John Mara on Matt Rhule: We weren’t going to seven years with anybody

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The Panthers made Matt Rhule an offer he couldn’t refuse to become their head coach, but he did see if the Giants would match it before agreeing to the job in Carolina.

Rhule was scheduled to interview with the Giants on Tuesday, but never came in to meet with the team after receiving the offer. Co-owner John Mara confirmed that Rhule’s agent “called me early Tuesday morning to say that he had a deal in place” and to see if the Giants would be inclined to make Rhule the same offer for seven years and $60 million.

Mara said “we weren’t going to a seven-year deal with anybody” and didn’t feel the need to negotiate because of how well Joe Judge’s interview went on Monday.

“For a new head coach in the National Football League, I just didn’t think that was a reasonable way to go,” Mara said, via “That’s all. Would we have talked about moving some parts around in that deal? Possibly, if we weren’t excited about the candidate that we already had.”

Panthers owner David Tepper’s offer to Rhule was a big change to the coaching salary curve and Tepper suggested he’ll be willing to keep spending on non-player items like coaches, facilities and training staff in order to help the Panthers win more games. Time will tell if their approach with Rhule was the right one to take, but there’s a clear difference between the way the NFL’s newest owner and one of the longest-running ownership groups are doing business.

19 responses to “John Mara on Matt Rhule: We weren’t going to seven years with anybody

  1. Mara has a point. No coach contract should be for more than three years, purely for fiscal reasons, and the NFL ought to mandate that.

    I believe this should be the Rhule of law.

  2. These coaches put in 80 hour work weeks during the season and have been getting paid a little more than what the top kickers make – I think things should change for coaches pay scales.

  3. I love the fact that one new Billionaire is going to force the rest of them to pay a fair wage to there head coaches . Bill

  4. The coaches really needed a raise! Once done maybe the owners will consider full time refs and pay them well, so there isn’t quite as much controversy in the calls?

  5. If Tepper wants to spend that kind of money on a coach, that’s fine. But don’t come asking us taxpayers to fork out money for a new stadium! He has enough billions to pay for that himself!

  6. So Tepper is staking the team’s future on a guy who sees his team as his second choice.


  7. bsizemore68 says:

    I love the fact that one new Billionaire is going to force the rest of them to pay a fair wage to there head coaches . Bill

    He’s not going to “force” them to do anything, Comrade. Most prospective coaches don’t have much room to pick and choose. There’s only 32 jobs. What’s he’s going to do is show everyone how a new owner can make huge mistakes due to inexperience.

  8. Zero chance anyone still thinks Rhule was worth anything like seven years and $62M five years from now.

  9. Tepper is so wealthy that if Rhule doesn’t deliver in a couple of years, he can fire him and pay off the remaining years of the contract from his pocket change.

    He’s willing to outbid everyone to get the guy he thinks will bring a championship to the Panthers. He’s willing to eat the loss if he picked the wrong guy. Not too many owners would take the risk, but then not too many owners (or other people) have the kind of money that Tepper does.

  10. Outside of Belichick and maybe a few others I wouldn’t pay top dollar for a HC.
    Most “successful” HCs owe their success to the GM who drafted well.
    Just like a lot of so-so HCs who get fired are blamed for the GM not drafting well.

  11. A lot of owners will hire 3 different coaches in a 7 year period and fire them all while he’s eating their contracts and looking for another coach. This owner thinks that’s unwise, so he just went out and found 1 good coach, and he’ll keep him for 7 years. He’s been a part owner of the steelers for a long time, so he’s probably going to try to do things more similar to what the Steelers have been doing. Look at Tomlin, Cowher, and Noll. That’s the type of coach the Panthers are looking for. All those guys lasted way more than 7 years.

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