Kyle Rudolph says media member deceived him for his gloves, sold them on eBay

Getty Images

Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph caught the game-winning touchdown pass in Sunday’s playoff win for the Saints, so the gloves he wore in the game are a valuable piece of sports memorabilia. Rudolph could have kept the gloves for the sentimental value, or he could have sold them to make some extra money for himself.

Instead, Rudolph gave them away — to a member of the media he says lied to him, claiming they’d be part of a charity fundraiser. Instead, the gloves were sold on eBay.

“It’s disappointing,” Rudolph wrote on Twitter. “A member of the media in the locker room after the game asked if he could have my gloves for a charity benefit, so I said of course and I will even sign them for you! Well he got me, sold on eBay 3 days later.”

It should go without saying that such an activity is a huge violation of professional ethics that would result in the member of the media being fired by any reputable employer as well as banned from receiving credentials to NFL games in the future. The member of the media has not been identified, but he should be, and he should not be a member of the media any longer.