst group on the roster, followed closely by secondary.

  4. I’m not still out on whether I want Groh back. Need to see some creativity in the offense. Also who the actual WRs are going to be in 2020. I’d be more than ok with Duce being OC.

  5. Lot of people bringing up Wade. I don’t think Wade Phillips is the right fit for this defense. He runs a 3-4 (bad fit for their Dlineman, Cox especially) and relies on stud CBs on either end to lock down the wide receivers. Which the Eagles definitely don’t have.

  6. No way Cleveland hires him. Just giving him an interview to confirm he’s not the guy for them and due diligence. Besides, you really think an Ohio team and their fans want the guy that Jim Harbaugh punked in handshake gate? Browns are going for Greg Roman.

  7. Philly isn’t winning anything of importance with Wentz at QB, so I don’t think it matters if they bring him back or not

  8. TheGuru says:
    January 8, 2020 at 1:45 pm
    Why would he bring back the WR coach? That was the worst group on the roster, followed closely by secondary.


    I’m more inclined to blame Howie for the lack of depth at the position than a WR coach.

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