Jim Schwartz interviewing with Browns Wednesday

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The Browns are the only team without a head coach in place and they will continue their search on Wednesday.

The team announced that Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is interviewing with the team. It’s the first head coaching interview for Schwartz this cycle.

Schwartz has been in Philly since 2016 and won a Super Bowl ring with the team a couple of years ago.  He was 29-51 over five seasons as the Lions head coach.

Schwartz is the sixth person to interview with the Browns. Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels are expected to interview over the next two days.

Former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman interviewed Thursday, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy interviewed Friday, 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh interviewed Saturday and Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll interviewed Monday. McCarthy has since been hired as the Cowboys head coach.

29 responses to “Jim Schwartz interviewing with Browns Wednesday

  1. Long time a lions fan here. If nothing else, Schwartz will be good at getting the most out of that d-line.

  2. Wasn’t Jim Schwartz on that Cleveland 95 coaching staff with BB and Nick Saban?

    After a quick check…
    Yes he was a personnel scout from 93-95 for BB. I know those Browns are the Ravens but it’s the same city.

  3. The Browns need someone to come in and right the ship. They need a non-nonsense coach that will stop the shenanigans and focus them. They need the owner to tell the players – it’s the coaches way, don’t come to me or go to the media because there will be repercussions. They don’t need a players coach, they need someone with vision and goals in mind right at the beginning of their tenure.

  4. Schwartz is awful. Go with Greg Roman. He resurrected Alex Smith’s career in San Francisco, could work wonders with Baker. Runs the ball like a maniac, Hunt, Chubb. Weakens Baltimore. Knows the importance of a good defense, utilizing the run game to keep the defense off the field and fresh, field position, and offensive efficiency. He’s had his blade sharpened by being a part of two excellent teams in Baltimore and San Francisco. I think it’s a no-brainer. Roman’s Niners rocked Schwartz’s Lions every time they played.

  5. There’s no possible hire that says “we should have hired Gregg Williams” more than hiring Schwartz would.

  6. Didn’t anyone pay attention while Schwartz was head coach in Detroit? He was in over his head. He lacked basic in game management skills.

    Good defensive coordinator, not a good head coach.

  7. As usual the Browns are last to the party and have to get out the broom and dustpan and pickup the scraps!

  8. Great D coordinator, but I don’t think he should be the guy here. I think they missed the boat with McCarthy. They need a no non-sense guy to right the ship. Defense and running. They are too talented to be as bad as they were last year.

  9. Nothing like bringing a knife to a gun fight….Schwartz is a very good Defensive cordinator but the Browns are stacked on the offensive side…..They need a offensive mindset HC with a SUPPORTING D-Coordinator.

  10. Classic good/great coordinator who is not a good head coach – Pat Shurmur, Schwartz, Hue Jackson, Adam Gase, Rod Marinelli, Rex Ryan, etc. Being good at calling plays is not the same as running a team.

  11. On the bright side, we would get to see another Schwartz/Harbaugh handshake twice a year! Lets see if John H. can get under Schwartz’s skin more than Jim H. could.

  12. skmad2014 says:
    January 8, 2020 at 10:41 am
    Classic good/great coordinator who is not a good head coach – Pat Shurmur, Schwartz, Hue Jackson, Adam Gase, Rod Marinelli, Rex Ryan, etc. Being good at calling plays is not the same as running a team.


    Ryan coached a team to two conference championship games, and his coaching really made the difference in those cases (including stymieing the Pats on multiple occasions). Say what you will about his overall body of HC work, but he’s on a higher tier than those other guys.

  13. As an Eagles fan I pray that the Browns choose Schwartz to lead their franchise. I will even offer to help him pack for his move to Cleveland!

  14. Never thought much of him as a head coach — other than the time he got into it with Harbaugh during the post-game handshake. I’d just as soon they hire the guy and leave Stefanski alone, if for no other reason than to ensure Stefanski gets a HC opportunity with an organization that isn’t a complete mess.

  15. This would not be that bad of an idea actually if they could lure an great OC from elsewhere that would be enamored with the weapons on offense.

    The real poison would be to hire Josh McDaniels. Considering all the issues he had with players in Denver when he had the power there, can you imagine him with OBJ and Baker? The would both get the Brandon Marshall/Jay Cutler treatment by week three of the preseason.

  16. He had his chance with Lions and didn’t do anything. I’d go with someone else, plus, does he wants to get fired after only one season? Browns is where coaches go to die.

  17. i wasn’t a fan of the wide 9 that washburn ran, but schwartz’s defenses have been better than i thought.

    he has had to juggle injuries in batches to the d tackle and secondary positions. he also is a thoughtful interview when at the podium.

    that may actually work against him as a candidate. he may be too much of a truch teller for a head coach..

  18. He would be a hell of a hire.

    As a GIANTS fan, I would LOVE to get him out of the division too.

    He will do better his second time around, and he will deal with the ‘Personalities’ on the Roster.

  19. I’ve been a fan of this guy Schwartz ever since he had to suffer through coaching the Detroit Lions and did so professionally and while keeping his head up the whole time. Best wished to Coach Schwartz.

  20. The Browns need someone who can scheme the ball to OBJ, Landry and Hunt. Not just call plays and hope they are open…but actually create schemes to make sure they are open or have a great 1 on 1 opportunity.

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