Kyle Rudolph’s swindled gloves end up benefiting charity after all

Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph thought he was participating in a good deed from the locker room of the Superdome when someone identifying as a reporter asked for his game-winning gloves as an item to benefit charity. Instead, the gloves were promptly taken to eBay and sold off for $375.50.

With Rudolph relaying through Twitter the way he was swindled by the purported media member, Vikings fan Jason King, the person who had actually purchased the gloves on eBay, reached out to Rudolph and said he wanted to make sure a charity of Rudolph’s choosing benefited from the mess. Rudolph replied thanking King for his gesture and promised he would he would get his gloves from this weekend’s game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Rudolph asked for any donations to be made to the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, which Rudolph has worked closely with in the past. King also said he would forward along any donations made to him to the hospital as well. King had already donated $1,630 sent to him to the cause, confirmed by the hospital, as of Wednesday night.

According to Courtney Cronin of, King still had not received confirmation that the gloves he purchased were even being sent his way. If they do eventually reach their intended destination, King will also send those gloves to the hospital as well.

If I end up receiving the gloves, I would like them to be displayed at the children’s hospital in honor of Kyle,” King said. “I have four kids myself, and I really appreciate the work he does off the field.”