Janoris Jenkins hopes to stay in New Orleans

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The Saints claimed cornerback Janoris Jenkins off of waivers when he was waived by the Giants in December, which means they picked up his existing contract for the final two games of the regular season.

They also picked up the option of bringing Jenkins back for the 2020 season on a contract that will pay him up to $11.25 million in salary and bonuses. In addition to that option, the team could try to extend Jenkins’ contract in order to spread out a cap hit.

Jenkins, who was dropped by the Giants after using offensive language on social media, said he hopes that the Saints will do something that ensures he’ll stick around New Orleans.

“That’s my plan,” Jenkins said, via NOLA.com. “I’d love to see that. Business is business. They control what goes on. I’m just happy to be here and hope I can stay.”

Jenkins said he feels he “did my job” since getting to the Saints. He had seven tackles and an interception in two regular season games before notching eight tackles and a forced fumble in the playoff loss to the Vikings.

12 responses to “Janoris Jenkins hopes to stay in New Orleans

  1. No way is Jenkins a $11.25mm a year CB.

    The Saints would be foolish to pay him that much… especially at 32 when injuries become more frequent for players.

  2. Does any of this bother you? I mean the Giants cut him because he made insensitive comment which he did not apologize for. I have seen some people lose their jobs because they said one word, that they publicly apologize for. But in this case because of a insensitive inappropriate comment that he was not sorry for he ends up on one of the better teams in the league. So answer this should the Giants not have cut him and give the appearance that they are ok with what he said, or should the Saint be accountable that they are ok with what he said. Can’t be both ways.

  3. They will not pay you 11 mil per year. Not even close. Especially since Drew Brees will be getting 30mil

  4. Jenkins is up and down. Capable of solid CB play one week, and then looking like a rookie the next. He also has personal and motivational issues. Complicated player.

  5. I think they only signed him for the playoff run–which is now over…and so is his time with the Saints. They probably can’t afford him anyway after Brees demands $50M to play another year.

  6. 2nd best CB on the roster ???? Maybe that’s true, but he looked like the best CB on the roster against the Vikings…..

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