Panthers owner thinks he hired his Chuck Noll

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Panthers owner David Tepper was willing to change the market for first-time coaches in hiring Matt Rhule, but he thinks he’s getting something for his money.

Specifically, a future Hall of Famer who will change the trajectory of a franchise that’s 10 games under .500 for its first quarter-century.

“I think Matt Rhule can come in here and build an organization for the next 30 or 40 years,” Tepper told the team’s official website. “He can build it.”

Tepper, who was a minority partner of the Steelers before buying the Panthers in two years ago, wasn’t afraid to set the expectations high for his new coach either — comparing the hire to Pittsburgh’s addition of Colts defensive coordinator Chuck Noll in 1969.

“He built a program that has lasted through three coaches,” Tepper said of Noll. “That’s what I hope Matt Rhule can do for us here. He’s a program builder.”

Rhule’s success at Temple and Baylor — places not necessarily conducive to winning — suggest that he has a chance. But he’s entering a system where quick turnarounds aren’t as easy to accomplish. If nothing else, Tepper’s not going to be offended if Rhule continues to wear his smock, the unusual sleeveless hoodie that he wore on the sidelines last season.

“He dresses like [expletive] and sweats all over himself. He dresses like me, so I have to love the guy,” Tepper said. “I was a short-order cook, he was a short-order cook. Nobody gave him anything, nobody gave me anything.

“He had to work hard for everything he got.”

Now, Rhule has been rewarded. And all he has to do is to become one of the best to ever do his particular job.

24 responses to “Panthers owner thinks he hired his Chuck Noll

  1. I like what this owner day is doing. He’s not afraid to spend money to compete. Time will only tell if he made the right hire but at least he’s trying

  2. Steven Ross said ” I hired a young Don Shula” with Adam Gase….Take it all in Panther fans with a open mind….don’t get over hyped like Phin fans did..

  3. Hey Mr. Tepper, if you think you hired the next Chuck Knoll why not let him earn that title first then pay him? Report in NY was, he went to the giants and asked them to match the offer. Even the giants front office, who don’t know what side is up said have a nice day.

  4. Chuck Noll turned a perennial loser into one of the most dominant teams in history which was aided by one draft which produced 4 Hall of Famers. That is not going to be duplicated by the Panthers.

  5. Bobby Petrino had to work for everything he had. He had quite the résumé. You’re paying him for work he hasn’t done yet. It actually doesn’t make sense. It’s a projection. Like any free agent. But those FA contracts are often backloaded with a signing bonus for the ‘what have you done for lately’ world that we live in. You just gave him lotto based on a pedigree that is hit or miss. Ask Nick Saban. Or Chip Kelly and of course the aforementioned Petrino.

  6. Tepper thinks he’s hired the next Knoll, but it won’t surprise me if Rhule gets chucked after a couple of seasons.

  7. Next up……owner will mess with the LOGO and uniform colors….just because it’s HIS toy. (If he does do it, he should think about copying the old USFL Michigan Panthers logo…THAT was cool)

  8. no pressure at all there! Tepper is trending in the direction of Dan & Jerry with these type of comments…time will tell…

  9. These new owners are one reason of why fans are not going to games. The BS they throw around from their mouths along with their money is a joke

  10. Tepper is living in the past as a Steeler fan. Why didn’t he hire Cowher then?
    Wealthy man with no clue. The reality is no other team wanted Rhule and Tepper way over paid for him. A wealthy man that so far isn’t impressing any Panther fan. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut before he keeps putting his foot into it. Did Jerry Jones say that McCarthy is the next Tom Landry? My mistake, Jerry sent the Dallas legend packing.

  11. Tepper is another naive owner who thinks his wallet can buy success… The Carolina fans are in for a long drought in NFC South. Tepper will be another overpaid college HC that will take the money an return to college when he fails miserably…

  12. Too bad we didn’t keep Tepper in the Steeler’s organization and send the dregs of the Steeler’s ownership to Carolina. I think it’s clear that the Steeler’s have chosen to keep Tomlin at the expense of the team. This team needs some new direction from the top and the Rooneys aren’t going there. Still living in the past.

  13. Every time an owner hires a new head coach he thinks he has hired the next Chuck Noll. Only makes sense.

    Not often right though.

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