Doug Williams staying with Washington in a new role

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Doug Williams is staying with Washington.

The team named him the senior vice president of player development Thursday and announced Williams will report directly to head coach Ron Rivera.

“Doug Williams is a legend within the Redskins franchise,” owner Dan Snyder said in a statement. “He is excited about this new role and in working with coach Rivera. Doug is one of the most respected men in our building and I know that he will have an immediate impact on our players.”

Williams previously served as the senior vice president of player personnel. Rivera said in a statement that Williams “will be an invaluable asset in player development in making sure that all of our players have the guidance and resources needed to be successful on and off the field.”

“After meeting with Dan Snyder, coach Rivera and Senior Director of Player Development Malcolm Blacken, we all came to an agreement on the vision that we have for the franchise going forward,” Williams said. “I am looking forward to this new opportunity to work with Malcolm, and I have always respected his work during my time with the franchise. We both look forward to working with and supporting coach Rivera in making sure that our players are prepared for life on and off the field.”

Williams is a member of the 80 greatest players in team history and also in Washington’s Ring of Fame. He played for the team from 1986-89, leading Washington to the Super Bowl XXII title.

Williams, the first African-American quarterback to play in a Super Bowl, completed 18-of-29 passes for 340 yards with four touchdown passes in the victory over the Broncos to earn Super Bowl MVP honors.

13 responses to “Doug Williams staying with Washington in a new role

  1. I so value Doug Williams. He is a man. Not just a BLACK man. He proved that with patience, preparation, and desire to win, he could excel. He was a REAL QB. Some of this generation have a lot to learn how to play the game as it should be played; not as a mere fantasy football hack that will last two years. Lamar. Study Williams. You aren’t half the man Doug is.

  2. A growing number of teams are adopting these types of player development departments to cultivate an environment where players are comfortable and can just focus on the sport.

    I’ve seen NBA teams do it, at least, including the Wizards who created a position like this over the summer.

    Fist shakers might say it’s just coddling millennials, and they might be right, but player development departments are becoming en vogue.

  3. I long for the day when the media will quit following the lead of the NFL and tell us what year the Super Bowl they are referring to was played in.

  4. I hate reading about players being poverty stricken after the playing days are done. Glad to hear that won’t be Doug. Perhaps he could do radio, I have no idea. Obviously TV is not an option for him.

  5. Doug Williams is a stand-up guy. When he was coach at Grambling and they were facing budget shortages he was buying equipment for the team with his own money. (And doing it quietly on the side so that it never came out until well after the fact.) How many other coaches would do that?

  6. Hey “whodatalien” Doug Williams was a HC for 2 College programs for 10 years. He isnt the type of guy to use it as a springboard to an NFL coaching job, he did it to help turn boys into men.

  7. I don’t think talent evaluation (at least in the draft) were the issues for Williams and Allen. They just were terrible in leadership and every other aspect of being a leader of an NFL organization. They had good lineman on both sides of the ball (Sherff, Trent Williams, Moses, Jonathan Allen, Payne, Kerrigan) and had the team set-up for the playoffs with Alex Smith before the injury But when you treat your fans and players like crap and make big-splash FA moves like Josh Norman and Landon Collins that are negative in the cost-benefit, the team is gonna be bad.

  8. Head Coach??? I love Doug Williams but come on have you ever heard him speak? He’s in the right spot… mentoring young players.

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