Joe Judge “not really concerned” with reaction to his hiring


The Giants raised some eyebrows when they settled on Joe Judge as their choice to replace Pat Shurmur as the team’s head coach and reactions haven’t been uniformly positive since word of the move broke on Tuesday.

Judge was officially introduced at a press conference on Thursday and one of the questions he faced had to do with the response to his hiring. Judge was asked about his own response to those who might have preferred Matt Rhule, Mike McCarthy or one of the other names that were in the mix for the Giants job at one point or another.

“I’m not really concerned with who interviewed for the job,” Judge said. “All I’m concerned about is the opportunity I have in front of me  and what I have to do going forward. And I’m going to tell my players the same thing. It doesn’t matter how you got there, how high-profile you might be. It’s what you do on a daily basis. You’re in a position: Earn it. Earn it every day.”

Despite that, Judge said he didn’t expect to have the opportunity to move from special teams coordinator to head coach this offseason and that the chance to coach a team with the Giants’ history was intriguing. The Giants apparently felt the same intrigue about Judge, which sets the stage for an interesting offseason for the NFC club.

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  1. I don’t see what makes him so special. While I loathe basing coaching hires based upon skin color, I find it odd that Eric B from Kansas City wasn’t given a chance to fail like this guy was. I’m a realist – the race thing is a game for political correctness, but here we have two first timers who have as equal a chance to fail. If I had to face the wrath of false charges of being racist, I’d give Eric the chance first. It is not like the other candidate was all that and a bag of chips. And if Eric proved to be a failure in his first year, then I’d move on. Just saying.

  2. Heard more of his was very ra-ra complete with lines like “be a blue collar worker” and “do your job”. He’ll last three years tops.

  3. One of the Pats’ rising stars – and given their small staff he was one of the few they had left!

  4. Joe Judge asked Gettleman about the “computer guys & software” he hired….Gettleman told him we got more megabytes.

  5. What a ridiculously stupid thing to ask. Hey coach – what are your thoughts about being hired over Matt Rhule, Mike McCarthy or some of the other big names interviewed?

    Not a fan of Bill Belichick, but if he has to put up with low brow type questions like this one that was asked of Joe Judge I can certainly see why he gets annoyed with the press.

  6. Why should he be concerned about it? Watch him win the first four games of his career and suddenly he’s the second coming. Watch him get massive praise and love and then lose the first four games of his career and he’s the most hated man in NY. NFL fan’s memories make a goldfishes seem long. Except for when they have the chance to say I told you so.

  7. Ive heard many pressers. Judge was definitely impressive. Obviously an extremely intelligent and passionate guy. Now, lets see if it equates to my team not being a laughing stock anymore. Im cautiously optimistic.

  8. After listening to the presser, I can see why the Giants were so impressed. After the last two coaches, this one is a breath of fresh air. Hopefully he can practice what he is preaching.

  9. Unlike Jerry Jones Iam ok not hearing BELLS and giving Jolt Judge the time and space to succeed ! Hey Jerry it’s not the size of the clacker it’s how loud you can ring the bell !

  10. He was impressive. You can see how he can get the attention of a room (and not just a room full of reporters). I watched it on live stream and I was impressed how he held the room.

  11. Being a patriot fan Joe did an excellent job at his press conference just like I thought he would from watching him the last 10 years, I think the New York Giants will be thrilled with the results

  12. slimglynn says:
    January 9, 2020 at 2:42 pm
    1. DALLAS
    2. NY GIANTS
    4. PHILTHY
    1. Philly
    2. Dallas
    3. NY
    4. Washington

  13. The Giants have 12 wins combined in the last 3 seasons. If Judge can get us to 7 wins in 2020 I’ll be impressed. Even if Judge IS the second coming of BB, we arent even thinking playoffs until 2021.

    Im really interested to see what sort of staff he puts together…thats obviously huge. He’s already retained the ST coach McGaughey….good move, the Giants ST’s have actually been good under him.

  14. Of course he isn’t. He just won the multi million dollar lottery.

    That said, he’s worked very hard in New England he should make a great coach for the Giants.

  15. slimglynn says:
    January 9, 2020 at 2:42 pm

    1. DALLAS///////

    Dallas needs a new DC and get better players. The have a good defensive line but Heath is a ST player not a starter on some good teams defense. The rest of your secondary sucks too.

  16. You never know just like a draft pick how they will turn out. I was surprised Vrabel got interviewed and hired after one year at DC that wasn’t exactly impressive but he has done very well…

  17. Hysterical! My buddy of 28 years asked Joe Judge that question. Move over Jim Gray! And anyone on here criticizing the question needs to get a life! Beat it!

  18. I’m a Dallas fan. Also a 56 year old fat guy with 9 knee surgeries.. And m pretty sure I could burn the Dallas secondary on a bump and run. Just sayin….

  19. Loved his “lunch pail”/”blue collar” talk as he’s making $7 million a year to blow a whistle and draw on a dry-erase board.

  20. Anyone who thinks the Giants finish 2nd in their division with NO D because of this hiring is Brain Dead !!!

    Mara NEVER makes the correct moves as hes looking at BROWNS Kichens now to join Browns staff ?! Good coaches floating about as he checkes the unemployment line for TOTAL LO$ER$ !!!

    Another losing season for the Giants learn a new system, Coaches ! Also another 2 years of pain for fans before this Coach gets canned !!!

    MARA makes Knicks Management look as if all hall of famers !!! Mara Suck$ !!!

  21. Never ceases to amuse me all the fanboys who rip on every new coaching hire that is not either the hot candidate of the moment or a big name. Hasnt yet coached a single game and some are saying it was a terrible hire. Unreal.

  22. This coach is the real deal, exactly what the Giants need right now. His players are going to go to war for him watch!!!!

  23. At first, I was bummed/pissed that the Giants didn’t even get to talk to Ruhle who everybody knew wanted to coach the NYG. It seemed like they bungled the process(and maybe(probably?)they did). But if some owner wants to throw 7y/$60 mil at a guy who has 1 year coaching in the league there wasn’t much for them to do. I did not want a retread and thought they needed a younger coach. Well, we got a younger coach even tho I never heard of him until 2 days ago. Hopefully, they will be competitive next year. Wanted Gettleman gone(still do) but if this doesn’t work out, John Mara needs to sell his half of the team to Tisch because he fired Shurmur and kept the GM. And Mara better have Gettleman released from the witness protection program because hiding in his office is not going to get it.

  24. This guy is the modern day version of Charlie Weis. I think he has a decent chance to succeed in New York because Daniel Jones is the real deal. I also think Pat Shurmur would have succeeded if given the opportunity. Second year QB’s are much better than they were their rookie season. Ask John Harbaugh. He was on the hot seat last year when he played a rookie QB. Remember Patrick Mahomes’ rookie year. No you don’t because he sat on the bench his rookie year. Remember Peyton Manning, John Elway, Troy Aikman, and Terry Bradshaw’s rookie years? They were horrible too. Fast forward and those horrible rookie QB’s collected 11 Lombardi Trophies.

  25. People can surprise you in both good and bad ways and that’s completely undeniable, but predicting large amounts of future success flowing from this decision is simply not the intelligent choice as of today.

  26. vincespowersweep says:
    January 9, 2020 at 4:23 pm
    Never ceases to amuse me all the fanboys who rip on every new coaching hire that is not either the hot candidate of the moment or a big name. Hasnt yet coached a single game and some are saying it was a terrible hire. Unreal.
    “Hasn’t yet coached a single game and some are saying it was a terrible hire” Yes, that is why some are saying it was a terrible hire! They are saying that the Giants should have found an experienced head coach!

  27. He better put together a competent defensive coaching staff, because this team had probably the dubmest defensive players in the league.

  28. some coaches in our division alone that people snickered at their clubs for..

    Bill Parcells
    Jimmy Johnson
    Joe Gibbs
    Dick Vermeil

    One for each team just to show some love..

    Not saying he is one of these, but I am saying there is always a chance he could be..

    Now leave the man alone to do the job he believes he can do

  29. I gotta say as a Patriots fan my initial thought when I saw Judge was interviewing was that it was just due diligence given his coaching pedigree between New England and Alabama. After seeing his press conference and a couple of the local NY interviews he did following, he handles himself like Belichick. He didn’t fall into the trap of talking about specific players (Jones or Barkley) but spoke in terms of the roster and team as a whole. I think Judge has himself a better opportunity to succeed in NY than a college coach in Carolina or even McDaniels if he ends up at the Browns. Given the nature of the NFC East, if the Maras give him a couple of years to shape the roster this could own that division for quite a while.

  30. The Belichick head coaching tree has been pretty pathetic (Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennel, Josh McDaniels, Matt “Pencil” Patricia). So Giants fans shouldn’t get too excited about this. The Giants just aren’t what they used to be.

  31. The Cowboys hired McCarthy, The Redskins hired Rivera, and the Eagles have Pederson. These are all accomplished successful experienced coaches. Asking Judge to compete against all three is asking a lot of a rookie head coach that has not even been a coordinator of offense or defense. Not saying he can;t do it but the odds are stacked.

  32. Dominick Monaco says:
    January 9, 2020 at 4:34 pm
    This coach is the real deal, exactly what the Giants need right now. His players are going to go to war for him watch!!!!
    Oh you think so?? LOL ok keep hope alive!! lol

  33. What the Giants should have done is rehire Coughlin! You haven’t had any success after booting the guy who won you TWO SUPERBOWLS!

  34. I like rooting for underdogs, so I hope this guy does well, even though I am not a Giants fan. I’ve always considered the Giants one of the best organizations in the NFL because of the family which has run them. It would be nice to see them become competitive again because it’s good for the NFL.

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