Mike McCarthy promises to get Ezekiel Elliott the football

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Mike McCarthy has worked with better quarterbacks than Dak Prescott, having coached Joe Montana, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. But the Cowboys new head coach has not worked with a better running back in his prime than Ezekiel Elliott.

McCarthy had Frank Gore as a rookie in 2005 when McCarthy was offensive coordinator in San Francisco and the running back rushed for 608 yards. McCarthy was an offensive quality control coach and then the quarterbacks coach in Kansas City in Marcus Allen‘s final five seasons when the Hall of Fame running back never rushed for more than 890 yards while on his last legs.

McCarthy’s leading rushers in his time as head coach at Green Bay were Ahman Green, Ryan Grant, Brandon Jackson, Alex Green, Eddie Lacy, Ty Montgomery and Jamaal Williams. (Aaron Jones led the Packers in rushing in 2018 when McCarthy was fired during the season.)

Elliott has rushed for 5,405 yards and 40 touchdowns in his four seasons, winning two rushing titles.

“I think first off with Zeke, he’s going to get the football,” McCarthy said. “Let’s make no mistake about that. I think you have to clearly understand when you saw the offense is going to make a quarterback successful, the best play to make him successful is a great run game. We clearly understand what we have here and how we could build off of that.”

McCarthy had backs rush for 1,000 yards in a season only five times with the Packers. Ryan Grant’s 1,253 rushing yards in 2009 were the most for a running back in McCarthy’s tenure in Green Bay.

Elliott has gained more rushing yards in each of his three full seasons. Only in 2017, when he served a six-game suspension, did Elliott gain fewer yards, rushing for 983 in 10 games.

The past four seasons, the Cowboys have averaged 467 carries for 2,171 yards. The Packers’ top rushing season under McCarthy was in 2013 when they had 459 rushes for 2,136 yards.

But McCarthy vows to get Elliott the football in Dallas.

20 responses to “Mike McCarthy promises to get Ezekiel Elliott the football

  1. To be fair to McCarthy, in his first 5-6 seasons the Packers ran the ball a crap ton. Problem was we could barely average 4 yards a carry! Ryan Grant taking a handoff and immediately lowering his shoulders into the back of his offensive lineman isn’t conducive to a successful running game.

  2. Cowboys have moved to a passing offense padding daks stats so when jerry ultimately caves & gives him big money they can say look @ his stats. Most of those are empty stats however because he doesnt perform when he “needs to” …plenty of games zeke didnt get enuf touches & that meeds to change going forward…tag dak & force him to play for less than the yearly contract he was offered & declined to take

  3. Perhaps McCarthy’s strategy is to come in and some dumb so the expectations are lowered. If that’s the plan, it sure is working. Hope his game plans work that good.

  4. Remember Mike Zeke is the straw that stirs that losing streak…Oh I meant the straw that stirs that drink so get him the ball

  5. He has to, this line was built for run blocking. Ahman Green was his most talented back in GB, but Elliot can be a HOFer, especially if he can keep his roid rage in check, off the field. Hoping Witten will come back as well.

  6. McCarthy made many promises in GB that he failed to fulfill. He always said “we need to run the ball more”. Then, Rodgers would (again) be near or lead the league in pass attempts. Get ready, Cowboy fans. It won’t take long to realize that McCarthy isn’t the answer you thought he would be.

  7. Everyone wants to run the ball, but what is he going to do when the defense sticks 8 in the box, and begs them to let Dak Prescott try to beat them.

  8. Please also use Tony Pollard a little more than they did last season, this kid is pretty special, they should use T.P. in screens, end arounds, line him up in the slot ect.

  9. 3rd and 1 and McCarthy rolls out the 5 wide set. Drove me absolutely crazy when he did that in Green Bay. Was ready for a change. Wish him the best in Dallas but good luck on short yardage lol.

  10. I think the biggest problem with the offense was not knowing when to get Zeke the ball, not his overall production. Against Minnesota Dak is looking like Joe Montana and you decide to run the ball in the 2nd half. Against New England in a close game Zeke gets nowhere near enough carries. Just be smarter with the game plan and play selection and don’t worry about the total carries.

  11. All of this “run the ball” or “pass the ball” will work itself out. The one thing that MM ABSOLUTLEY has to get right is…pad level.

  12. Cant judge mccarthy on what plays were ran as opposed to what plays were called….rodgers did his thing, not mccarthys thing

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